Опции за депозит в казино

With online casinos becoming more popular, there is an increasing need to have a safe and convenient means of moving gamers’ money in and out of the online gaming halls. With the myriad online payment options around, one would get stuck with choosing the best casino deposit option to go for. This article offers to give a comprehensive summary of the best and most popular casino deposit options. This review will guide you to choose an effective casino deposit option.

Overview of Online Payment Options

Ranging from virtual money to cryptocurrency, there are hundreds of options one would go for when transacting money online. The key determining factors when picking a payment option is the convenience, security and efficiency. Като такъв, for many online gamers, the most commonly used methods for making casino deposits are ewallets, vouchers and credit and debit cards. В следващия раздел, you will find a list of the most popular casino deposit options. We have gone further to give you a brief outline of the companies behind these deposit options.

Most Popular Casino Deposit Options


PayPal was founded in 1998

PayPal was founded in 1998 and was later acquired by e-commerce giant eBay. The American company has since grown to become one of the most popular online money transfer companies. PayPal is accessible in more than 190 държави. When it comes to online casino deposits, PayPal, въпреки това, is not as popular as some other payment options. This is probably a corporate strategy to try keeping the online payments giant out of trouble with most jurisdictions that are still sceptical of online gaming. въпреки това, this does not mean that you will not have a good selection of online casinos accepting deposits via PayPal. This is a payment method that can come in handy mostly for gamers in the United States.


Moneybookers was rebraned as Skrill

Also referred to as Skrill, this is an online payment method that you will find in virtually all online casinos. Moneybookers was founded in the United Kingdom in mid-2001. The company has since rebranded and is commonly referred to as Skrill. Moneybookers offers arguably one of the best and most accessible casino deposit options since casinos from all around the world accept it as a deposit option.


Neteller was founded in Canada

Carefully following Skrill-Moneybookers in popularity is Neteller. The company was founded in Canada in 1999 but later moved its operation to the Isle of Man. От създаването си, Neteller embraced the growing online gaming industry and became one of the first e-wallet companies to facilitate online casino deposits and withdrawals. Even after the U.S came in to freeze some Neteller accounts, Neteller remains the closest rival to Skrill’s popularity. With its high-level security and efficiency, Neteller is the go-to casino deposit option for many gamers, especially in Europe.


Visa is one of the most recognizable companies

This is a brand that needs very little introduction to many. Founded more than fifty years ago, VISA has morphed to become a multinational financial services company that is accepted globally. Your VISA card can be used as a link to transfer funds from your bank account directly into your casino gaming account. The use of ВИЗА as a casino deposit option is however limited by the major challenges associated with using credit and debit cards for online transaction. With most jurisdictions, there is a limit to the use of credit cards for gambling activities. If you are in a country with no such restrictions, you can then go for VISA as your casino deposit option as it has a higher acceptance rate in comparison to other credit cards.


Mastercard was founded by several American banks

Founded out of the cooperation of several American banks, Mastercard has since grown to become a major player in the global financial sphere. Mastercard is arguably the closest competitor to VISA. Mastercard, въпреки това, has a higher decline rate when it comes to online casino deposits, in particular for gamers in the United States. You will still find thousands of online casinos accepting Mastercard deposits, and therefore this can still be considered a convenient deposit option.

American Express

American Express is the most popula American payment brand

An analysis of traditional credit card options would not be complete without considering American Express. Commonly referred to as Amex, this is one of the most popular American brands. Amex is also well known for its high regulatory standards. Поради тази причина, it is not very common as a payment method in online gaming. Това, въпреки това, does not mean you will not find numerous онлайн казина accepting Amex as a deposit option.


Ukash has use an e-voucher system

Ukash is an e-voucher system based in the United Kingdom and has been in operation for more than a decade. Ukash uses an electronically generated code that carries the value of the money paid. This code then functions as your e-voucher for whatever online payments you intend to make. Ukash has proved to be convenient for online gamers in Europe, Africa, Australia and the United Kingdom. When used as a casino deposit option, the gamer has the convenience of keeping their personal bank accounts away from the gaming sites.


You can purchased a PaysafeCard vouchers from physical outlets

Closely related to Ukash is PaySafeCard, an Austrian e-voucher system. PaySafeCard vouchers can be purchased from physical outlets available all across Europe. Once you have purchased your voucher, you can then use it to make your payments online or even top up your gaming account. Though not as popular as other online payment methods, you will still find hundreds of online casinos accepting deposits via PaySafeCard. This is mostly common in Europe and some U.K online casinos.


UseMyBank in not available in the US

This is a Canadian e-wallet service that offers to link your bank account with your online payments. Also referred to as UseMyFunds, this method offers an instant link to the funds in your bank account. When choosing this method, въпреки това, one has to consider the security threats that this may pose. Също, the UseMyBank system is not yet available in the United States. For Canadian gamers, this can still offer a convenient casino deposit option.


MyPayLinQ has provides e-wallet services

Based in Costa Rica, MyPayLinQ provides e-wallet services accessible globally. This payment option can be a great option for American gamers since more than thirty American online casinos are accepting it. MyPayLinQ guarantees their clientele utmost privacy and security for their personal banking information. въпреки това, it is important to note that the transactional fees charged by MyPayLinQ are relatively higher compared to other standard e-wallet companies.


eCheck payment system is one of the most popular in Canada

This payment method functions like the conventional checking system, only that here the checks are electronic. This offers the added convenience of quickly transferring money from your checking account to recipients miles away. В echeck payment system has become popular with online casinos and can be efficiently used as a deposit option even in the United States and Canada.


Giropay is mostly used in Germany

Giropay offers an electronic funds transfer system for account holders in more than 1,500 banks. The system offers a network to transfer funds through German banks securely. Като такъв, this method is mostly efficient for online casino players who have a German bank account.


iDEAL was founded by several banks

The ideal is a system that functions like the Giropay system. The iDEAL system is founded upon the cooperation of several European banks including popular brands such as ING Bank, ASN Bank, Rabobank, ABN AMRO and SNS Bank. The system functions like an e-wallet service allowing access to the funds in your bank account. This can be a great casino deposit option for gamers in Europe.

Western Union

All casinos use Western Union

If you are a gamer who looks for a more traditional money transfer system, на Western Union is without a doubt the payment method you should go for. For centuries, Western Union as offered a legal money transfer solution and has proven to be greatly reliable. With modern technological advancements, Western Union has modified their systems to ensure they remain the go-to option for online funds transfer. You are assured to find hundreds of online casinos accepting the Western Union as a deposit option.

Банков превод

Wire Transfer offer а secure payments

Also commonly called electronic funds transfer, bank wire transfers offer a secure and instantaneous access to the money in your bank account. You will hardly find an online casino that does not accept bank wire transfers for deposits.


The thrill of online gaming is even more intensified when you are assured of a hustle-free money transfer process. With all the above methods, you can enjoy uninterrupted gaming. въпреки това, with any casino deposit option, it always important to first ensure you are gaming in a legitimate online casino to protect yourself from online fraud.