Atlantic City Casinos

Atlantic City is one of the largest cities in New Jersey. The town is mostly associated with long and beautiful beaches alongside casino and Atlantic City Casinos. Ask anyone who has been to this City about their experience there and they will at some point mention swimming at the long and beautiful beaches or their experience in various gambling hotels. The City is found at a very convenient location, and it is a destination point for some of the best tourist activities. The efforts that were put in establishing the City paid off very well.

Casinos in Atlantic City

More about Atlantic City Casinos

Atlantic City is one of those Cities in New Jersey that were renovated several times for them to become what they are today. The City is visited by thousands of people every year who want to experience mind blowing casino experiences. Tourists and maybe the residents are often spoilt for choice on which places to visit when they are in Atlantic City. Some magazines and journals act as guides on which places to visit when you are in the City. They also give advice on some of the best Atlantic casinos available.

Das Atlantic Casinos’ atmosphere is exciting and quite fascinating that you forget about your problems for a couple of days or weeks depending on the period you plan to stay there.

Atlantic City Casino Overview

Atlantic City received a license allowing them to carry out various gambling activities in the year 1976. The construction of various casino hotels began immediately after the legalization of gambling activities in the country. The first land-based casino made its debut in 1978 in the Eastern part of the United States. The casino could not compare to any Las Vegas Casino, but it was appreciated. In the modern days, Atlantic City is mostly referred to as the Gambling Capital of the East Coast.

The following article will guide you on some of the best ten casino hotels next time you are in Atlantic City or plan to visit some of the Atlantic City Casinos.

Trump Plaza Hotel and Casino

This is one of the best Atlantic City casinos to visit when you are looking for some fun gambling activities in this City. The casino and hotel were opened in 1984, and over the years the casino has proved to be one of the best regarding luxury and various commodities offered by the staff. It is well-known by people residing in Atlanta, and some of the people who visit the casino hotel will always have fascinating stories to tell about their experiences especially in gambling. Trump Plaza Hotel and Casino is a destination point for a majority of celebrities.

There are a lot of sports activities that take place at the Casino Hotel. You can choose a hotel depending on your taste and preference as you get to enjoy various classic and exotic games. The games offered at the casino include Blackjack, Roulette and Tiles among others. The casino also has about 1,600 slot machines, and slot lovers will be spoilt for choice. The Trump Plaza Casino and Hotel has a club that you can enrol in and be offered plenty of opportunities for winning. You can play any casino game from as low as 5 dollars, and you will not be disappointed.

You will enjoy first class meals, great fun and excitement and you will get to relax in the most astounding ways. You are assured that what you are looking for regarding fun and excitement will be offered to you.

Trump Plaza Casino in Atlantic City

Trump Taj Mahal Casino Resort

This is another of Atlantic City finest Casino hotel destinations in Atlantic City. The casino hotel has over 2,000 casino guest rooms that are exquisite and most of all luxurious. The Casino is parked with over 3, 500 slot machines including a wide number of classic and exotic table games. The atmosphere in the casino is great, and the hotel is known to be a destination point for the United States Poker Championship. You will have plenty of activities to enjoy. The casino is stylishly decorated, and the casino itself is breathtaking.

Despite been a novice or reputable gambler, you will have the same winning opportunities as anybody else. The casino games available and worth playing at the casino include Baccarat, Keno, Let It Ride and Card Poker. The Casino gives its players a Casino Credit that makes them enjoy gambling with very little hassle. Trump Taj Mahal Casino Resort is worth visiting for your gambling spree. You do not have to spend too much of your savings in gambling activities in the casinos of East Coast. The Trump Taj Mahal may, after all, be your luck regarding gambling.

Borgata Hotel Casino and Spa

The casino hotel and spa have been around for almost a decade now. The Borgata Hotel boasts of over 2,000 rooms and is located in Marina, a place in Atlantic City. The casino building view is in itself magical, and you will enjoy sleeping in some of their very comfortable beds. The Hotel casino and spa is a famous gambling spot, and the casino is found in one of the best areas that are known for gambling but one of the most exquisite areas that make use of the Tuscan style. The games offered at the casino are more than 200 with some them been Racebook, Blackjack, Roulette, Poker and Baccarat.

The casino is known for conducting some of the biggest and most popular poker tournaments ever known in Atlantic City. The casino has a live gambling version of the casino that allows their players to enjoy any casino game from any destination. The Borgata Hotel Casino and Spa will give you world-class casino experience, and you will have an opportunity of playing your best casino games. The meals in the casino hotel are exquisite and also get to see some of the best singers perform.

The casino has a unique atmosphere, and players will enjoy gambling here.

Caesars Atlantic City

The Caesars Atlantic City casino is one of the best among Atlantic City Casinos. You will most often than not get more than what you hoped or dreamed for when you visit this casino. The casino has a Romanian theme with the interior been decorated in an ancient Roman style. The resort is found at Center Boardwalk and has over 1,200 high-class rooms that are located in four towers including the Ocean Tower, the Centurion tower and two temple towers. The hotel has an amazing nightlife, and the casino offers one of the best casino experiences.

