Torneos de tragamonedas

One thing about slot machine tourneys is that they offer their players the best value for their money. Players will realize that the competition prizes are a lot bigger than the entry fees to the slots tournaments. You will also get to join various slots contests for free using either comp points or bonus prizes. Slot machine games from Microgaming and RTG offer the best online slots competitions to their players.

How do these slots tournaments work?

Slot machines tournaments work

As a slots player, you should take your time and understand how the slots contests work. The variations are different, but the principals applied to the slot tourneys remain constant. This applies on both online and offline slots tournaments. The various basic principals in slot tourneys include how players can enter tournaments, how the prize pools work and the order of play of the tournaments. One fundamental principle is that there is a buy-in entry fee. This entry fee will give you an opportunity of landing great prizes.

You will find that some slots competitions do not require buy-ins since they are free. Some tournaments are paid for you by the casino using comps. The slot machine competition prize pool is determined by a number of players and the cost of entry to the tournament. When you have a total of 100 players who all pay $50 to enter the competition, the prize pool is set at $5000. The amount of the prize pool distribution and the number of winners is different from each tournament. Most casinos keep part of the prize pool as part of making profits from these tournaments.

You should check on prize pool distribution before you enter in any slot machine tournament. The slot tournament starts when all players have paid for their buy-in tickets. The players are then offered a set of credits to play with after which all players gather at a slot machine and a certain amount of time of play is offered to them. Players will be shown hitting the spin button all at a go as they try to land the maximum number of prizes.

Types of slots machine tournaments

Slot machines tournaments different types

Existen different types of slot machine contest in the gambling world. One is the Vegas slots tournaments otherwise known as land based casino tournaments. These kind of tournaments are most times free and offer players a significant amount of prizes. The land based casinos offer incentives to their players so that they can play these games. The incentives come as free meals, free show tickets or free accommodation. It is a big surprise for most people when they learn that most casinos lose money on their slots machine tournaments.

This is mostly a way that casinos use to make market their tournaments. Older slots often feature in slot tournaments, and slot games such as Rueda de la fortuna y Diamante doble are not left out. Video slots tournaments feature games such as Wolf Run, Cleopatra slots and Lobstermania. Another type of slots tournaments is the online slot tournaments. These kinds of tourneys require players to pay an entry fee that forms part of a prize pool that we divided between winners and the casino. In online slot tournaments there are two types of tournaments; the Scheduled and the Sit and Go tournament.

Scheduled Tournaments

This kind of slot machine competition will require you to register and then play within a given time limit. You can choose to start playing the slot tournament immediately. The winner is rewarded after all the players are done playing, and the deadline has been reached. The winner is often the player with the most credits or points. Other players are also offered some significant prizes in the long run

Sit and Go Tournaments

This slot machine tournament begins when a given number of slot machine players have registered for the tournament. At the end of the tournament, the winner with the most credits at a specified period or after some spins wins the prize. In the modern day, casino world players will be able to see the face of their opponents when playing online. This will be attributed to the great power of computers and strong casino software.


Smaller tournaments often lead to a final round where great amounts of money are won. This will require you to place high regarding rankings to move to the next big stage.