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The world is filled with so many land-based famous casinos. They are everywhere but this is not such a great thing because players tend to get confused and end up making wrong choices on the type of which famous casinos to play at. Most of these famous casinos will pretend to offer their customers high-class service including a great number of features and playing opportunities. Tuttavia, some famous casinos are legit, and these are the ones that we will discuss in this segment.

There is a wide number of famous casinos all over the world. They are mostly located in huge pieces of land, and they can generate a lot of revenue, and they also receive a lot of customers annually. Here is a list of the world’s most famous casinos.

On this page, we will furnish you on some of the most famous casinos in the world.

Foxwoods Resort Casino

General Information

The Resort Casino was opened in 1986, and its main function originally was that of a Bingo hall. The Foxwoods Resort Casino is found in Connecticut, Stati Uniti d'America. There are over six famous casinos in the Resort Casino Hotel, ed è finita 6,300 slot machines including 380 gaming tables. There are also games such as craps, poker, Roulette e Blackjack games. The resort can provide its customers with great entertainment and various luxurious centers. The accommodation rooms are quite comfortable, and there are great dining services available.

The hotel rooms are over 2,000, and there are some restaurants within the Resort Casino. Children are not forgotten in this resort, and there is an arcade where they can enjoy themselves. The casino floor is well over 440,000 square meters and around 32,000 square meters regarding gaming space. The Resort Casino is the second largest in the United States.

Various games at the Resort Casino

There is an extensive collection of casino games to choose from. Some of these games include Slot machine games that total to around 6,300. Others include table games where the game can offer its players various reward points each time they play. They can redeem these reward points for entertainment, dinner, retail and the SPA. There are over 100 gaming tables in the casino. The games include Casino War, Blackjack, In Bet in Between, raps and Roulette. There are also table games such as Let It Ride, Spanish 21 and Money Wheel.

There is Bingo game that consists of two rounds. They are played every day at the Casino; there is Matinee which starts at 10: 30 am and at 6:30 pm.

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Various games at the Resort Casino

Ponte 16

General Information

This Casino Resort is located in Macau, China and it is one of the most famous casinos. It is quite famous and takes about 2.3 hectares of land in total. The Casino Resort has a Casino and five-star hotels including the MJ Gallery. There is a retail and entertainment complex center that is currently being constructed. The interior and exterior decorations have their inspiration from the cultural pluralism in Macau. The Casino’s design is Portuguese with various Chinese decoration elements. The Casino has a gaming space of 270,000 square feet with 307 slot machines and 109 table games. Ci sono 2 VIP casino halls and 3 VIP clubs.

Games available at the Ponte 16 casino include American Roulette, Pai Kao, Mini Baccarat, Three Card Baccarat and Sic Bo. There are also the three card Baccarat and Face Up Blackjack game. There is a 5-star hotel in Ponte 16 known as Softiel Hotel. This hotel is found in nearly five continents located in New York, Thailand, Egypt, Morocco and many other places. The hotel is classic and has a modern look to it. It has over 408 suites and rooms. There is also the MJ Gallery which has been put up to honor Michael Jackson. There are clothes, photos and accessories in this gallery.

There are casino promotions available to gamblers every month. Details on these promotions are found on the official Ponte 16 website. There are special points for new members that can be traded for food, mobile phones, and cash among other items.

City of Dreams Resort in Macau is next in our list of most famous casinos we will look at.

Ponte 16 Casino Resort is located in Macau, China

City of Dreams Resort in Macau

General Information

The Resort and Casino are located in Macau, China. The casino has a gaming space of 420,000 square feet and consists of 520 poker and table games. There are over 1,350 slot gaming machines including 14 bar restaurants and 1,400 hotel rooms. There are three main casino levels in the City of Dreams Resort. They are divided as follows;

Level 1: City of Dreams

This level offers players amazing gaming experiences with a gaming space of 159,000 square feet. The casino also has around 1,514 gaming machines with around 450 table games. The gaming machines in this casino can be played for as low as HK$0.05. The gaming machines feature progressive jackpots and some themes. There are gaming machines with titles such as Celestial Dragon, The Fortune Trio and the Fa Fa Fa. To play these gaming machines players are required to insert cash tickets or the HKD currencies in the slot machines.

There are over 270 table games in level 1. There are a wide number of popular games in the category of table games. There is a gaming floor that can be accessed by any player and VIP rooms where the bets can be as low as a million dollars. The various table games in the casino include Blackjack, Caribbean Stud Poker, Sic Bo, Roulette and Blackjack games.

Level 2: Hard Rock Hotel

The Level 2 has the theme of the Hard Rock Style. There are the rock and roll atmosphere that can be felt at the casino. The style of the second level of the Resort Casino appeals to rock music lovers. There are mementoes of the greatest rock musicians that have been decked in the premises. The casino has a gaming space of 35,700 square feet and has a total of 193 gaming machines that makes the stay at the Casino resort quite memorable. Players can enjoy live dealer eBaccarat at this level.

