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Casino Slot Machines can be categorized in to various types dependent on a number of factors. One way of categorizing them is by denominations, some of the online slot machine games accept, pennies, dollars, nickels, quarters while others can be paid by the use of different currencies. Other slot machines are categorized according to the number of reels that are shown on slot machine screens. There are online slot machines with three reels others with five reels, six reels and up to 7 Rollen. The more the reels the higher the jackpot prize since additional reels makes it harder to win the jackpots. There are other slot machines that are grouped according to paylines. There are those slot games with one payline while the modern slots have multiple paylines.

There are slot machines with 3 Gewinnlinien, 5 Gewinnlinien, and even up to 25 Gewinnlinien. There is the 243 ways kind of slot machine that does not have any kind of payline. The machine usually pays out when the symbols are arranged from left to right on the screen. Kasino Slot Machines have a number of symbols and bonus games. It is important for players to understand where these slot machines stemmed out.

History of Slot Machines

vegas slot stationarSlot machines date back to 120 years ago. They are the youngest of the casino games available. The first slot machine came in to existence in 1891 in Brooklyn, New York. It was designed by Sittman and Pitt Company. The original slot machine had 5 drums with 50 card faces and the poker combination was the determinant of the payout. The slot machines winnings did not consist of cash but was in term of goods that were dispensed from the bar. They included drinks, cigars or a packet of cigarettes. Odds from the house were increased by removing the Ten of Spades and Jack of Hearts cards.

The drums were also moved around in order to decrease the player’s chances of winning. The father of slot machines is known as Charles Fey. Online slots developed overtime and were mostly featured in land based casinos until they were later introduced to online casinos. Online slots were introduced over a decade ago and they have taken over the gambling world. They mostly use random number generators.

Types of Casino Slot Machines

There are different types of slots; one is the three-reel classic slots developed by the father of slots, Charles Fey. These slots are more common in land based casinos though they are fast being replaced by modern technology. There are progressive slots that are available both in online and land based casinos. In these types of slots a percentage of the players’ bets are taken in to a progressive jackpot collector. The progressive jackpot increases with time until it is won. The jackpot varies from player to player. Players must place a maximum bet on the slot game for them to qualify for the progressive slot. Jackpot prizes of one million and more are harder to win.

  • There are five-reel Casino Slot Machines which also have extra symbols, combinations and paylines. The five-reel theme is more developed. Bonus multipliers slots are able to pay out an extra bonus after every win after playing using the maximum number of coins. The bonuses in this slot game vary, you can be given a 10 coin payout if you bet one coin and so forth. There are multiplier slots that are able to multiply the payout depending on the number of coins you bet. Slot games can also be categorized in terms of bonus games. Players will then be able to play the games for free and the payouts depend on the bet.
  • There are bonus slots with scatter symbols. These scatter symbols award players free spins that vary in numbers. Other slots are the stand-alone slots that are not connected to any progressive network. They are suitable for players who have a limited bankroll and want to play for a long time. The payouts are high in the stand-alone slots since there are no progressive jackpots. Multi-payline slots that have multiple lines such as 50 or more, multi-payline slots require you to activate a line so that you can play. 3-D slots are the modern type of slots; slot action is combined with a three-dimensional storyline. There are different themes for this slot game.casino slot machines
  • Buy- a- pay slots makes sure that each coin pays a winning combination. You are not paid when you do not have the coins that are required even if the winning combination comes up. There are touch-screen slots that have been introduced with the inception of touch screen technology. They are put o a table or shelf and have a place where players rest their hands. Big berthas slot machines are the most enormous machines available currently. They are placed in the casino entrance and they mostly fascinate new players. They have four or more reels. The payout percentage is low.
  • The other type of Casino Slot Machines are the video slots that are represented by reels spinning and a number of symbols that are shown to line up. There are different paylines available ranging from 9, 15, 25 0r 30 Gewinnlinien. There are bonuses attached to the various video slots that offer players more winnings. There is the wild play slot game that is quite interesting. Players are given an opportunity to either double or triple their winnings. Hitting a winning combination with wild symbols will double your wins. Two wild symbols will quadruple your winnings. Different slot machines have different payouts that are listed on the payout tables available.

Other kinds of Slot Machines you will come across are the free slot machines. These free play vegas slots online are offered by online casinos for players to enjoy without paying for them. When you choose to play these free slot machines, you will not spend any money for them but you will have the chance to familiarize yourself with the slots and make a decision to play for real money when you think you are good enough to spend your money on them.

Other Casino Slot Machines

In the US slot machines can either be grouped either as class II games and class III games. Class III games will be found in Las Vegas, and Atlantic City. Class II slots are found in smaller states that are mostly operated by Native American tribes. The results of a Class II1 spin are determined by the spinning of reels. It involves independent events. Players play against each other in class II machines and are mostly like bingo or lottery games. The results are dependent on other results with different wins or losses.

Flattop slots machines have a fixed top prize and have lower prizes for big wins. They are different from progressive slot machines that have jackpots that increase overtime. Chances of winning a jackpot prize are limited. There are standalone progressives that have jackpots unique to every machine. There are those progressives that have many machines in a single casino. Large jackpots have progressives that are found in multiple casinos. There are online slot games that are played on your desktop while being connected to the internet. Payouts for online casinos are higher than those for land based casinos.

Winnings from an online casino are not paid out immediately. They are funded to your account in a casino but withdrawing your funds involves a process. Loose slot machines have higher payouts while a tight game offers less payouts.

