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Bally Slots

Bally Slot machines Technology Company was a creation of Raymond T. Molony who founded the Company in 1968. Sin embargo, Bally Technology Company was initially created as Advanced Patent Technology Company. Moreover, Bally Technology was first developed as a pinball manufacturer by the same founder Raymond T. way back in 1936. In the present gambling world, Bally Technologies is responsible for designing, producing and distributing some various gaming devices majorly for land-based casinos. Bally Slot machines are a common thing all over Las Vegas.

Bally Technologies is the most popular slot game manufacturer and have its headquarters in Las Vegas, Nevada. The game developer has created employment for over 3,500 employees and Bally Technologies offices in various other countries. It is important to note that Excesivamente was the first publicly traded company in NYSE. After its launching in 1968, it was known as Advanced Patent Technology, but it was changed to Alliance Gaming in 1996 when it was acquired by Bally Gaming International in 1996. The Company later completely adopted the name Bally in 2006 which officially became its brand name, and they have being creating marvelous Bally slot machines since then.

More about Bally Technologies

In 2013, Bally Technologies started producing slot games for online space in 2013. Since then they have steadily grown in the casino market, and they are known for their development of classic slot games. Slot games are some of the best featuring high-quality gaming software and features. This is majorly the reason why Scientific Games acquired them in 2014. Scientist Games is the main Company behind WMS Gaming and Barcrest. They have some of the best land-based casino games including Quick Hit games such as Quick Hit Platinum and Quick Hit Black Gold.

The Bally Slots are majorly like those from Novamatic games that have the feel of land-based slots. They can add to the charm and appeal of their slot games. The slots from Bally Technologies have great graphics, great play mechanics, entertaining music and various exciting bonuses. The games also have a precise balance between modern bonus features and high variance. The slot games are also known to be quite volatile. They have social sharing functionality, GPS–enabled locators; leaderboards and you can also choose the music you would want to hear in the background.

There are some popular Bally Slot games that you can enjoy including Thunderhorn, Lady Robin Hood, Vegas Huts, Playboy Hot Zone, Money Wheel, Golden Pharaoh, Fireball, Cash Wizard, Love Meter, Cash Spin, and Betty Boops Fortune Teller among many others.

Types of Ballys slot machines

Tragamonedas Bally

One unique thing about Bally Technologies is that they have been able to come up with some of the most interesting games over the years. The games come coupled with amazing features and graphics. Bally Slot machines are among the most common in the casino industry, and their features make the game quite enjoyable and worth the while. This can attract a huge pool of players. There are some standard Bally Slot machines in the present gaming world.

One of them is the Command Center a popular Bally Slot game. This typically makes use of modern Technology, and it can help in the expansion of the casino floor to a certain significant level. The new technology used in creating this slot game can assist in the configuration of the game and various peripheral contents from a central location. There are some additional new features in the game including iView and iDeck. These form part of the Command Center tool, and this gives the casino added control.

Another of Bally Slots is the U-Spin. The slot game uses the U-Spin technology just like what the Cash Spin slot game which also features this technology. The slot game is among the most played slot games in the gambling industry. The U-Spin slot game has three-dimensional wheels and can replicate the motion and sounds of real devices. This makes the slot game a bit exciting for different players. The slot game also allows for many 3D interactions and lets the player touch the screen for them to spin or release the wheel.

The U-Spin feature offers a much more engaging user experience. The tools used in the U-spin technology allow the casino operators the opportunity to choose where the messages will be placed. The various messages in the game are configured for them to appear as some permanent features or pop-ups. This allows the game not to be interrupted when it is played.

There is also the IView technology game that was introduced by Bally Technologies most recently. The technology mainly focused on visual and graphical messages. It can direct messages towards players that are located at certain terminals. IView Technology offers the operators permission to control the content and the position of the messages on the screen when the game is going on.

There are also some DM Tournaments which are offered by Bally via a player interface feature. This feature adds to the excitement of the contests that take place on the casino floors. The terminated competitions and the View Display Manager settings can continuously be changed by operators using this interface feature. Upcoming events and tourneys are informed to players via a small window on the screen that pops up these messages continuously during the slot game sessions. To enter and participate in the various tournaments you just have to click on the button. The DM tournaments feature adds excitement to the casino games and helps casino operators maintain their player base.

Bally Mobile Gaming Platform

Bally Mobile Platform

Bally technology was able to take the casino industry by storm when it managed to develop its category of slot games. The software game developer was able to offer casino players similar games each and every time in the beginning. Sin embargo, after a while, they began basing their slot games on different shows, bands, movies and a couple of other themes. They also focused on producing slot games from popular shows.

When they had completely taken over the casino industry, they transformed their land-based games to the online category. This created an opportunity for them to develop their mobile slot games. In the present days, Bally Technology is one of the most trusted mobile technology developers in the gaming industry. Most people in the gambling industry make use of the various aplicaciones móviles and websites that Bally Technology has developed over the years it has been developing mobile games. The company has managed to create two types of gaming solutions which include the internal and external facing apps.

The Internal-facing apps are used by employees while the external facing app is made for the different patrons. With external apps the casino patrons can continuously attract new players; the application provides information on new games in the casino, some of the popular games in the casino, various surveys at the casino, bookings, menus and bonus offers a number of many other interactions. All these acts as a means of attracting new players to the casino.

The internal app for employees helps in improving their efficiency and also helps in providing instant access to functionality and information. Bally slots are compatible with Apple, Android, Windows and Blackberry operating system. It is therefore quite reliable in the world of online gaming.

Bally Technology Main Focus; Casino Industry

In the beginning, Bally technology mostly offered land-based slot games, but this has changed over the years. The Company has been able to acquire some companies such as Casino Marketplace, Advanced Casino Systems Corporations, Mindplay among others.

The Casino developers had an initial objective of taking over the casino industry, and this led to them increasing their slot games in their catalogue. Not long ago Bally Technologies opened a new European sales hub in Amsterdam. They also have two research centers in India; the City of Chennai and Bangalore.


In the recent years, Bally Technology has been able to expand from such a small company into one of the most reputable gaming software companies in the world. They have made such progress in the development of high-quality games with various amazing features.

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