Vídeo póquer

Online video poker is one of the most played online casino games in the world. The game requires players to have a brief idea about the best video poker strategy that is available. Through the use of these strategies, players have the confidence of scoring the best odds. Online video poker offers high returns to its players. The game is available both in land-based casinos and vegas slots online casino sites. It is a well-known fact that available poker machines only retain a small amount of profit from the money the players bet on and if players apply the correct strategy, they can easily beat the computer.

Online video poker variations involve dealing five cards at a go. This is why Poker is a five-card draw game. A player can hold between all of the five cards and neither one of them. It is also possible to replace the cards they dispose of with new cards.

How to play

video poker casino gameIf you are well-versed in the game of blackjack and poker, online video poker will not be so hard for you. When you start playing poker, you are required to select how many of the credits you wish to play on each spin. In a standard video poker game, credits ranging from one through five are the most offered.

You are then able to determine how much you will wager. This is made clear on the paytable available, after paying for your credits, your first playing cards are dealt. When the cards are dealt, you will get five cards from the 52 card deck available. The primary objective of the game is to make the best five-card hand possible. The video poker game requires you to have a qualifying hand to win any prize.

Universal poker hand values

Some universal poker hand values will be made use of. The Royal flush has five cards that are in consecutive order and range from Ace through 10. The straight flush has five cards of the same suit arranged in the following order 8, 7, 6, 5 & 4. Straight means that the hand consists of 5 cards that bear different suits and are in consecutive order such as Q, j, 10, 9 & 8. Flush consists of 5 cards of the same suit, four-of-a-kind, are four cards that have the same value, the full house consists of three-of-a-kind plus a pair such as K, k, k, 8 & 8. Other universal values include three-of-a-kind, two pairs, and pair.

Video poker machine

Video poker machine - what this means?Playing online video poker requires you to be glued to your computer’s screen. This attention is crucial because of the payout schedule, the credits dealt, the wins paid and the number of player’s credits available are on display. You will find these machines either in carousels, banks or groups. Online casinos group them according to the same denomination of stakes or in the same game variations. Buttons or touchscreens will be used to control the machines. The buttons will be used to choose the number of coins they desire to bet or to select the cards they want to hold.

The machine can be instructed to deal or draw cards by another button. Some of the online video poker machines have a slot that players can use to insert their slots club card or loyalty card. The loyalty cards are used to calculate the number of benefits and bonuses that casinos can offer to VIP and loyal players. To the right of the screen on a standard machine, there are coin slots and players will be handed the number of credits after inserting the coins or notes.

The various online video poker machines variations available include the Jacks or Better, Bonus Poker, Joker Poker, Deuces Wild and Double Bonus. All of these have different playing strategies that they put in place.

Video poker strategy

Video poker strategies require players to decide on which of the initial cards they would want to hold or discard. The main aim of the video poker strategy is to hit a Royal Flush, because it is one of the best hands that a player can deal. Once you have made the decision to trade or discard the cards, those that you wish to remove will be changed with new cards from the deck.

Payouts are made after hitting a winning blend of cards and then you will be required to move on to the next hand. Some of the online video poker machines give you the opportunity of playing using the multi-hand format, and this requires you to pay for all your hands up front.

Three golden rules have been put up and are used to apply to all video poker games. These help in increasing the chances of success in a game of poker. The three rules include selecting a video poker machine very carefully. The rules will assist in coming up with the right video poker strategies that will bring excellent results in the end. You should also choose to play maximum coins.

Video poker strategy and hand strenght table

En la mayoría de los casos, the calculations of the payout are achieved by multiplying the number of coins played. Players should also be aware of how to manage their bankroll. Money management is important for making a profit and most times the amount ranges from 50 para 100.

With the many different video poker machines available, players need to have to understand the strategies required by each one of them. The various video poker strategies are available online, and players can easily access them. You can use these strategies as you play the game since it can be quite difficult to memorize each one of them. The more you play, the more you will have an improved hold of these strategies.

Never add additional money to your bankroll, and it is necessary to set aside some of the amount you win to avoid playing using all of your winnings. One of the current basic strategies requires you to hold a Royal Flush, Straight Flush, Four-of-a-Kind, or a Full House and avoid discarding them.

In case you are holding Three-of-a-Kind, it is important to discard the other two remaining cards. Break up a Straight or a Flush when holding four cards to a Royal Flush, you should remove the lowest card and look for a better hand. When you dispose of a lower card, you are given a chance to strike a Straight or a Flush. When holding four cards to a Royal Flush or the same amount to a lower Straight Flush, you should break it up if you are holding a couple of jacks. It is important to keep a pair that is low, instead of having a single card with a high value.

How to pick the best value poker machine

The Jacks or Better are the most common standard video poker games that are used in the casino industry. The cards that are dealt are from a fresh virtual 52 card deck for each hand. They do not hold wild cards. The wild card in a poker game is used to make an advantageous hand for the player. There is the Jacks or Better 9/6 machine where the jackpot for the Royal Flush does not occur in order. The more coins a player wagers, the larger the win. In this game, players are paid nine coins for a Full House and six for a Flush.

