Mobile Online Slots – Everything You Need to Know

Mobile slots have become the latest trend, all due to the help of the development of online casinos more than two decades ago. Online gambling establishments, on the other hand, quickly rose to popularity because of brick and mortar casinos! While in the past, people had to travel somewhere in order to spin the reels of a slot, today they are doing it from the comfort of their home. While online casinos are dominating the iGaming industry, they have gained an even further advantage through the fast popularization of mobile gaming as a whole.

Él USA is another country where mobile gaming quickly gained popularity, as it became evident from the increase of players who prefer playing casino games on their smartphones and tablets. With the advancement in development technologies, almost all Internet casinos now offer a variety of online mobile slots that offer the same (if not better) gaming experiences as they do on desktop computers. What makes slots so appealing to players everywhere, is their incredible production quality – everything from the graphics to the audio was developed to exceed the expectations of both the iGaming industry and lovers of the genre everywhere.

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The Evolution of Mobile Slot Games

Mobile slots - first casino games to added to mobile

The initial gaming genre that was incorporated in the first mobile casino platforms wasslots”. Their “somewhat simple” integration into different apps and websites, made them the preferred choice for both players and developers. Another reason why mobile slots became such a hit is that players everywhere love them – this doesn’t come as a surprise, as the slot genre is considered to be the most popular one of all casino games.

Logistically speaking, online mobile slots are the most widely available games everywhere! It is because of these three main reasons and the continuously growing popularity of the genre, many software developers have exclusively started creating mobile slots.

How Do You Play Mobile Slots Online?

The first thing that a player needs to have is a portable device (smartphone or tablet) that is capable of running a particular mobile app. When this requirement is met, players can visit the game page of their choice – in most cases, the online casino that offers mobile slots won’t require visitors to register, download, or make any sort of deposits in order to run their chosen slots app. En algunos casos, it might be required that an online casino app is downloaded onto the portable device if the mobile slots aren’t made separately available. Online casino websites that offer such an “all in one” slots application would make it easy for visitors to spot the “download” button.

Another way to access and play mobile slots is via a method called “SMS downloading”. After a player finds a mobile online casino that offers this service, they will simply need to list their phone number and location. An SMS will be sent to a player’s phone or tablet, requesting them to verify the download link, after which, the casino will send the player a mobile slot application. Due to the nature of the service, some chargers may apply, depending on the casino operator and telephone company.

Out of all available methods to play mobile slots online, perhaps the easiest and most “hassle-free” approach is simply by searching for a free casino that lists its games directly on its website – without the need to download anything.

Mobile Slots Run on Specific Devices

iPhone and iPad are one of the users favourite devices to play mobile slots

Apple’s iOS-based devices such as the iPhone and the iPad, seem to be favored by users everywhere, due to the broad availability of slots that feature progressive jackpots. Some of the most popular online mobile slots among Apple device users are titles such as “Mega Moolah”, “Tycoon”, “Slots of Gold”, “Thunderstruck”, and “Lion’s Pride”.

While most mobile slots would run on any device that has an iOS operating system, there are some “Java-based” titles that would require the download and installation of the Java software platform in order to run. The Java technology is highly popular, and is present in almost all devices today, but should your device doesn’t have it, an installation will be required. Some of the most renowned Java slot games are “Double Magic Slot”, “Fruit Fiesta”, “Pub Fruity”, and quite a few others.

Although online mobile slots run equally well on both smartphones and tablets, the latter type of device is preferred when playing specific titles. Among tablet-favorite slot games, we count “Deck the Halls”, “Thunderstruck”, and “Burning Desire”. Those games are widely available either in a downloadable mobile slot app form or can be instantly played via an Internet browser.

All of the aforementioned mobile slots will have a full set of features, such as free spins, multipliers, additional slot bonuses, extra games, etc., and will allow any player to experience the games in their entirety. Additionally, among the many available mobile slots online, “Pure Platinum”, “Break da Bank”, and “Avalon” are some of the titles that are known to have brought considerable wins to mobile players.

HTML5 slot games can be played directly through the latest browser of any smartphone or tablet. Developers make HTML5 slots because this software platform allows for better optimization of any games meant for mobile play. Some examples of excellent HTML5 slots include “5 Reel Drive”, “Big Top” and “Couch Potato”.

