Domande frequenti sulle slot – Parte 1

Welcome to our slots faq page! Some questions are set aside by slot players regarding the slot machine. Some of these questions include the inventor and invention of the first gaming slot machine. The first company to invent electronic slots and the one of the largest progressive jackpot slot game ever won. There are a lot of slot machine misconceptions that should be tackled to do away with false slot myths.

Alcuni dei myths include various schemes that players should use to beat the casinos using the progressive betting systems. The other myth is which slot games are most likely to hit in the casino. We will look at the questions mostly asked by slot players. Continue reading our slots faq to get answers to your questions.

Who invented the slot machine?

First Slot machine Liberty Bell

The slot machine was developed between 1887 e 1895. Charles Fey was responsible for this development.
He resided in San Francisco at the time of invention.

He named the first slot machine, Liberty Bell.

Who manufactured the first electric slot machine?

The first electronic video slot was built in 1976 by the Fortune Coin Company. Tuttavia, Bally was the first to create an electromechanical slot machine in 1963 with the assistance of Money Honey.

Are all slot machines regulated?

Yes, slot machines in all licensed online casinos are regulated. This is not to mean that all slot machines in the online casino world are controlled. There are slot machines especially those in random bars in the United States that are not regulated. Continue reading our slots faq to get answers to your questions.

What is a flat top slot machine?

A Flat top machine in the slot casino world is a slot machine that has a fixed jackpot. It does not have an increasing progressive jackpot, and with this machine, the jackpot never increases, e questo è, therefore, flat just like its title.

What is the etiquette about reserving machines on slots row while you are away?

There are times when you are playing slot games, and you need to take a break, whether regarding going to the restroom or taking a break for a cup of coffee. In the past when slot machines used coins people used to leave theory coin cups on their seat to reserve their space on a machine. In the present days, slot machines do not use coins, and people mostly leave their articles or pieces of clothing.

In the casino, it is proper etiquette to respect the reserved slot machines. For players reserving the machine, they should try to take as little time as possible away from the slot machine. For slot players who are over cautious, you may ask a casino attendant to stand next to your slot machine for a while. Proper etiquette also states that you should tip the casino attendant for the trouble of reserving your spot. Continue reading our slots faq to get answers to your questions.

I do not like getting much junk mail. Is the slots club worth joining?

Is the slots club worth joining

The slots club is worth signing up for when you join an online casino. Tuttavia, there is a problem for players who do not love junk mail, but then who loves junk mail? After you get to a casino, all you have to do is sign up at the chips cage or with an attendant. The attendant will then issue you with a slots card. The slots card will be used in a slot machine and before playing any spin you slide the card in the machine.

The money you place bets on is credited, and every dollar you bet is recorded. You will also receive slot club rewards when you reach various levels. These rewards include comps and cash back; the comps rewards include free drinks, show tickets, free meals and free hotel rooms. You do not have to worry about junk mail being sent to your phone since the casino mostly sends information on special promotions that are worth knowing about.

The payback percentage in the slots club is increased by 1 a 2%. Thus comp points are like free money offered to you by the casino. Continue reading our slots faq to get answers to your questions.

Can money management make me a winning slots player?

Improving your money management skills does not make you a slots player winner. This is because money management does not lower the house edge. Money management only prevents you from losing all your money in only a few single spins. Money management also assures you of walking away with several extra chips when you get lucky and win. With extra chips, you will be able to play more slot games.

Is it true that online video slots are rigged?

Yes, online video slot games can be rigged, but this can only happen in unlicensed online casinos. Tuttavia, when a casino is well licensed, audited and well regulated the rigging can never take place. This is because a license will allow the casino to run only legal slot games that have a house edge. What is certain is that a casino uses slot games and any other casino games to make profits, and therefore they draw more money than they lose.

Online casino found rigging are collapsed in a single night. Online casinos are audited by various watchdog organizations and various third-party companies such as TST. This makes sure that the casinos are running fairly and that they are using secure software programs. Continue reading our slots faq to get answers to your questions.

Why do not I ever win playing airport slots?

These types of slots face major competition from Vegas slots, and they have some of the worst odds in the casino gambling world. Airport machines majorly do not have any major competition since people who are at an airport will rarely find themselves playing slot games in the airport. Continue reading our slots faq to get answers to your questions.

Since it pays out so much more, why would not someone always play a progressive?

Progressive Slot machines

Progressive slot machines use a certain percentage of the player’s bet to fund its jackpot amount. As such the lower the jackpot, the greater the slot player audience will be. More winning spins does not guarantee you high odds in the game. Most slot players are attracted to a slot machine that pays out a higher percentage of spins. To play the progressive slot, you should also consider the size of the small payouts.

Insieme a 25 pay line and 50 pay line slots, you will be able to receive payments on many spins. The amounts are very small all the same. Thus it is considered as a losing spin, for better payouts you should consider playing using machines that do not use your bets to create a jackpot prize. Continue reading our slots faq to get answers to your questions.

How do you tell when a slot machine is due for a payout?

This was only possible in the traditional machines when reels were shown to line up. Tuttavia, these days’ slot machines are electronic, and this does not cause lining up of the reels. Therefore you cannot tell when a machine is due for payouts. Continue reading our slots faq to get answers to your questions.

What is the biggest online jackpot for a slot machine?

In 2009 a man won a Mega Moolah jackpot slot prize worth €6,374,434. This was also the case in 2008 when Mega Moolah paid out a jackpot amount of $5.5 million. This is to mean that in case you are hoping to score a jackpot prize, Mega Moolah is probably the slot game to play. You should also keep track of the various jackpot prizes being offered by different slot games.

Which slots have the best odds?

The best odds are mostly on non-progressive slot games with lowest payouts. Slot machines that are placed at higher denominations also provide better odds for their players. The house edge increases with a larger jackpot amount. The progressive jackpot machines attract a large pool of players due to the jackpot amount placed at these machines. The features and game mechanics of various slot games also serve to attract slot players.

Non-progressive machines majorly appeal to more experienced players who realize that the odds are greater on flat top machines. For high odds, players should play non-progressive slot machine games with a low jackpot prize that has a prize placed at the highest denomination of the money range. This will improve the chances of increasing your bankroll. Continue reading our slots faq to get answers to your questions.

Can the Martingale betting system help me win at slots?

Martingale betting system

One of the most common slots faq we receive is about the Martingale system. No system, not even the Martingale system can improve your chances of winning in slots. This is because the casino always has an advantage on the casino slot player. Various mathematical simulations have proved that there is no chance of winning at slots using the betting system. The system majorly tells you to double your bet when you lose. Thus if you place $5 bet and lose you will bet with $10. When you win, you will be able to receive a payout of $5.

The Martingale system is the progressive betting system. This process continues so long as you are using the betting system. The betting amount increases as long as you are losing and you will pocket the original sum of money you started betting with. Players who are unlucky enough and are losing will find themselves betting beyond their limits and may even exhaust all their money if they are not careful.


Myths and facts are hard quite to distinguish when it comes to online slot games. With high coin denominations, you will have great odds of winning. Therefore when you can calculate your best denomination using your financial situations, you can land on great wins. In various unregulated bars in the gambling world, the slot machines have some odds worse or comparable to those at airport terminals.

It is important to have strict money management skills to avoid placing bets you cannot afford to lose. Thank you for reading part 1 of our slots faq, we hope that we managed to answer most of your questions. If not, check out the other parts as well!