Chicago Casinos

Chicago Casinos

Let’s take a deep breath and take in this City. Chicago is one of those places that will leave you lost for words because of its magnificent nature. The place has amazing buildings, some amazing shopping centers and various tourist attractions. The City has a very welcoming ambience, and the people living here are of mixed ethnicity, culture and religion. Chicago just like New York City is known as the City that never sleeps. There are amazing street lights that light up the whole place at night making it look beautiful.

How about the Casinos in Chicago? Well, what less would you expect from such a mind blowing place? You guessed right the casinos are just outstanding. Words cannot articulately describe these casinos and Chicago is just as par with Las Vegas regarding the casino varieties. Let us look at some of these Chicago casinos.

Blue Chip Hotel Casino Chicago

This is the crème de la crème of land-based casinos. The experience you get when you visit this casino is incomparable to any other casino. Blue Chip Casino gambling space is set at 65,000 square feet. The casino is open every day for 24 hours and the thrill and excitement you get from this casino will remain in mind for a long time. The casino has an interior that is uniquely classy, and the decorations and various beautiful furnishings can add to the fun and excitement.

The casino rooms are affordable for such a beautiful hotel $90 a night is just too cheap. The casino offers its players a great number of table games and some slot games. The restaurants are amazing and the food too exquisite. Some of the casino games played in this Chicago Casino are blackjack table games. There is a belief among players that the casino has some lucky cards and seats. There is a fitness center and a spa center also available at the casino. Continue reading our article about Chicago casinos for more valuable information.

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Rivers Casino

This is a new addition to the list of various Chicago casinos available in the area. Rivers Casino came into existence not too long ago, and over the years it has gained great popularity. The Casino has a casino floor of 147,000 square feet and offers its players over 1,000 slot games including 50 table games. The Casino has some glittering lights that light up the place most especially at night making it beautiful to the eye. The Chicago Casino is mostly a destination point for super wealthy people and some celebrities. There are discounts and promotions offered by the casino that is offered to all types of players despite them been beginners or experienced.

The casino is special in some way, and the environment will raise your gambling moods. The games at the casino are intriguing, and you will find yourself getting too absorbed in the slot game due to the excitement of the games. Continue reading our article about Chicago casinos for more valuable information.

Casino Rivers

Majestic Star Casino

The Majestic Star Casino has located 40 minutes away from downtown Chicago. The environment is quite fascinating with a feel like no other. The Majestic Star Casino will make your gambling experience worth the while. There is a popular slogan at the casino that states; “We are providing The Win to the Windy City”, this slogan is one of the reasons why this casino is famous. The Casino provides over 70 popular table games including Blackjack, Let it Ride, Mini baccarat and Boston 5 Poker. The slot machines are more than 2,400 in total. The slot machines can be played from between a penny and $25.

You can participate in various tournaments and special promotions offered by the casino when you take advantage of the Majestic Star rewards. Three restaurants border the casino that offer its customer’s world class dining experience. The meals are sumptuous, and the casino restaurants make a point of adding more exclusive features every time. This is one of the best places to go on a weekend or holiday get away. Continue reading our article about Chicago casinos for more valuable information.

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Par-a-dice Casino

This is a Casino destination for players who love the quiet countryside life but want to experience the same kind of quietness within Chicago area. The Par-a-dice Casino has a small area when compared to these other Chicago Casinos. The Casino has only 200 rooms but with great and unique facilities. The casino staff is friendly, and the excitement that the casino games offer players is unmatched. The casino has age limitation rules and only guests aged 21 years and above are allowed accommodation at the Casino premises. There are over 1,200 slot machines in the casino and over 23 table games.

The Casino’s discount and promotions are regularly advertised at the casino, and the dealers at the casino are well versed with the requirements of every game and are always ready to help. Every gambler will find something to suit their needs in this Casino. Despite bee a novice player or an experienced gambler, you will find something to suit your needs. There is a gift shop at the pavilion and a fitness center. The restaurants also offer amazing cuisines to its customers. Continue reading our article about Chicago casinos for more valuable information.

Harrah’s Hotel Casino Joliet

This Hotel and Casino will help you escape from reality with its amazing offers. The Harrah’s Hotel Casino Joliet allows its customers a break from work and the stresses of daily life. The Casino property was recently renovated and remodelled, and it can offer a wide variety of gambling activities including dining activities. Most of the games offered at the casino are poker variations including Mississippi Stud Poker, Three Card Poker, Let it Ride, Video Poker and other varieties of table games.

