Klassische Spielautomaten-Rezension

Classic slots are not a common thing in land-based casinos anymore. This is because these slots have been replaced by online video slots. Jedoch, players who play online can enjoy a variety of these classic slots. Classic slots are not as old as other slot games that have been around for hundreds of years. Classic slot games have their origin in the 19th century from the first poker machine and were developed by Sitt and Pittman.

Players can enjoy classic slot games from whichever online casino they choose. Most online casinos offer classic machine games and players are mostly confused on which is the better classic slot offering casino. Jedoch, this confusion is lessened by various casino websites that have made a move in testing various classic slot games and thus gives players the opportunity of choosing from the best.

History of Classic Slots

Classic Slots History

The five reel slot machine was the first poker machine available in the gambling world of slot machines. The five reel slot machines had five poker cards as symbols, and they seemed to appear in only one bet line. Similar to the modern slot machine games, in the olden day’s players who managed to have winning poker combinations on one bet line won the game.

Charles Fey was the first person to create the first classic slot. The classic slot game was called Liberty Bell, and the slot game consisted of three-reels. The three-reel slot game was then passed on for generations, and it is still a common thing up to date. In 1907, a slot machine that very much resembled Liberty Bell was created by Herbert Mills. This slot game featured various fruit symbols such as lemons, plums and cherries. These are recognized as part of the classic fruit machines.

Overview of classic slot machines

Classic Slot Machines

Players mostly associate three-reel classic machines with those consisting of one pay line. This is long gone since these days three-reel classic machine games come coupled with eight different paying combinations. Three-reel slot machines have no scatter features, no bonuses or wild cards. Players will enjoy these classic slot machine games with the only worry been how much they are required to place as bets.

Three-reel slots are also quite popular since they are easy and straightforward to operate. They also have massive jackpots attached to them. A player can hit the maximum jackpot of a three-reel slot which is 5,000 coins by matching three gold chips when they bet three coins during a spin. The Red, Blue and White slots are among the most famous classic slots. Slot machines also exist in three-reels and five reel formats even though the three-reel slot machine look is preferred by some players.

In three-reel slot games, players will have the winnings generated on three-reels and between one and five pay lines. Diese three-reel classic slots feature a basic game and a bonus game too. A bonus slots game has one or more pay lines and they also have some extra features or symbols. These trigger certain addition to the gameplay.

Fruit slots

Fruit slots are another common name for classic slot games. The slot machine features symbols that are mostly fruits, and they can add to the overall atmosphere of the game and this appeal to slot players. These slot machine games seem to be quite similar to the standard classic slot games even though there are some differences here and there. One of these differences is the additional features available to players.

Classic 3-Reel Slot with Fixed Jackpot

One of the other standard classic slot games is the classic 3-reel slot that has a fixed jackpot. It contains three-reels and a fixed jackpot true to its title. Players will play this machine slot with one to three coins for every spin and with every number of coins played the wins are increased proportionately. Players can also play using coins ranging from one to nine and these also cause the gains to increase proportionately depending on the number of coins played.

The jackpot prize relies on the maximum coins.

Magic slots

These kinds of slot machine games give players the opportunity of landing great payout prizes. The slot game is a colorful three-reel one pay line kind of slot game that has been available since slot games became a popular thing. The slot is simple and offers players the opportunity of winning great due to the big progressive payout prizes. The slot also offers a maximum jackpot prize of 2,000 Münzen; the slot machine game has various scatter symbols and a Magic Bonus Feature game.

Classic 3-Reel Slot with Bonus Awards for Maximum Coins

Classic 3 Reel-Slots

These are the most traditional kind of slot games that have been out of date for a while. The payouts on this slot machines offer payouts that are set for playing one or two coins and also offer additional possible winning combinations for betting a maximum of three coins.

Players are offered the opportunity of winning extra prizes and they are advised to play using maximum coins for them to utilize the additional features and bonuses in the games.

Classic 3-Reel with Progressive Jackpot

Classic slot games with a progressive jackpot are common for players all over the gambling world. Progressive jackpot games are featured in classic 3-reel and 5-reel slot games. Players will need to play the slot game using maximum coins to qualify for the progressive jackpot prize. Progressive jackpot slot machine games are much tighter than other slot machines that offer relatively smaller wins.

Sultan’s Fortune

This is another of the classic slot machine games available. It is considered as one of the best on the internet, and it consists of three-reels and one pay line. Players are transported to ancient Arabia where they will be able to win up to 10,000 times their bets. There is also a huge jackpot prize to be won when you have three magic hats. Mit $10 you can activate a $10000 jackpot prize.

WAPS with four-reel classic slots online

This slot machine is an invention of IGT gaming. It went way back in the 20th century. The slot machine means that the progressive jackpot is not gotten from just one machine nor is it gathered from a bank of machines either. The progressive jackpots are gathered from some slot machines located in an entire state or country.

This kind of slot machines offers you a very small opportunity to win the progressive jackpot.

Classic Slots online with Accumulator Bonuses

These are otherwise known as Variable State slots. This is because these slot machines offer players little opportunity of winning greatly. Players will be given cash rewards only if they manage to land a given number of symbols or combinations in a row to trigger the bonus.

3-Reel and 4-Reel Classic Slots with Bonus Games

These classic online slots are very common in some online casinos. The slot games have a given classic look with three or four reels and also have a bonus game. This bonus game is unlocked when the player lands a particular combination or various symbols on the reels.


Players can enjoy classic slots in various online casinos that are advertised on their websites.