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There is a lot of misconception when it comes to matters relating to slot machines. These misconceptions are obviously written and published by people who know very little or nothing about slot machines and slot games. The danger about these myth slot is that they can be misleading to players most especially beginners who are interested in playing slot machine games. As a slot machine player, you should learn more about slot machine truths and false allegations.

One thing about casinos is that they are for fun and entertainment and they are one of the legitimate ways of spending your time when you are in a casino. You should strive to understand how the games work to dispel some of these myths and become an enlightened legend slots player. You should also be aware that slots results are random and you can do nothing in matters relating to winning in a legend slots game.

Common myth slot found in a slot casino

Player’s chances of winning cannot be improved

Player’s chances of winning

This is a myth slot and even though there may be some articles here and there relating to this myth slot players should be aware that this is all just but lies. Players can control some aspects of the slot machine game by first deciding on the slot games to play. There are slot games that provide better odds than others, and this leaves players with the opportunity of improving their winning chances. Players who choose a game with a fixed jackpot prize instead of a progressive jackpot have better odds of winning.

When you play high denomination games your chances of winning are improved. Games with many features such as bonuses will pay less than the simple games.

The temperature of the coins inserted in the machine matters.

Most slot players do not use coins in the modern casino world. Namun, this does not mean that even if people used coins, the temperature of the coin would determine any wins since this is a myth slot. Warm coins do not affect the results of the game in any way.

Players must change machines after a massive jackpot is hit

This is just a myth slot since you can land on another huge jackpot on the same slot machine. A machine does not turn cold after landing a great jackpot prize. Therefore there is no need to move to another slot machine after a big win is generated on a given slot machine. Results of slot machines cannot be influenced by casinos.

Some parts of the day are better for winning against the machine than others

This is one of the most misleading myth slot, and it is not true. The payout percentages on games that are increased by certain times of the day are not controlled by any program. Some myth slot state that the payout percentage is improved during special holidays or occasions and various convention dates, but this is a myth slot. The time of day, week, month or year you play your slot machine game does not influence your chances of winning.

The location of the slot machine in the casino determines player’s chances of winning

There are some misconceptions that players believe that machines that offer you better chances of landing great payouts are grouped together in one location. This is not true; you can find best paying machines scattered all over the gaming floor, the location of the slot machine does not determine your chances of winning.

The player needs to play on one slot machine only all the time to increase their odds

Winning slot machine games are usually random. Therefore generating winnings at slot machines depends on luck and it does not make any difference on the type of slot machine a player chooses and how long they play there. You cannot increase the odds of hitting a given jackpot by spending so much time on one slot machine.

In land-based slot machines you can generate a winning combination by pulling a lever instead of pushing a spin button.

This is another common myth but a false one. Pulling a lever will only slow down your gameplay but not increase your chances of winning. Slot machine types do not help in generating any winnings.

Using a legend slots club card usually decreases player’s chances of making a winning combination

Legend Slots Club Card

This is a false belief since the amount of money that the casino offers players using legend slots club card is insignificant.

Some players often believe that the casinos tamper with the players’ winnings since they do not want them to win more money to retrieve the benefits that they offer players through the club legend slots card.

It is not possible for casino operators to change the Random Number generator program through the casino software.

The player can improve their chances of winning by pressing the button or pulling the handle at the right time

These chances of increasing your winnings by pulling the lever or pushing the spin button at the right time are all but myths. Namun, this strategy is made possible by the Random Number Generator.

Casino employees can help you find the loose slots.

As a slots machine player, you should understand that employees at a casino whether cocktail waitresses and bartenders do not have any rough idea of where the machines with the best odds of winning are located. They are just as misinformed about the slot machines as every other person in the casino. Land-based slot machine winning depend on the players’ luck so even if the employees helped you locate a free slot machine you would not land any win if you were not at any luck.

Slots payout more during slow periods than they do during busy times.

This is another of the myths with no logic at all. This is because it does not make sense why casinos would want to put so much effort into paying out more during slow periods than busy periods. The chances of winning on a slot machine remain constant regardless of whether the casino floor is busy or whether you are playing as a single person.

Playing slots with a bonus hurt your overall chances of winning money.

The Random Number Generators cannot determine how your reels are spun and therefore cannot decide whether you are playing with your money or you are playing using bonus funds from the casino. The payout percentage of an online slot machine is fixed regardless of whether you are playing using your funds or using bonuses from the casino.

Only high rollers win the progressive jackpots at online casino slot machines.

Winning progressive jackpots is all dependent on luck, but there are some rules you have to follow to have higher chances of been lucky. One of these rules is that you have to play for the maximum number of coins and also risk high bets per spin. Namun, winning progressive slot jackpots all boils down to how lucky a player is on that particular day they spin the reels.