There is the Jacks or Better 8/5 machine that does not offer a lot regarding rewards. It pays eight coins and five respectively. A progressive jackpot is available from the machine, the higher the progressive jackpot, the lower the wins are for the Flush and Full House. Other jacks or better machines include Bonus poker deluxe Jacks or better 8/5 or Double Bonus Jacks which requires you to hit a hand of three-of-a-kind or better to generate a win. The final one is the Double Bonus jacks or better 10/7.

Strategies for Jacks or Better machines

There are various video poker strategies that players need to improve to win against the house. Research should be carried out by different high rollers to learn which is the best video poker strategy. These will help in the improvement of miscellaneous odds. One of the strategies that you should apply is going to a machine with the higher payout program for the game you like to play.

Tips for beginners

There are various tips that beginners should use in online video poker. An important aspect a player should apply is playing the maximum coins as most times as they can, it is important for a player to note that the cards in the game are randomly chosen when they are dealt. Machines do not in any way trick you. Players should look out for the machine that is most generous and know that a Royal Flush hand is not dependent on certain factors. You should check on the connection regularly when you are using a slot club card.

Ensure that the slot can read the card and make sure to check whether a double-up feature is offered by a certain machine. Jacks or better variations are most suited for beginners as they have to put up a strategy and practice.

Deuces Wild Full Pay Machines

These are machines that provide excellent chances for players. In this kind of machine the player is supposed to play all five coins for every spin to have the greatest advantage from a growing jackpot. After striking a Royal Flush or five-of-a-kind with a wild card or more low, prices are offered. Various hands like Straight Flushes, four-of-a-kind or full houses often occur when 4 wild cards are put to the stack. There is the Deuces Wild that has a progressive jackpot. They are known to offer a great edge to players.

Deuces Wild - one of the most popular video poker games

These machines have a standard jackpot prize of 4,000 monedas. In this kind of machine the win for four-of-a-kind is decreased, and the winnings for a full house and Flush are increased. Players will receive low prices in cases where less wild cards are included in Royal Flushes and five-of-a-kind. There are plenty of things to consider when you play using the Deuces Wild full play machines. Players should know how to discard their fifth card when they hold four 2s; you should pay extra attention when you have a Royal Flush with Deuces. Having a hand of three deuces will require you to lose your fourth and fifth cards.

It is necessary to discard your fifth cards plus the deuces when holding trips. This also applies to when you have three Royal Flush cards plus a deuce. It is important to lose your fourth and fifth cards when you have a pair Royal Flush cards and a Deuce. It is advised not to dispose of your cards when holding only a deuce. You should hold all cards when you have a pair of two deuces that is four-of-a-kind and also hold when you have two cards for a Royal Flush plus two deuces.

When you are holding a full house, it is advised that you do not lose your cards. Players should also hold their cards if they hold three consecutive suited cards and two deuces. You should also hold when you have any paid plus a Deuce.

Joker Wild- Full Pay

Joker Wild - a video poker with extra

The different video poker variations on this poker machine are dealt from a pack of 52 cards with the 53rd one been a Joker. The Joker is most times considered a wild card. There are relatively high payouts for both the Full House and Flush. In addition to the wild card, these are meant to prolong your playing experience. So when the Royal Flush is hit without the wild card, the player gets a very large bonus. Players can earn great payouts when the mid-range hands are hit. There are various strategies put in place when playing poker using the Joker Wild machine.

The various strategies state that players should keep their cards at an instance where the player has five-of-a-kind, a Straight Flush, a Royal Flush, or a full house. It is important for the player to discard your 5th card when you are holding a three-of-a-kind plus the Joker. This can also apply when you are holding three cards to a Royal Flush, plus a Joker.

How to play hands by order of priorities

You play hands by this order:

  • You place three cards to Straight Flush including the wild card
  • A Straight
  • A pair and the wild card
  • Then place two suited high value cards, and the Joker
  • Two suited cards, and a Joker
  • Place tree suited cards, plus Joker
  • Then four consecutive unsuited cards which are including the wild card
  • The four remaining cards should be discarded if the player only holds the Joker

Multi-line machines

These are mostly used by players who make huge bets than they had otherwise planned. With these machines, players can place wagers on many lines simultaneously. The base bets in this type of games are relatively low and the wins are great. In standard online poker the winning, probabilities are the same when played in this type of poker machine game.

With the many variants of poker machines, players are offered the chance to select multiple lines on the basis of their previous hold or draw decisions. The video poker machine can cause great losses when a winning hand is not gotten. It is important to check out on the paytable to ensure that you understand the machine.

Reasons to play online video poker variations

Online video poker offers players very good odds especially to players who wish to learn the various video poker strategies attached to each machine. The returns can be up to 99% thus offering players the chance of scoring against the casino. Online video poker players with a taste of blackjack and poker and chess will easily understand most of these strategies. Another reason why video poker is enjoyed is that it is very easy to play. The rules are few and easy to remember. The decisions to be made are relatively easy, and it is possible to play the game just for fun.

Playing online video poker

It is important for a player to play the game for free at the beginning. This will allow them to understand the various strategies that they should put in place before playing for real money. Land-based casinos do not offer free play, but online casino sites offer such variations. Players in the USA can play the game in any of the online casinos that can be looked up online. Players are advised to try out most of the video poker machines so that they can determine which is most suitable. Video poker variations are available in most online casinos.