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Having been around for more than a century, American Express is without a doubt one of the most established American brands. The company has come to be ranked amongst the most valuable enterprises in the world with an estimated net worth of about $15 billion. However, can Amex, with its iconic blue card be of any benefit to casino players?
Without a doubt, anyone wishing to transact some money will look for an established brand. This gives the confidence that indeed your money is safe. The same logic applies to choosing a casino deposit method. American Express ranks amongst the most reliable credit card options. Being an American brand, however, should this pose a challenge with the decline rate considering the stringent UIGEA? In this page, we will answer all your questions about using American Express in online casinos. We will further explain the pros and cons, and the various setbacks you might encounter while using an Amex Casino.

Betting in American Express Online Casinos

Betting in American Express Casinos

American Express without a doubt offers a safe method to deposit money into your gaming account. In some instances, albeit few, American Express can also be used as a withdrawal option. Amex has built its brand around ensuring fast and secure money transfer between account. The same applies in the online gaming world. When playing at an American Express online casino, you can be assured of instant funds transfers into your gaming account. In Amex casinos, you do not have to wait for lengthy authorizations for you to indulge in your casino thrills. The money is instantaneously loaded from your card to your gaming account.

When it comes to online casino withdrawals, however, this method might be a bit disappointing since the transactions take between 2 to 5 days. Unless you are bound on withdrawing money direct into your Amex card, there are numerous other withdrawal options such as ewallets that can avail your money much faster.

Amex can also come in handy as a casino deposit method if you are a high roller. Most Amex casinos will allow you to transact even upwards of 20 grand at a time.

However, having looked at all these good aspects of American Express online casino payment, there is one major hindrance. American Express is not as readily available around the world as with other credit cards. With other options such as VISA and MasterCard, you can use your card to make payments in virtually everywhere around the world. Now this limitation with Amex cards is also experienced in the online casinos.

We have done an extensive search, and the results of American Express online casinos are quite a few. However, for American players who have a limited selection of casino payment methods, you will still find a handful of good online casinos to use your iconic blue card.

In the next section, you find a list of some of the world renowned online casino where you can use your Amex card.

List of American Express Online Casinos

Based on our long research, we have compiled a list of reliable online casinos that do accept payments and also make withdrawals into American Express accounts.

  • Win Palace Casino
  • Betway Casino
  • Onbling Casino
  • BetOnline Casino

As expected, the list of Amex casinos is not as lengthy if compared to VISA or MasterCard. From our research, American Express online casino transactions usually incur relatively higher processing fees. This also to American regulations that restrict direct processing of funds to gaming accounts does not make Amex such an attractive option to many casino operators and gamers alike.

Having said that, there is a benefit in having such limited availability. With Amex casinos, there is the confidence that indeed you are dealing with a legit casino. In such a casino you can be assured of safe transactions and some generous bonuses.

Depositing and Withdrawing in American Express Online Casinos

American Express Withdrawal methods

Making a casino deposit using your Amex card is quite a simple process that assures you instant access to your money. The process is more or less similar to using any credit card in for payments. You will have to log into your casino account. Once you have successfully opened your account, then you can proceed to the cashier section.

It is here that you specify your deposit method as Amex, also indicated as American Express. You will then be prompted to fill out a brief form with your card details such as your card number, security code and the expiration date. After you have filled the correct information, you can then indicate the amount you wish to deposit then submit the form.

If the casino you are gaming at has an ongoing promotion, you will be prompted to fill your promo code before submitting your form. The authorization process is usually completed very fast, and within minutes you will have your casino account loaded.

While making withdrawals, the process is quite similar. However, the clearing process can be quite lengthy, taking as many as five days.

The Pros and Cons of using an Amex Casino

Even with the best online payment method, there are still pros and cons to consider. We have done a summary of the main benefits and roadblocks of using Amex as your casino deposit options.


Pros and Cons using AMEX
  1. Safe and secure transactions – American Express has accrued more than a hundred years of experience in facilitating money transfers. This is a company you can be assured will not up and go with your money overnight.
  2. Instant funds transfer ¬– While playing at an American Express casino, you will have your gaming account loaded up in a span of a few minutes.
  3. Available to US players – Owing to the strict American regulations, US players have quite a limited selection of payment methods to use for their online gaming. Amex can be a ready option for gamers in the US, provided you find an online casino allowed to operate within the jurisdiction.
  4. Larger deposit limits – With Amex, you can deposit large sums of money into your gaming account at a go.


  1. Limited availability – Compared to other credit card options, American Express, can be used in quite a few online casinos
  2. Availability of credit ¬– Getting issued with the Amex card will greatly depend on your credit score. This means that for young players with very low credit scores, even getting the card itself can be quite a hustle.

American Express Online Casinos FAQs

This FAQs section will give your quick and precise answers to most of the questions we usually receive regarding Amex casinos.

Can I use American Express to make online casino deposits?

Yes. However, this will depend on the terms set by the particular online casino. Although Amex casinos are quite a few, you can be assured of high-quality gaming with secure transactions.

How will I know if Amex is accepted at an online casino?

Once you have opened your preferred online casino, only look for the iconic blue AMEX sign in the payments information page. For some casinos, you will have to set up a free account then proceed to the cashier section to see the payment options available.

Is it possible for the Amex card to be declined?

Yes. With the UIGEA legislation in place, American banks and financial companies are restricted from directly processing funds into casino accounts. If your payments are limited, then you will have to opt for an alternative payment method such as ewallets and vouchers.