Slot Machines Tournaments

To get in to a slot tournament you have to pay. The more the but-in prize increases the high the payout pool. Online slot tournaments can offer payouts of up to one million dollars. Slot tournaments are sponsored by online slot sits and casino sponsors. A window is available that has various details regarding the slot tournament details.

Slot Machines Bankroll Management

casino slot machines videoPlaying casino slot machines will require you to manage your money. This is mostly done by carrying out research about the various slot games being offered and how well they payout. If a certain slot machine does not offering what you are looking for you are advised to move on to the next one. You have to learn the art of limiting losses. First you should decide on the amount of money you want to place your bets on. You should also decide on the amount of time you want to stay at the casino. It is also important for players to reduce using credit and debit cards in casinos. This helps reduce the amount of money you are gambling on. Leave the casino when your time and money run out.

Break the betting amount into smaller portions. You should also try and play on different slot machines rather than on the same slot machine. Players should also learn how to preserve gains. This is through keeping the wins separate from the betting amount. This will spare you some amount to carry home even after betting on your entire amount. Make a given number of spins for a certain amount of money and play on different machines.

Future of Casino Slot Machines

Micro-processors are mostly used to run slot machines in the world today. This has brought a huge pool of casino operators that focus on providing slot games. This has also opened new and better ways of tracking odds, recording number of games and calculating bet sizes. This helps in evaluation of risk exposures. With time slot machines will take up the entire casino industry due to the exciting features that they offer.

How Much Time to Spend on Slot Machines

It is important for a player to know the exact amount of time they are to spend in a casino. You should also determine whether it is a loose slot machine. Your bank roll is mostly broken down in to various stakes. You can determine the time spent by using the loose slot test technique that helps you avoid spending too much time at a slot machine that does not bring you any payouts. The technique requires you to determine the number of credits that you need to play. These credits are determined by the number of lines you want to play then multiplied by the multiplier.

casino slot machines sportThe Casino slot machines you choose to play on will determine the number of credits. The technique then requires you to select the amount of spins you would like to make. The number you choose will be used until the end of the game. Next you set the amount you want to invest in before the reels spin. You multiply the number of credits by the number of spins to determine the amount you want. Another important choice that you will need to make is whether to stay or leave the slot machine. You need to start playing with a small amount and then look in to how much you will win.

It is important to decide on an important strategy that will help you determine when you need to stop playing. There is a law in online machines for slots that requires you to make your final spins using the amount you have been playing. You have to look into your bankroll and stakes to determine whether the slot machine you choose is loose. The amount of stakes varies but the free spins amount remains the same. You need to keep changing the slot machines you are betting on until you identify a loose one. This can be done through the use of a number of strategies.

Finding Slots Machines to Play

In the past the best slot machines were placed at the entrance or at the end of the aisles. This is quite difficult to determine where they are at the present time. With the recent modifications identification of such machines is quite easy. Casinos often bring slot machines with various payouts; some have lower percentage payouts while others have high percentage payouts. Loose casinos should be a player’s main focus. The most effective way of identifying a good slot machine is to ask the local people. Tight machines are slot machines that people are not quite interested in. you should also seek the advice of slot machine attendants since they will know which Casino Slot Machines are loose.

Casino management has identified various ways of placing slot machines. Certain areas of the casino have contemporary loose slots placed in them. Loose machines can be placed on elevated areas where other slot players are able to witness other slot players make winnings. This is because the raised carousels are easily visible. Other loose slot machines are placed near cafes and snack bars even though a number of people are not identified playing from these places they are preferred. Crossover areas also attract a number of slot players and slot machines can be placed here since they can easily be identified.

casino slot machines gamesCasino slot machines are placed near areas where people get money; these places include places near cashiers, ABMs, change booths and close to redemption machines. Players can win their money and easily withdraw their amounts there. Casino management frequently moves the slot machines around to make sure that local people do not easily identify them. The slot machines have numbers that you can note in order to identify the machine once it is moved. It is not impossible to identify tighter slot locations this is by noting places where they are placed. The tighter slot machines can be placed in secluded areas; this is because most times it is difficult to make any winnings at such a place.

Tight slot machines can also be located near tickets or show lines. This is because it acts as a waiting bay and while people wait they can decide to play some slot games. Kasino Slot Machines can also be placed at casino entrances since people do not make movements further from the casino. Thus slot machines placed at casino entrances are very tight. Another place where tight slot machines can be placed is around table games and sports book areas. This is taken as a means of distracting players from playing table games. This is also the same case with Sports Book games.

Reading the Slot Meter

The other difficult thing to do after choosing an area of playing the slot machine games is identifying the slot machine itself. Sometimes similar machines are difficult to set apart due to their similarities. Players tend to choose slot machines that have the highest amount of jackpot prizes. In land based casinos the payout meter window is found at the bottom left or right hand corner that has credits displayed. The payout meter window has the amount that was previously cashed out. Random numbers have systems in which a player can easily read the slot meter.

To identify these rhythms random numbers are used. They are mostly won when a player has several wins at a time. Rhythms in random number generators do not necessarily control slot machine games. It is recommended that players play several spins on a given slot machine that has recently cashed out a large number amount of money or jackpot prizes. It is important to exit a slot machine after you get a pay off. This can be done even without having to clear the payout window. You are advised to play using these slot machines.

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