Recensione della slot machine del capo Maya - Analisi delle caratteristiche bonus & Suggerimenti per giocare

A slot designed after an ancient Latin American culture, the “Mayan Chief” is a game that was developed and published by the renowned Japanese company Konami. With practically no records of the slot before 2011, we assume that the game was released around that time – making it approximately a decade old. They say, “old gold is still golden”, which is why people continue to play the Mayan Chief slot even to this day.

There is one thing that makes this particular game title stand out among the rest, and it is the fact that it can be played only in real land-based casinos! While unfortunately it is not possible to play Mayan Chief Slot for free, we are quite sure that after reading our review of this gem you will want to try your luck and even place some real money bets!

The Retro-Vibe Theme of the Mayan Chief Slot

The Mayan Chief has a retro theme

A mighty Mayan chief will welcome you on the game’s load screen, with a warrior-like gaze; although there is no storyline to be found here, it definitely has to do with this “mystery king” and his dominion over the wild animals and interesting artifacts represented on the slot’s reels. Although the art style of the game might seem “outdated” to some players, this “retro vibe” is definitely what attracts the majority of players.

The Mayan Chief Slot Has Quite a Few in Game Features

The Mayan Chief has two bonus features

The first thing that should be mentioned is the reel layout of the game, which is a standard 5×3 pattern, with a classic “rolling reels” mechanic. There are a variety of high and low paying symbols, but it is the “special ones” are that are responsible for enabling the different gameplay bonus features within the slot itself. We should also mention that all symbol boxes have a chance to appear as a “double symbol” comprised of two symbol icons – they can be the same or different.

Ci sono two main bonus features here. The first feature comes in the form of free spins that are awarded every time a player has gathered a winning “golden medallion” symbol combination. What is special about the free spins feature is that if a player is really lucky, they can get hundreds of free spins. The other special feature of the Mayan Chief slot is the “Balance of Fortune”.

It allows players who have won a number of free spins to trade them for an instant cash prize. A golden scale will be displayed on the screen of the slot machine once a winning combination has granted a number of free spins. Certo, a player can also choose to play their spins. We did manage to understand that the size of the prize is affected by the number of spins (granted by the game) and the previous player bet that was made on the most recent successful combination.

Some Game Versions Have Jackpots

The Mayan Chief offers a big jackpot

Depending on the casino, a Mayan Chief slot machine might contain a “major” jackpot. If present, it would be of the so-called “pooled type”. The interesting thing is that it can reach millions of coins, which can still translate into a few hundreds and thousands of dollars of wins for a real player. Triggering the jackpot usually happens when the player lands the rarest combination of the highest paying symbols, but that could be a subject to change, depending on a casino’s jackpot policy.

Tips on How to Play Mayan Chief Slot

The betting range will largely depend on the needs of the casino that offers the slot. All bets are done in “coins,” usually represented in a monetary ratio of $0.01 per 1 coin. Usually, the minimum that can be bet is 1 coin, while the maximum 100 coins. We should mention that every bet that is made is “per line”, and if players decide to play on all 30 linee di pagamento, they will be looking at a total wager of 3,000 coins per spin. This game is considered to having a “high volatility” factor, which means that winning combinations will be a bit rarer than usual; però, when the slot does payout, it will definitely be more than average.

A Number of Slot Versions Available

We were very surprised to discover that the Mayan Chief brand is quite famous in different brick and mortar gambling establishments, which is why Konami has created a number of other versions of the same slot brand, the most famous one of which is the Mayan Chief Great Stacks slot machine.

When comparing the two versions, the “Great Stacks” stands out firstly with its unique 5×6 reel pattern. It not only allows it to offer 60 linee di pagamento, but also a number of other bonus features, among of which are the several types of free spins that provide a number of complimentary rounds, but also a few winnings multipliers, for much better rewards!

Experienced Players Will Love This Game

Perhaps the biggest drawback here is that people won’t be able to play Mayan Chief for free, compare to other giochi di slot; Dopotutto, it is exclusive only to land-based casino floors. Putting that aside, we were more than happy to uncover the secrets of an incredible slot that continues to be relevant even today. Although we do encourage players to try the game for themselves if they have the opportunity of doing so, we must admit that this high volatility slot is more suited for experienced players. Regardless, if you’re a gambling person and you have a few bucks to spare, then you should definitely give Mayan Chief a try!