The software platform “Flash” is still used to create slot games today, but it isn’t very popular with slots players, due to the fact that it is highly incompatible with portable devices. There are some methods that players may try out in order to emulate Flash on their smartphones or tablets, but the time and effort that is going to be spent doing that are hardly going to be worth it.

While today most portable devices run on Android or iOS, some older devices could still offer some mobile slot playability – such is the case with Blackberry and Nokia devices. Having their own specific operating systems, they would still be able to run popular mobile slot games such as “Adventure Palace”, “Break da Bank”, “Mermaids Million”, “Alaskan Fishing”, and “Spring Break”.

Out of all operating systems, the old Windows Mobile OS has fallen out of favor with the industry, severely limiting the slot playability on older smartphones and Pocket PCs. The newest Windows 10 Mobile OS is still capable of running some of the best online slots out there, but since it was officially announced that the operating system would not be receiving any further feature updates, it is only a matter of time before it also remains in the annals of technological history.

The rapidly developing online casino industry has managed to bring online slots even to wearable devices, namely the Smartwatch! As expected, most slots meant for smartwatches will come in “no download” versions, although there are some that can be installed on a wearable. Currently, the smartwatches that support mobile slot gaming are Apple’s “Apple Watch” and Samsung’s “Samsung Gear”. Now, microjuegos is the only software developer that has released two watch-compatible slot games – “Thunderstruck” and “The Dark Knight Rises”.

There Are Many Reasons to Play Mobile Slots

Although there are many reasons to play mobile slots online, one of them stands out among the rest – convenience. People today carry their phones absolutely everywhere, and almost all of their devices have decent “screen real estate”, making them more than appropriate to run a variety of online slot games. Another good reason to start looking into mobile slot games is that in some cases, developers would release mobile-specific bonuses and features. Microgaming is one such developer that has produced a variety of exclusive features and has incorporated them in some of their most popular slots such as “Mega Moolah” and “Avalon”.

Online Mobile Slots and Real Money Wagers

When playing online mobile slots for real money, the wagering process isn’t that much different from the one when playing on a desktop computer. While there are indeed some differences (besides the screen size and game interface) between the games for mobile and desktop platforms, the most notable factors are the exclusivity of features and bonuses. Many renowned online casinos have released lucrative promotional campaigns for those players that choose mobile gaming as their preferred method of gambling. Por otro lado, players are advised to tread carefully when choosing a casino for real money gaming.

After choosing an online casino that promotes and offers mobile slot gaming, players should make a real money deposit. While there are some exceptions, most banking methods that are used on a desktop computer (Bank Transfers, Skrill, NETELLER, etc.) will also be available to mobile device users. En algunos casos, there will be exclusive bank methods such as “Boku”, which charges your casino deposit to your phone bill or deducts it from any pre-paid amount. Withdrawing your real money winnings happens as quickly as making a deposit – merely choose a withdrawing method, and follow the steps provided by your casino’s banking method.

Finding the Best Mobile Casinos

Although the final choice of “where to play” lands on the players themselves, there are a few essential things that need to be taken into consideration before depositing money in any casino website. The first thing that players need to watch out is the presence of mobile-exclusive bonuses and their value. If the bonus seems too big, and generally “too good to be true”, you should probably stay away. Genuine mobile bonuses are usually minor and are meant to give the player an “initial push” – they may either be in the form of bonus credit or mobile slot-specific free spins.

A sure sign of an excellent mobile casino website is the number of banking methods supported by the operator, and the amount of information made available for them. Licenses, mobile slots quantity, operator’s industry experience – these and many other factors will determine if a website is “legit”, but probably the best way to check for yourself is to go through a number of available online casinos, and what the players are saying about them.

Why Mobile Slots Have Become a Common Factor Today

The evolution of software development technology today has allowed companies to create games of higher quality, in a lot less time. Among the many reasons for the rising popularity of mobile slots is their “limitless availability”, which doesn’t require a player to be in one single location to play them. Another important reason is their broad compatibility with almost any mobile device brand in the world, como Apple, Samsung, HTC, Huawei, Xiaomi, Nokia, and many others – people owning different smartphones can enjoy the same online mobile slots together.

Due to the fact that the current portable device market is dominated by two operating systems (Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android), it comes as no surprise that software developers create their games to be compatible with those platforms. A very bright example of a slot compatible with iOS and Android is the “Wizard of OZ” – it offers the same gaming experience, regardless of the device’s brand.

