Coyote Moon Slot Review – One of the Bets Retro Slots

In 2012, Coyote Moon had entered the iGaming mainstream of slots. It was created by the company IGT, and when it came out, it achieved moderate success. It wasn’t until years later when the Coyote Moon slot machine became a cult classic and quickly turned into a fan favorite among players who revered the “retro slot genre”. In today’s casino software review, we will explore and explain a game that was at the forefront at a time that was considered to be the industry’s “iGaming genre modernization” period.

Theme and Visuals – Play Coyote Moon in the Desert

Coyote Moon is a cult classic in slots games

Modeled after flora and fauna in the Arizona desert, Coyote Moon is not the type of slot that would offer you a specific “storyline”. Although the symbols and background seem to have been made in “3D”, the symbols themselves are static images of the three-dimensional models and backgrounds. The color scheme of the slot itself follows a general “tan” shade palette, which is more than pleasing to the eye, and although it has been for nearly a decade online, all separate elements look sharp and clear.

Coyote Moon features a classic “rolling reels” mechanism, where it initiates a spin for all reels at the same time, then stops them one after another, one through five. The “coyote” symbol is a “wild”, which means that it will substitute all others, except for the “red man” scatter symbol. The scatter itself is the one special symbol that will not only grant five free spins if it is successfully landed in the middle but will also provide a winning multiplier by x2.

Once the scatter symbols have initiated “free spins” play, they will also turn the reels into “night mode,” which is called “the rising moon bonus”. Although the statistics, rewards, and values will be the same, there will be two significant differences. Every additional scatter symbol winning combination will yield five respins, and there will be a chance for a player to hit a feature called “Stacked Wilds™”, which will expand random reels partially or fully. Although the game today is considered (by industry standards) to be quite “retro”, Coyote Moon is still active and experienced by online casino players all over the world. You can even play Coyote Moon for free!

How Do You Play Coyote Moon?

Coyote Moon has 40 pay lines

After the game loads, the first thing players would like to do is set the size of their bets. Because the slot has 40 pay lines, every single value from the wager amount selector will apply “per line”. For example, if a player sets the “line bet” at its lowest denomination of 0.03 currency points, then the entire bet “per spin” would amount to 1.20 units of currency. The maximum line bet value that players can choose is 2.00 points, which will bring the entire wager per spin at 80 currency units!

For a game that’s nearly a decade old, that is a substantial amount of money. The RTP percentage rate of Coyote Moon is calculated to be between 92.50% and 94.98%. Due to the fact that the game does provide a Stacked Wilds™ feature, it means that the volatility of the game can be a bit higher than the industry-established “medium factor”.

Conclusion – a Blast from the Past

Although this particular game isn’t considered to be “revolutionary” in any way, to this day, there are many online and land-based establishments filled with Coyote Moon slots. Casino members choose to play Coyote Moon exactly for its simple yet serene gaming atmosphere, like in most of the Vegas Slots. There are just enough bonus features as not to make the game itself too “filled with clutter”, and the RTP range is well-balanced, according to industry trends. This is why we recommend that you try the title for free – if you decide to check out the demo version of Coyote Moon, you will definitely get a sense of how people used to play, back in the day!