Level 3: Signature Club

Here there are private salons and various exceptional customer services. This level is a member only level and only the most prestigious members can access it. The gaming space is set at 16,000 square meters. There is the gaming machine salon and the gaming table salon. In the gaming machine salon, people who need their privacy are found here. The Ruby Palace in the gaming machine salon offers two gaming machines and Human 3D massage chairs.

There is also the Diamond Palace that offers six gaming machines. The Gaming Table salon has a dining area and different service attendants. It also has an audio-visual entertainment system and some casino games that can be played. There is the Jade Palace that offers a Baccarat Table, Topaz Palace that has 2 Baccarat tables and there is Sapphire Palace that offers one Baccarat Table. Other entertainment places in the City of Dreams in Macau include the House of Dancing Water, the Dragon’s treasure which offers a spectacular multimedia show. The Dragon’s Treasure can transport people into another world.

People will get to have an explanation of the four dragon kings; another spectacular place to visit while at City of Dreams is the Taboo point. There are also spas, various shopping centres and bars. Different promotions can be checked out at City of Dreams’ website page.

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City of Dreams Resort in Macau

The Venetian Macao in Macau, China

The Venetian Macao Casino is located near the Hong Kong Islands at the Pearl Delta River. The Casino is the most popular casino in the international scale of land-based famous casinos. The casino offers around 3,000 suites and some gaming machines. The Casino was opened in 2007 and was then the best casino destination in the world. The interior of the casino has the Venice theme. The accommodation rooms can fulfil every player’s fantasies and their demands.

The rooms are neatly decorated with Italian Marble floor decorations. The rooms are also spaciously built. There are various leisure facilities at the resort and different exhibitions, entertainment and convention centres. Various shops around the resort sell fashion and luxury items including some electronics. Most leisure facilities in the casino are on the 5th floor. There are Jacuzzi and swimming pools in this area. There is the 8th floor that has a well-equipped and modern gym that can exceed the expectations of their guests.

Kids are not forgotten, and there is a wonderful indoor playground built for them. The playground offers a lot of fun activities for the kids. There are night clubs for the party lovers and various entertainment sessions for guests. Different celebrities are known to perform at this resort. A theatre is available for the guests. There are more than 30 restaurants in the casino, and they offer amazing cuisines. There are over 3,000 suits available at Venetian Macao that can provide different luxurious rooms for their guests.

There is various comfortable furniture with some king-sized beds. The sleep you will have here is quite refreshing. There is the Verona Suite, the Bella Suite, Rialto Suite and Familia Suite. The suites all have Italian names. The rooms have a 70 square meter space with wireless Internet connection, hairdryers, irons and when you need movies and cable channels, king size beds and sofa sleepers will be provided for you. The rooms in this casino resort will offer their players Chines and European decor and Plush.

Parents and children are offered the Familia suite that is quite convenient for families just as the name implies. There are toys and various fun games at a corner that are designed to keep the children busy and entertained. There are bunk beds, video games and DVD players. Children will love this area.

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The Venetian Macao Casino

MGM Grand Las Vegas

The Casino Resort is located in Las Vegas, USA it is without a doubt one of the most famous casinos. It came into existence in 1083 and can provide leisure, entertainment and some games to its guests. There are a luxurious interior and exterior suite in the resort that offers exceptional services to its guest. The MGM Grand Casino has over 170,000 square feet of gambling space and over 5,000 rooms. Ci sono 20 bars and restaurants and over 2,000 gaming machines including 178 poker and table games.

The Casino is known as the entertainment authority in Las Vegas because of the stunning shows, the classy nightclubs, the award-winning restaurants among the various superstars that are invited to entertain guests. The casino offers its players maximum gaming experience. There are a whole lot of casino games to enjoy including poker, blackjack and some many others. Table games in the casino include Pai Gow Poker, Casino War, Baccarat, Blackjack and Let it Ride poker game. There is also three card poker, Craps and Roulette games.

The casino also offers slot games including progressive slot games and High Limit slots. There are over 1,000 electronic table games, slots and video poker games in the casino. Every casino player will have their needs met. You can bet from as low as 1¢ and a maximum amount of $1,000. There are various custom machines in the casino such as Majestic Lions and the Lions Share that are found only in MGM casino and nowhere else in Las Vegas.

There is an MGM poker room that is always open for 24 ore and can offer its players tableside beverage and unique cuisines. There are also offers such as tableside massage services. The poker room prohibits smoking, and for players wishing for a quiet atmosphere, the poker room offers that just fine. It is an especially quiet place, especially in the early mornings. Texas Hold’ em poker games are available for serious poker lovers.

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MGM Grand Las Vegas Casino Resort