Playing Mobile Games for Free

You can experience online mobile slots for free before wagering real money

Before risking their hard-earned cash, players can experience online mobile slots for free. Although there are many online casinos that offer free slots, they will be divided into two types. The first online casino type will require the registration of a profile in order to grant its players access to its free games. The other kind of casino website won’t need any registration and would make its list freely available.

We should mention that due to newly placed regulations, more casino sites are requiring registration for free play, as a means to combat underage gambling. Playing mobile slots online for free is not only fun, but it also helps the player learn about all the functions and specifics of their preferred title. Industry experts always advise people to play through the “free” version of any mobile slot, before investing real cash.

The ProcessUsing Mobile Casino Slot Apps

Although most online casinos that feature slots tend to support only “browser play”, there are still many websites that provide downloadable slot applications. A slot game can come as part of a program that contains the casino’s full gaming roster, as an individual app, or as a separate genre-based application.

Regardless of the app’s shape or form, in almost all cases, players will need to be registered to download and use it or will need to log in to an existing account if the app is freely available for download. In most apps for mobile slots online, players will find a “registration” button, which will allow them to create their casino profile directly from the application itself. After the player has successfully logged in, selecting a game from the application will be pretty straightforward.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Mobile Slot Gaming

Mobile slot games have few drawbacks but offer many benefits. Although “location convenience” is considered to be the top perk of mobile slot gaming, it is the exclusivity of content and special bonuses that are considered to be a significant advantage. Developers of online slots are continually trying to create something unique, which results in another advantage – game variety. It is an all-known fact that mobile slot gaming in the USA has soared because of the benefits mentioned above.

Advantages and disadvantages of playing slots on mobile

While the disadvantages are few, they do differ in severity. The first disadvantage is more of a “physical limitation”, and it mainly concerns players with small smartphones. The size of the screen does impede the playing experience a bit, but this isn’t prevalent in tablet devices. Another drawback stems from the fact that not all casinos incorporate the appropriate information encryption technology needed to protect a player’s data. This is due to the fact that the operating systems of portable devices work with a completely different set of software tools.

The last disadvantage concerns the value of the bonuses themselves; sadly, any promotions and bonuses released even by the best online casinos are considered to be very small. When it comes to mobile slots online, one thing is for sure – the pros outweigh the cons by a lot!

Things to Consider When Playing Mobile Slots

When playing slots on your smartphone, it is essential to remember a few things that will make your experience much more enjoyable. The first one is “ease of accessibility”, and is essentially the knowledge about which slots are optimized for use with mobile devices. Although some games may run, they will load slowly and “lag”. This could be due to the game’s optimization issues with specific operating systems, or simply due to bad Internet connection.

Players should try to find out if their favorite slot title is offered in some kind of “app form”. It is known that games requiring installation are much more efficient in utilizing a device’s hardware more efficiently. If such is the case, it’s of the utmost importance that your portable device is running on the latest version of its operating software.

The Future of Mobile Slot Games Is Interesting

The need for developing high-quality games for players has become more demanding than ever, and it is what pushes software developers to make an extra effort when designing and creating online slot games. In addition to new and updated designs, companies expand even further the compatibility capabilities of their software, so it would meet the demands of the latest smartphones and tablets that hit the markets. While nearly half a decade ago, companies were struggling to make the most classic slot titles run smoothly on portable devices, today’s technological trends have evolved, allowing developers to deliver a unique gameplay experience with every mobile slot they produce.

The complexity of smartphones and tablets as devices has long transcended the purpose of a standard computer. Big developers of online slots such as NetEnt and Betsoft understand that, and it is why they continue to be two of the biggest creators of gaming content for the iGaming industry. The current trend which is now taking it’s “baby steps” is “Virtual Reality Casino”, and with the help of smartphone headsets, players are able to step onto a virtual casino floor and spin the reels of a slot in real-time. Whether online VR slots for smartphones will take off or not, is something that will become clear in a few years.

Finding the Best Mobile Slots Can Happen Easily

Él “next-generation” mobile slots are already available today. We realize that in such a dynamic environment, it can be challenging to find out which slot games are worth playing and which are not; sin embargo, with little research, our readers can quickly become experts in recognizing the good from the bad. Whether you would like to use your portable device to try your luck and win a few bucks or you just like to play a slot for the “heck of it”, your initial preparation will make any following experience a good one!