Lotus Land - Perché questo gioco è preferito dai casinò terrestri e online

In 2014, Konami introduced the Lotus Land slot to the iGaming world. Seeing almost immediate success on the floors of land-based gambling establishments, the company introduced the online casino version soon after. While the game is considered to be quite simple and straightforward, our experts have analyzed the game’s features and have presented them to you in the following paragraphs.

Visual Theme – the Lotus Land Slot Story

The Land of Lotus is based on Hindu culture

The Land of Lotus features an overall “Hindu-oriental” visual theme. As most Konami slots, this one also will not feature a “game storyline”, but that doesn’t seem to matter that much because the most important parts in the Land of Lotus come from its bonus features. Putting that aside, we have to note that the game looks incredibly well made, due to its HD graphics. We should mention that the online version of this slot also features a “mobile-friendly interface” that will have a “spin” button positioned on the right side of the gaming screen, which can be repositioned to accommodate mobile users who prefer gaming with different digits on their hands.

In Game Features – Extras and Bonuses

The Land of Lotus has two main special symbols

The game has six low paying symbols, which feature the symbols from a deck of cards (da 9 ad A). The maximum amount that can be won from landing a successful five-symbol win is going to be the player’s bet multiplied by 50. Naturally, the number of any credit wins will depend on the player’s last bet, so even the lowest paying symbols can provide a substantial prize!

When it comes to the highest paying symbols, there are seven of them (including the special symbols). The highest winning combination that can be landed will be made up of five “scatters”; that reward will deliver a win that will be x600 times a player’s “current bet”. If we are to compare between the denominations listed in the VLT version of the Lotus Land slot machine, it is estimated that the largest payout that can be produced (without any multipliers) is going to be approximately $9,000.

The two main special symbols that “unlock” additional bonuses are the scatter symbol and the wild symbol. Should a player land a winning scatter symbol combo, they will be granted up to 20 free games! During “free spins mode”, the wild symbol will not only substitute all others (except for scatters) but will also turn into a random multiplier wild symbol, with an “up to x5” value. Additional free spins can also be won during free spins. Konami seems to prefer the most classic layout for its games, which is why the Lotus Land slot also has a 5×3 “rolling reels” pattern, and a free to play version!

How to Play the Slot – Game Controls Explained

The Land of Lotus has fixed paylines

Playing the slot is as easy as it is fun. All a player has to do is set their desired credit amount and hit the “spin” button. The slot does include an “auto-spin” function, which allows players to set up to 200 auto spins. What we should note is that the slot also features a “turbo play” feature that speeds up the reel spins, significantly.

The game has 30 fixed paylines, that will require an individual credit amount for every single one, so a spin can be initiated. All win-line payouts will depend on the specific symbols’ combination that a player land. All line wins will also be multiplied by the credits that are wagered “per line”, while scatter wins will be multiplied by the total credits that are wagered! The smallest amount of coins that can be bet will be one (multiplied by 30), while the largest – 50!

It is always better to have more wins than not, and in the case of the Lotus Land slot machine, players can expect to hit some wins quite often. After all, the game’s RTP rate is 96.06%, which is considered to be generous by Industry standards. Due to the fact that Lotus Land has a “medium volatility factor”, it makes it quite balanced when compared to other vegas slots.

There Are Three Main Versions of the Game

The game comes readily available on three platforms – VLT (land-based slot machine), for PC, and for mobile devices. The best part about the Lotus Land slot is that it doesn’t need to be downloaded in any shape or form. Although there are three versions of the game, the gameplay and bonus features are the same – the only difference between the VLT and the rest, are a few additional effects present in the animations of the reels and successful symbol combinations.

Conclusion – Lotus Land Is Here to Stay

Due to the versatility of the different versions of the Lotus Land slot, this title is considered to be quite famous among online casinos and brick and mortar gambling establishments. Its overall theme is pleasant to the eye, and the betting ranges are more than enough to accommodate the budgets of both casual players and high rollers. You can play Lotus Land for free yourself and see what all the fuss is about!