The casino is divided into two parts. One is known as the Asian gaming area while the other part is new and offers its clients great customer support and amazing ambience. The Asian gaming area has the Iconography as the main interior feature. The casino has come up with the belief that it holds some lucky seats. There is a poker area with 20 tables and more than 50 Television sets.

Another of the Atlantic City Casinos is the Harrah’s Resort.

Harrah’s Resort Atlantic City

The Resort and Casino were first opened at the end of 1980. Das Harrah’s Resort Atlantic City boasts of its capability of offering great services and amazing casino facilities to a majority of its clients. The Casino and Resort Centre has great customer service, and customers will have an opportunity of enjoying gambling. There are almost 3,000 guest rooms in the Casino Resort, and they are found in the various five towers of the casino. There are some casino games in the casino room which are neatly decorated.

The various games offered include Pai Gow Poker, Spanish 21, Blackjack, Roulette, Dice and plenty of slot machines. The Casino Resort offers you exactly what you are looking for and maybe even more than you dreamt of.

Harrah's Resort Casino in Atlantic City

Bally’s Atlantic City

The casino and resort were opened in 1979 and is located in Midtown, Atlantic City. The Resort and Casino offer a lot of fun and excitement to its clients. It boasts of over 1,700 hotel rooms and 13 restaurants. Bally’s Atlantic City is one of the best Atlantic City casinos ever developed. It is famous and quite large with a pool, a spa center and over five lounges. The resort also has a family center and a shopping center. The Bally’s Atlantic City Resort has two casinos that are located at the resort-Bally and the Wild Wild West.

The casinos offer more than 100 table games with offers like dice, Pai Gow Poker, Blackjack, Roulette, Caribbean Stud Poker, Simulcast and let it ride. The casino atmosphere is amazing, and the casino is open for players who want to play for fun or are out there looking for opportunities of landing on jackpot prizes. The casino is modernly furnished and has comfortable chairs.

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Resorts Casino Hotel

The Resorts Casino and Hotel is a must visit when you take a trip down to Atlantic City. The casino hotel never disappoints. The gambling activities are beyond your imagination, and the spacious casino floor adds to the excitement. The casino is built in an amazing way with amazing features and incredible casino designs. The casino has been located in uptown ever since it was opened in mid-1978. It has a design such as that of the Roaring Twenties. The casino has been among the top 3 in various awards of the Best Casino for Penny Slots, the Best Casino for Video Slots and the Luckiest Casino.

The casino offers some of the best casino promotions for its clientele and offers amazing opportunities for players who would want to learn to gamble. The customer service is great, and the various casino dealers are always ready to help.

Revel Casino Hotel

This is among the most recently developed buildings in Atlantic City. It was established in 2012, and even though it has been in business for less than five years, it has grown in popularity. Scene Plus is one and the main partners in the construction of the hotel. The casino floor measures around 130,000 square feet and the casino have this great ambience and a welcoming feel to it. The resort has more than 1,500 rooms with great stylishly furnished rooms; there are a spa center, a fine dining room and a theatre. The casino games can meet each and every player’s expectations, and they can be played from very minimal stakes.

The games offered include classic poker, table games, slot games and much more.

Another casino on the Atlantic City Casinos list is the Showboat Hotel and Casino.

Showboat Hotel and Casino

This is one of the most luxurious, most classy, most expensive and reputable hotel and casino in Atlantic City. The casino hotel offers its customer’s ample fun, leisure and excitement in everything that it offers. The rooms in the casino are over 1,300 and are exquisitely furnished. The casino is located in one of the best locations that are Boardwalk that is the most famous street in Atlantic City. The street is known for shopping sprees, and the fun never ends on this street.

The casino floor is full of great ambience, and you will feel as though you are in another world immediately you step inside. The lights are bright, the gamblers are excited, and all over and the experience you get from this casino will be life changing. The casino dealers are fantastic with amazing games such as poker and slots. Players can enjoy roulette games from as low as 5 dollars during the day. You will always have a great time gambling at Showboat Hotel and Casino.

Showboat Casino in Atlantic City

Tropicana Casino and Resort

Das ist etwas anderes fabulous Casino and Resort in Atlantic City. The place will greet you with an air of superiority immediately you set foot in it, the casino resort has over 2,000 guest rooms, and it is an amazing place to plan a getaway. The place has a large number of bars, shops and restaurants and a casino that offers amazing games where you can also try to improve your gambling skills. The casino and resort are open every day for 24 hours and offers casino games such as Premium Poker Area, Asian Games Area, Craps and Three Card poker.

The casino offers some of the best slot machines in the area. Your chances of winning are increased when you play at Tropicana Casino, and you can redeem your casino winnings for a sumptuous meal at one of the casino restaurants.


So there you have it, some of the best casinos in the heart of Atlantic City.

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