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People travel from places all over the world just to have an opportunity of gambling. This is because gambling is both fun and exciting; land-based casinos offer their customers the thrill that comes with gambling at real casino set ups. Most people believe that Las Vegas is the only place where they can get incredible gaming opportunities at land-based Macau casinos. въпреки това, this is not the case because there are land-based casinos in almost every continent in the world. You can get to enjoy land-based gambling in Macau.

The place is also referred to as Monte Carlo of the Orient in different locations. The area attracts a large pool of gamblers annually. The Country is an original Portuguese colony, and they received legalization of gambling from the Portuguese government. The area is referred to as the capital of poker in Asia to the present day. В Macau casinos generate revenue for the authority. Most of the gambling customers are Chinese residents, and they mostly reside in Hong Kong.

Casinos in Macau

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The fact that most people who come to gamble in Macau are Chinese people does not mean that no other people are visiting the place every once in a while. Many punters in search of land-based casinos are living in Macau. In the previous years, a majority of Macau casinos such as those from Australia and Las Vegas have made their way into Macau, and they have been able to help increase the revenue generated in the country. Chinese games were mostly played in Macau. This went on until the 20th century. One of the most common games played in the place was referred to as Fan-Tan that has a similar gameplay to рулетка.

After that, Western-themed games were introduced in Asia, and this helped in increasing entertainment for players. Below there is a mention of the most common land-based Macau casinos.

City Of Dreams

This is a casino resort that is located opposite the Venetian Macao on the Cotai Strip. The Strip is located in Макао. The casino resort was launched in 2009, and it is owned and operated by Melco Crown Entertainment which was formerly known as Melco PBL Entertainment. The casino has a gaming space of 39,000 square meters with over 550 Macau gambling tables и над 1,500 игрални автомати. Има над 20 food and beverage restaurants in City of Dreams. The casino is located in a podium style that has four towers with each tower being named differently.

There is the Hard Rock Hotel, на Grand Hyatt Macau that occupies space of about two towers and then the Crown Towers Hotel. There is also astounding entertainment in City of Dreams. There are four video walls which are 19 meters wide and over 6.5 meters tall. There is also a rear projector behind each of the walls. Through this projector visitors at the casino can see different images that represent the ocean scenes. The City of Dreams Resort and Casino was launched in 2009, and the launching was done through the display of a mermaid show.

The Casino has a Bubble Fountain. There is a filtration system that is designed to pump water through the sphere and as such water foam out before it falls into the pool. There is also a bright light effect that changes into different shades uniformly. Another attraction site in City of Dreams is the Dancing Water Theatre that has some of the biggest commercial pools in the world. The theatre is surrounded by a sloped theatre seating with over 2,000 seats. There is also a VIP area that occupies over 70 seats. You will never get bored of the Casino resort, and it is one of the best places to spend your most desired vacation.

City of Dreams Casino Resort

The Galaxy

This is one of the most famous Macau casinos that is located near the Venetian Macao. The casino is owned by Galaxy Entertainment Group. The Casino has six cupolas that are covered in gold. The Galaxy resort and casino are connected to the Outer Harbour Ferry Terminal and the airport. It offers its customers free transport to and from the casino resort. The Casino offers to gamble among other attraction stuff. There is the Fortune Diamond Show, the Laser Show and the Crystal Gallery show. The Crystal Gallery is fascinating with motion sensors that can trigger visual effects when you go near them.

The crystals display different symbols of luck when you activate all of them. This creates a beautiful reflection in the water. The Fortune Diamond Show is acted every half an hour in the casino lobby. The Laser show happens every fifteen minutes with lasers that project light beams into the sky.

Sands Macao

This casino resort is owned by Las Vegas Sand Corporation. The casino was launched in spring in the year 2004 and cost over 240million dollars to build it. The Casino was later renovated in 2006 to cover a gaming space of over 69,000 square meters. This casino is among the oldest one in Macau. The casino was also among the first Macau casinos to be operated by an international company. This allowed other foreign investors to develop other casinos in Macau City. The resort offers food gaming and entertainment, and the services are excellent. There is one fascinating thing in the casino which is a 36 meter long and 8-meter wide chandelier that hangs in the middle of the casino.

The chandelier has 6,000 light bulbs, и свърши 45 kilogrammes in weight. The Casino design is also plush and offers standard items including gaming tables and slot games. The casino is among the finest destinations to be when you land in Макао.

