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Spanish online casinos

Land-based casino gambling in Spain has never had a major issue. The first bricks-and-mortar casinos were made legal in Spain in the year 1977. Tuttavia, regarding regulated gambling took a while to regulate it and legalization was finally passed in the year 2002. Tuttavia, there were strict rules on online slots and for a long time they remained illegal in the country. Tuttavia, in 2014 the new legislation law was passed in Spain, and this allowed players to apply for slot licenses.

The new law was finally passed on 2nd June, and this allowed ten new operators to apply for slot licenses. There were additional 20 operators who had applied for rights to offer online slots who benefited from this law. These online operators included software supplier Playtech, William Hill e Bet365.

Before the gambling law was enacted, Spanish casinos players were given the right to play slot games at foreign-based casinos. Tuttavia, the new law only allowed slot players to play slot games at fully licensed online casinos. This came as good news to Spanish players as they could now play in full regulated online casino environment.

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Online poker in Spain

Online poker in Spain is one of the sectors in online gambling that lags behind. This is because Spain residents are not allowed to participate in poker games with other members other than those residing in Spain. This is to say that poker players cannot take part in international poker tournaments.

The growth of poker in Spain has therefore been stifled. This does not deter Spain players from engaging in poker games, and they do this on illegal sites. According to recent research carried out in Spain some of the Spain, residents admitted having played poker at unlicensed sites while the other percentage admitted that they have never used any Spanish website to play poker.

Revenue generated by poker game in Spain also dropped tremendously in 2015 to around €16.8m. This was serious considering online casino market grew considerably over the years to a total of €77.4m. The growth was also notable for games such as table games and sports betting. Spain players will still use unlicensed sites to gamble if the government does not legalize online poker in their country.

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Legalization of online casino Spain

Legalization of Spanish online casinos

Gambling in Spain has been legalized apart from the case with internet poker which still has some restrictions. Gambling in Spain was made legal in the year 1997, but the industry took a long time before it finally boomed in the country. In 2008 the country was split into 17 separate regions, and each region was granted permission to have their gaming license and operate it however they pleased.

With this division, the online casino industry grew tremendously, and at present, the country has over 40 Spanish casinos in total. Regulation of online gambling by the National gaming board together with the 17 government officials was made possible in 2010 despite online sports betting been made legal by the government in 2006.

All online gaming industries were allowed in Spain by a law which was passed in May 2011. This was with the exception of games of the National Lottery and live-in-play betting such as slot machines, Bingo and Blind National Lottery games. In Spain online gaming laws an individual must have a license that allows them to operate and these permits are only granted to the companies that are located in Spain and those that operate from Spain’s websites.

Operators who did not have the recommended licenses in Spain were not allowed to engage in any form of advertisement, sponsorship or promotion of betting activities in the country. This was passed by the act of the gambling commission in Spain. Large fines were also to be imposed on online casino operators that would try and offer services to Spanish casino players.

Live in-play betting was also prohibited by the bill. This also included other games such as bingo; the games were termed as dangerously addictive. In the spring of 2013 and in October 2014 Spain approved the game of online slots. The government officials also came forth and announced that they would award licenses to operators who would offer online slot games and other online gaming products.

The online casino Australia slot machine operators were given until January 1st for them to have their licenses. They were also expected to cooperate regarding advertising laws set forth. The gaming license had a duration period of 18 months after which it would need renewal. With this bill Spain has been able to withdraw 50 illegal operators from their countries. This is unlike France and Portugal who failed after passing a similar legislation act. Spain also held legal proceedings for operators who tried to defy the set-out laws.

The online companies that were operating illegally in Spain were not sanctioned, but they were required to pay taxes in full.

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Slot machine games in Australia at the present period

In the present time’s slot, machine games are not restricted in Spain. Players will be spoilt for choice when it comes to these games. Europe has recorded a high percentage of slot games in the recent years. With the tremendous and magnificent growth of slot games, the Spanish government hopes that the economy will be boosted just like it happened in the Italian market.


Players in Spain are hoping for an increase in the number of online slots in their country. They also hope that the game will become quite competitive. In Spain, large online casino operators are expected to add some services in their country, and this also includes adding the games of slots.

There have been over ten new licenses that have been renewed, and competition is expected to rise as online slots operators try to attract new customers. The online slots industry will take advantage of various sign-up bonuses and welcome promotions and various free bets.

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