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Casino Technology Slot Review

In the world of online gambling, some casino software giants have been in the casino market for plenty of years. These types of slot machines are popular among players. There are also some the small software gaming companies that are just merely starting to build their reputation. There are also those software companies that have been in the gambling market for a very long time, but they have not been able to create such a high reputation for themselves.

Casino Technology is one of the true titans of the land-based casinos and has a history of supplying some of the prominent slot machines in the casino industry. The Casino Gaming Technology games can be played for free or for real money. The software game developer has a long history of supplying some of the greatest slot machines in the gambling world. The Casino has been able to transform some of its land-based casinos into the online casino industry. They offer their clients the option of transferring their land-based casino content to the online world. This has been able to erase the border between offline and online gambling.

Beasts from the East

Casino Technology has been around for fifteen years. The Company was founded in 1999, and it is based in Bulgaria, and for a long time, they have been able to identify with the various land-based casinos. This software company has its headquarters in Sofia. Casino Technology Slot games are available in over 50 countries across the globe. Das Casino Technology products are available in any of Europe’s or America’s casino you can imagine of.

Das Casino Technology Software has created the Casino Gaming Technology Interactive that has helped diversify its casino operations. The Interactive program is designed to bring their various games into a modern version of the guidance of multi-channel delivery methods and the compatibility with numerous mobile devices. The smartphone compatibility program is used to ensure that players stay in touch with the casino from whichever place they are located.

These methods help increase casino revenue and also create a solid kind of loyalty among various casino players. The digital division managed to create jobs for several thousands of people. They have managed to extend their game offerings to over 500 products. The casino produces several games including bingo terminals, slot machine games and automated roulette wheels. All these have been transferred in the online market space.

Casino Technology Game Options

The clients that depend on Casino Gaming Technology have been able to benefit from the variety of games from the software provider. The Company has been able to offer its players and clients a vast number of games that are both exciting to play and easy to use. In the last 15 Jahre, the casino software has been able to build a collection of games that contain over 500 titles. There are several titles in slots, Bingo, roulette and many others that will be able to suit your preferences.

The games are available in live casino versions and also in online versions. You can go through them in their various casino websites that are marketed in internet circles. Casino Technology slots are superbly made. Their graphics, ebenso gut wie, symbols are well thought. The graphics are clear, colorful and the various animations are fluid. The sound effects are engaging and interesting. They will not obstruct you during gameplay. The bonus games are simple and straightforward to use, and the excitement of the gameplay is overwhelming.

There are varieties of bonus games to choose from with a number of options to choose from. Das Casino Technology games were at first provided solely at land-based casinos before been transferred to the online version. The games in the casino appeal mostly to traditional casino players. The functionality and gameplay in the slot games are given priority than the graphics. The online slot games are solid, and they are a mixture of traditional land-based slot games that have been converted to online gameplay.

Casino Technology Games Collection

Best in Show

Casino Technology Slot Machine Themes

This company not only provides players with a collection of slot games but they are also popular in their analysis of various user trends. They tell which slot games are popular among players in over one year. They do this through an updated list of games listed as Hot Games. There are some big hitters in the Casino Technology slot machines. One of them is cutesy Flufftails that is a pet show inspired slot. It features a couple of household pets that are found on the reels. The wild symbol in the game is the black cat.

Another of the best slot game shows is the Bombay Gems that brings glitz and glamour of Bollywood films to its players. The game can be played from your PC, tablet or mobile phone. There is also Misty Forest that has an Irish theme, and it plunges players in the heart of Celtic mythology. Casino Technology slot machines are updated every once and again, and the software team are not going to stop at developing these slot games. They are occasionally coming up with slot games that cover several themes.

They are also able to develop slot games that cater to the mobile gaming markets. Through this, they ensure that their catalogues of games are fresh and quite innovative.

It is among the top five software teams

Casino Technology is among the top casino software programs in the casino market. The casino is designed as a multi-channel gaming solution program with the aim of transforming land-based slot games into the online market in an uncomplicated way. They have also been able to provide a smooth transition of these online games into the mobile casinos. They offer solutions to every aspect of casino gaming due to their gaming package and their five themed packages.

There is the Rhino ideal system that is used in managing traditional land-based gaming and give casino operators options meant to improve control of the slot floor. The Rhino system cannot function alone, and it needs to be used with the Big 5 systems. The capabilities of the rhino system are expanded to feature several analytical tools. These help in interpreting their customers’ betting behaviors as well as optimizing their operations.

There is the Leopard system that is new to the company. They give their operators a cost efficient and a functional tool meant to manage their various online casino businesses. Through Leopard, players can choose from a wide range of games and products that are kept in a single lobby. The Leopard system is backed by Elephant which is a remote server used for gaming and also helps in distributing casino gaming content in all the available gaming channels such as desktop and mobile.

There is Buffalo system that controls prizes. The system is Casino Technology’s Universal jackpot server. This system is functional both in land-based and online casino operators and enhances progressive jackpot amounts. Players configure their payouts using the Buffalo system as they want and even help deliver some jackpot maths and functionality for greater flexibility and also easy use.

There is the Lion Money management system that allows the credit and cash transfer between the various land-based and online casinos. It also manages credit and funds transfers between many locations of operators. This eases the processing of clients’ funds and also helps to facilitate customers’ gambling activities. It also speeds up winning payouts while also avoiding additional bank charges.