Sands Macao Casino

The Venetian Macao

This is one of the Macau casinos hotel. The casino hotel resort is owned by the Las Vegas Sands which is also the Company that owns Sands Macao. The casino was opened in 2007 in August and is one of the largest in the whole world. The resort is ranked among the biggest single hotels in the Asian Continent. The Venetian Macao was designed by architects; Aedas and HKS Inc. there is a gaming space of around 51,000 square meters in the casino, and they are divided into the Imperial House, the Red Dragon, The Golden Fish and the Phoenix.

The casino has over 800 Macau gambling tables и над 3400 игрални автомати. The Venetian Macao is also among the biggest attractions in the world and attracts tourists from all over the world. The interior has several buildings, bridges and canals. The interior has an Italian theme majorly focused in the City of Venice. Some celebrities visit the place including artists, musicians and basketball players and enjoy the luxurious accommodations in the hotel. In addition to the casino, the resort has a golf course, some fancy restaurants and some astonishing designer shops.

Grand Lisboa

This is a casino hotel located in Macau. The casino has its designs from the famous Hong Kong architects known as Dennis Lau and Ng Chun Man. The casino came into operation in 2007 and had over 800 table games and over 1,000 игрални автомати. The casino has a height of over 260 meters, and the casino building is number 118 regarding height when compared to other buildings in the world. Texas Hold’em poker in Macau City was first offered by this casino, they were also among the first ones in Macau City to give dice game Craps.

The casino is quite an attraction to customers visiting the place. There is the Star of Stanley Hoe that is found on top of the casino. This is also known as the King of Gambling that is the biggest and most flawless D-color diamond in the world. The Casino boasts of one of the best and largest poker rooms in the Asian continent and offers much of gambling rather than entertainment. There are over eight coupons each worth 1000 dollars won by members. There are also other prizes won in the casino including free accommodation in the fancy hotel rooms.

Grand Lisboa Casino in Macau

MGM Macau

MGM Macau was originally known as MGM Grand Macau. The casino is elegant, and it is nicely designed; the casino is owned by MGM Resorts International and Pansy Ho. The Casino came into existence in 2007, December and had a gaming space of 20,000 square meters. The casino offers some standard table games including several slot machine games. The casino has a very colorful interior, and it combines art and color to add to the glamour of the casino. The exterior of the casino has different shades of gold and silver, and this is one amazing sight.

The casino resort has a huge ballroom that is used to host business meetings, sports, events and weddings. There is also a spa center that covers several bars, lounges, bars and restaurants. Swimming pools and boutiques are other features in the casino. The casino has also been expanded to cover about 4,400 square meters, and this has created more gambling space for around 240 slot machines and 70 gaming tables. The total cost of building the casino was around 1.25 милиарди долара. There is an underwater realm in the casino that hosts a large aquarium.

Altira Macau

This one of the Macau casinos previously referred to as Crown Macau. The casino is owned and operated by Melco Crown Entertainment and offers its players over 500 slot machine games and over 220 gambling tables. The casino was launched in May 2007, and its grand opening was witnessed by businessmen from China and Australia. The Casino has some facilities including spas, fitness centers, business centers, restaurants and night club. The casino is open every day for 24 часа, and it is located on Avenida de Kwong Tung.

Wynn Macau

This is one of the best and most luxurious Macau casinos, China. The casino is located on Rua Cidade de Sintra and is owned by Wynn Resorts who also currently operates Wynn Macau. The casino has a Las Vegas theme, and it was initially opened in September 2006. The place then got further expanded, and in 2007 и 2008 the gaming space was expanded to cover over 63,000 square meters. The Mobil Five- Star recognition award was won by Macau in 2008. The ceiling of the casino is made up of carved golden elements that are representative of the zodiac signs.

There are games offered in Wynn Macau that include traditional games of stud, рулетка, Blackjack and Baccarat. Others include slot machine games and a luxurious poker room that has female dealers. The Wynn Macau has shows that are available at the casino. They are two of them that and they are both short. One of them is the Dragon Fortune that is performed each and every hour. There is also the Tree of Prosperity show that is performed every half an hour. This shows a golden tree rising from the ground.

The shows add glamour to the casino and players recall their visit to the casino for a very long time. People who visit Wynn Macau casinos are those from high social rankings and those who place huge bets on casino games. They also have shops that focus on the sale of modern designer items such as Gucci, Prada and Louis Vuitton.

Wynn Macau Casino


Macau is one of those places where players can go to play casino games. One great thing about the Macau casinos here is that they combine both Asian and Western themes in their casino games. You will surely enjoy the experience in these Macau casinos.