macchine per la frutta

macchine per la frutta are a common thing in the UK gambling world. It is mostly found anywhere other than the first casino such as pubs and arcades. macchine per la frutta are a great source of entertainment, and they are quite fun to play. Il fruit slot machine was put up in the UK due to the need to meet demands for a slot machine that did not payout huge amounts of cash. One thing about fruit machines is that they are more skill based when compared to other types of slot games.

The slot machines have various unique features that are used to distinguish them with other regular slots. They are also more skill based than other slot games. The nudge button on the slot machine is used to play the fruit machine. During playing the fruit machine game, the player is given a push or hold. When a hold is given to a player, they are given the opportunity of holding 1, 2 o 3 of the reels. This will also be kept during a spin.

When playing the fruit slot machine game, the player is awarded a nudge where they will be able to move 1, 2, o 3 of the reels. This helps in creating a winning combination.

Difference of fruit machine games from other slots

Difference of fruit machine games from other slots

The fruit machine slot is a standard feature in Britain. The slot machines are commonly found in pubs and arcades in the UK. They are however not so common in other parts of the gambling world. Players who play fruit machine games have greater chances of landing winning combinations due to the elements of skills involved in playing the fruit machine. Players should also know that there is also room for making errors in the game thus making the slot game quite exciting.

The fruit machine slots have a gamble feature just like any other regular slot game. This allows players to gamble their winnings and they are in the form of higher or lower type guesses. Fruit machines also come coupled with a cash ladder and the bonus board making them quite attractive. With this one, you will have to stop on a flashing light and then you will be given the opportunity of determining the next move or gamble. This will involve guessing either high or low.

To make a move in a fruit machine slot game, you press the start or collect button. Il various fruit machines have different features. The rules are all similar in fruit machine games. Fruit slot machines feature three reels and one pay line. The features of fruit machines are unique when compared to other classic slot games.

Features in online fruit machines

Fruit slot machines have various unique features. One of these features is the Hold feature; a slot machine without the hold feature is not a fruit machine. The player presses the hold button to hold one or more of the reels found on the next spin. Some fruit machines award players with random numbers of holds. You can even hold more than one reel for a given number of multiple spins.

It then means that you can hold some of the various symbols that are shown to appear on the 3rd reel. This will give you an opportunity of having a winning combination of a much higher value. You are also given an option of holding 1, 2 o 3 bobine. This varies from one game to another, and the amounts of holds also vary, the hold feature is the only constant.

Bonus Trail or Bonus Board

Bonus Trail

This is another feature of fruit machine slots. The feature can be triggered at random intervals during the game. The fruit machine type will determine the progress in a given amount of places around the board. The board is also shown to flash, and the illuminated square will determine where the player stops when the stop button is pressed. There are some shapes such as circles, squares, stars among others that make up the bonus trail. Each of the shapes has a prize or feature attached to them.

The random number is determined by pressing the button. This will cause the places to light up as one move along the trail. There are some various multiplier amounts where winnings are multiplied. The areas that light up have bonuses attached to them. Players may have nudges awarded to them, and they may also be given a chance to move up the cash ladder. The feature that is on a given square is awarded to players when the lights stop flashing.

The bonus board has various features such as free nudges, collect or continue, the gamble feature and the repeats.

Repeat feature

This is another standard feature in the fruit machine slot game. A player must have quick moves to play this feature. This is because there are two words labelled as yes and no that are shown to flash quickly on and off. The player will have to hit the stop button when the word “yes” lit up the screen. You will repeat the attractive feature if you can manage to move quickly through this feature.

To know that the feature is triggered you will see the words yes and no rapidly flashing on and off. This will allow you to repeat several wins and features. You should take advantage of this feature if you think you can move fast enough.

Cash pot

This is another of the slot machine functions. The cash pot increases as the player place more bets. Some players wait until the cash pot is full for them to take advantage of it. The feature is not available on all fruit machines. During the bonus trail, players will see this feature. They will be able to identify how much they have made during the slot game.

There is a maximum amount allowed in a cash pot that is determined by the UK laws. It also determines how fast the money increases.

Fruit machine laws

There are rules under the UK gambling commission that state that all fruit machines must hold a maximum stake of up to 30p. The maximum prize for the machine is set at £25. This applies to all fruit machines in pubs and arcades. The UK Gambling Act of 2005 provides age restrictions regarding betting limits and jackpot limits. This law varies depending on the location of the slot machine.

Fruit machine owners must have a license allowing them to operate.


These slot machines offer players full chances of interaction when compared to other slot games. They are found online in most gambling worlds.