China Mystery Slot Machines Review – Eines der berühmtesten Spiele von Konami

Considered to be one of Konami’s best Asian–themed games, the China Mystery slot is an exceptional game introduced by the developer in 2009. It didn’t take long before the game reached “cult status”, and by the time the iGaming industry fully acknowledged its presence, it was already sought after by eager players worldwide. In today’s review, we will provide you with a collection of interesting facts that will not only teach you how to play the game better, but also what to watch out for.

What Visuals and Story to Expect When You Play China Mystery Slot Machines?

China Mystery is based on Asian cultures

As one of the best Konami slots visually based after the alluring style of Asian cultures, the China Mystery’s storyline appears to be no less of an enigma than the name of the slot itself. The plot of the slot might not be clear, but we are certain that it has to do with the hooded character woman who controls two golden dragons. For a slot game that has been for more than a decade in the iGaming industry, China-Geheimnis looks and plays amazing on all types of devices – the reason for this is the regular maintenance and updates the slot receives from its developer.

Symbols and Other Extras of the China Mystery Slot Machines Online

China Mystery is a 5x3 rolling reel layout slot

The mystery of this slot is spread across an industry-standard 5×3 reel & row pattern. There are ten regular symbols, plus two special ones that grant free spins, which will have an x2 winnings multiplier. The six low paying card symbols are 9, 10, J, Q, K, and A. On the other end of the “reward spectrum”, players can expect a much heftier reward if they land 5 “hieroglyphs” in a successful combination. While the lowest symbols can grant a win in “the hundreds”, the high paying symbols pay out thousands of coins!

The Balance of Fortune Extra

There are two distinctive features that were considered quite innovative when they were released with the China Mystery slot – the first one was the “Balance of Fortune”. Hier, players can make a choice once they have been given free spins – play them or exchange them immediately for a sum that is approximately between a few thousand and hundreds of thousands of coins. If the player chooses to get the “instant prize”, then a counter will generate a number between the lowest and highest prize amount.

Basic Feature Strategy

China Mystery can give you free spins

Auf der anderen Seite, you can keep your free spins and play them. Depending on how many free spins you have, the option to exchange them might be available for a few times, as players can roll a few spins and still exchange the remaining ones later. The free spins amount that can be given by the game can be well off “in the hundreds”, which is why sometimes the instant prize range would be high as well. We, Jedoch, decided to keep our spins and play them. We noticed that sometimes the spins landed combinations that yielded a much bigger reward than the average range offered by the “Balance of Fortune” feature.

Action Stacked Symbols™ – Even More Winning Opportunities

There is a chance that prior to any spin, the symbols located in any adjacent positions of every reel can change with any of the symbols available in the paytable (with the exclusion of the “wild” symbol). This feature, combined with the versatility of the “Balance of Fortune,” can provide a player with many opportunities to win an even greater prize. “Action Stacked Symbols™” is a developer feature by Konami, which means that it is also spread among many other of its slots.

How to Properly Set up Your China Mystery Slot before Playing

You can play China Mystery for free

The interesting thing about this slot is that a player will not be setting the denomination of their bet; instead, players will choose how many lines they are going to play. The default bet amount for each line will be 30 Münzen. Players will be able to bet the “50 per” line, which will bring the total cost for a spin at 1,500 Münzen! Der Steckplatz hat 30 fixed pay lines, meaning that there will be plenty of chances to score a winning combination.

The RTP of China Mystery is considered to be one of the best ones in a Konami video slot (96.10%), and its “low-to-medium” volatility allow everyone to expect somewhat frequent rewards, although they won’t be as colossal as those that are given during free spins mode. Everyone can experience the title’s different gameplay characteristics – the best thing is that they can do it without spending a dime, by playing the China Mystery slot for free!

Play on Every Device Thanks to the Different Slot Versions

China Mystery is completely available to people who prefer mobile slots, computers, or from the “slot arcade cabinet” on the floor of an online casino. Regardless of the hardware gaming platform, the slot will look and play pretty much the same, although some of the interface buttons and menus might be placed in a different way. Visually speaking, a lot of people say that they prefer to play China Mystery slot machines online, for its visual appeal.

Why You Should Try This “Evergreen Slot”

Not subject to any special casino requirements, China Mystery proved to be quite an interesting game that was way ahead of its time when it came out. Combining a simple and relaxing visual atmosphere with present-day gaming mechanics, the China Mystery slot machines are existing in almost any land-based or online gambling establishment, and we can definitely see why. Konami has released a demo version for it, which gives everyone the chance to see how good this oriental-themed game really is – maybe you should try it as well!