Taco Brothers Slot-Rezension

Elk Gaming, a Swedish company, may not necessarily have the biggest budget in the world when it comes to their games, but they always put a phenomenal amount of effort into whatever they produce. The result is they are the brains behind some of the finest tuned slots in existence. Taco-Brüder is one of their most popular offerings.

It’s all about the theme

Elk Gaming is a company that is well-known for the amount of effort they put into the theme of their games. While most other game companies won’t care about concocting some epic backstory to whatever they produce, Elk Gaming do care. Whether the player cares or not is another matter, but it is likely that Elk Gaming does this whole ‘backstory’ because it helps them to flesh out the features of the game and make them a bit more unique than the norm.

In this game, it is the Mexicans against the law. Obwohl, in this case the law is on the bad side. Three brothers have discovered that main sheriff in town has been stealing all of the tacos. It is up to them to stop him. Granted, it is not the best story in the world, and it may seem a little bit racist (Mexicans stealing tacos), but it exists, and this theme has allowed Elk Gaming to create a game that is separate from anything else in their repertoire.

Beautiful Imagery

All of this theme combines to create a breath taking, unique-looking slot machine. It is fair to say that Elk Gaming do not cut corners when it comes to the imagery of their slots. In der Tat, we reckon that they probably have some of the best slot artists in the business currently working for them. There is so much colour and personality packed into each and every symbol on their reels. Everything looks unique.

They even put a lot of hard work into the sounds of the game, knowing full well that the vast majority of people who do play slots will end up muting them. As you may have guessed, all of these sounds are tied into the overall theme of the game. They haven’t just been ripped out of a sound bank. They are unique to Taco Brothers.

Easy to Get Started

Taco Brothers is actually one of the ‘cheapest’ slots from Elk Gaming to get into. The minimum bet per spin is 10 Cent, and the maximum only $50. Since this is a low to medium volatility slot, you should be able to get a fair number of wins rolling through which will keep you playing for longer. In der Tat, this is one of those rare slots where you should be fairly confident betting nearer the upper mark, knowing that you aren’t going to be blowing through your entire bank roll in just a few spins of the reels.

It is worth noting that Elk Gaming slots tend to be more on the complicated side of things. The features in their games are unique, and the instructions for their games are not the best in the world. Jedoch, we promise you that Taco Brothers is probably the easiest slot from them to understand and it should take you no more than a few spins to pick up on what is actually going on in the game.

Taco Brothers Wild Re-Spin

There are two different wild symbols to be found in this game (yep, Elk really do love to spice things up). The first is your standard bell. It acts as a replacement for all bonus symbols in the game, bar the other wild and the safe symbol. This pops up a lot, and a lot of the time it is going to give you a win too.

The one that you are probably going to care the most about, Jedoch, comes in the form of a Taco Brother. All three appear in the game. Each is a wild symbol. If you get two of them on the reels at once, you get a free re-spin to give you the opportunity to get a third. Obwohl, to be honest, the third will barely ever pop up on that free re-spin, but at least you basically have an extra chance to win some extra cash.

Virtually unlimited free spins

This is one of the main reason why so many people look for the Taco Brothers slot, and why it gets praised. In theory, you can have an unlimited number of free spins. This is pretty crazy, and we don’t think there is a single slot machine out there which offers the same.

The feature can be a little bit convoluted, though. In order to trigger the free spins, you will need three of the safe symbols. You will then be awarded a multiplier (maximum of 3x), and then the bonus round begins.

The brothers are now placed on the reels, and you spin. On each spin, the brothers will move one space to the left. If the police officer (you know, the Taco stealing one?) shows up, one of the brothers will be arrested. If the woman shows up, all of the arrested brothers are placed back on the reels. So, as long as the woman shows up more than the police officer, your free spins will keep happening. All the while, the brothers will be wilds on the reels.

It is a ‘long’ feature, and it is not uncommon to get between 20 und 30 spins although, of course, the fact that it is ‘virtually unlimited’ means that some people have reported a whole lot more spins than this.

Check out the Taco Brothers Slot

There is a reason why Elk Gaming released a sequel to this game. The original is wildly popular, and still attracts thousands and thousands of players each and every week. We are positive that this is a game that you are going to enjoy…if only for the stunning themed gameplay that it offers.