The Casino also has a wide selection of table games that will leave you entertained for a long time. The Casino offers its players both experienced and beginner players the same gambling opportunities and experience. There is also coffee available for coffee lovers at Club Cappuccino. You can enjoy the games every day for 24 hours. There are a fitness center, a cocktail bar and some shops that adds to the amazing experience at the Casino Hotel. Continue reading our article about Chicago casinos for more valuable information.

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Harrah's Hotel Casino Joliet

Grand Victoria Casino Elgin

The Chicago Casino is located at an hour’s drive from Chicago Center. The Casino has been available in Chicago for about 12 years, and since its creation, it has been able to offer first class gambling and casino experience to its client. The Casino has over 1,100 slot machines with various classic table games including Caribbean Stud Poker, Blackjack, Roulette and Craps. The different games offered at the casino never run out of style. The Casino offers casino games with an Asian theme. There have been advancements regarding modernization, and new games such as CSI, Lucky Horse and Family Guy have been introduced.

The Casino is popular for its ability to offer leisure to its customers and a free parking space for its clients. The casino has some prizes and promotions on offer for their players. The place is unique, and fun and players are always welcome. Continue reading our article about Chicago casinos for more valuable information.

Ameristar Casino Hotel East Chicago

Ameristar Casino Hotel East Chicago is a perfect destination point for people wishing to get away for the weekend. The Casino Hotel has amazing and unique places that you will enjoy visiting including restaurant, fitness centers and the various guest rooms that will offer you unmatched accommodation. The various casino games offered here include slot machines and different table games. The Casino Hotel is one of the most outstanding gambling and leisure destinations in Chicago. The restaurant offers some Italian Cuisines that you can eat all day to your satisfaction.

There is also seafood such as oysters, shrimps, crab legs and some many other delicious foods. There is a gift shop that offers its customers some souvenirs, clothes and jewelry that act as a reminder of the kind of experience you had in the Casino. Gamblers can take advantage of Ameristar Casino Hotel to sharpen their gambling skills and also acquire new gaming skills. The various games at the casino will help you determine the game you are best at. There is blackjack, Spanish 21, dice and 46 other table games. There are over 1,900 slot machines available. Make a point of passing by Ameristar Casino Hotel for an amazing gambling experience. Continue reading our article about Chicago casinos for more valuable information.

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Hollywood Casino

The Casino is found in Aurora area, and it has an atmosphere that can only be described as relaxing and luxurious. The casino offers players a great number of slot machines that are affordable as the betting range begins from as low as a penny. There are some casino dealers that have great casino experience and are always ready to offer a helping hand when you are stuck. There are also great live performances that will make you feel relaxed and stress-free. There is ample free parking space and nice restaurants where players will enjoy great dinner.

There is a professional poker room that offers seven poker tables where any amount you may have is accepted for betting. The Hollywood Casino has reward programs for its customers and also improves the players’ opportunity of winning. You can also be rewarded with free meals at the restaurant using these reward programs. Other rewards may include free tickets to live performances and other discounts and promotions. There is a gift shop where players can pass by to buy souvenirs to remind them of the amazing gambling opportunity they had at the casino.

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Hollywood Casino

Isle Casino Hotel Bettendorf

The Casino hotel has around 500 luxurious accommodation rooms that are offered to customers at affordable prices per night. The casino offers games such as blackjack, roulette, Caribbean Stud poker among many other interesting games. The casino hotel has over 1,000 slot machines in total including video poker machines. The casino hotel is ever opened for every kind of customer and offers excitement to its players all year round. You will always have fun when you decide to visit this Casino.

There are varieties of slot machines and table games that can satisfy the need of every gambler. There is a very luxurious and breathtaking casino floor that has a non-smoking floor after recent renovations. The casino environment is also breathtaking with a fine dining restaurant with the meals been prepared by the world’s famous chefs. Continue reading our article about Chicago casinos for more valuable information.

Horseshoe Casino

The Casino is located in Hammond and offers its customers some fun activities including gambling. There are various convenient hotel facilities around including affordable accommodation and restaurants. There are over 2,000 slot machines and 100 gambling tables in the Casino. You are assured of great food, great casino games and great entertainment when you visit the casino.

There are beliefs that there are certain lucky tables available at the casino. There is an indoor relaxation swimming pool at the casino too.

Various games available at the casino include Baccarat, Craps, Spanish 21, Blackjack and Roulette. For demanding guests, there are two private gambling rooms. There is a spacious Asian gambling area, and it is fully furnished. The Asian gambling palour is visited by more experienced players and those players who want to enjoy another kind of games apart from the classic ones. This palour is more visited. Continue reading our article about Chicago casinos for more valuable information.


Chicago casinos offer you the opportunity of enjoying a night out away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. With some casinos to choose from all that you need is to fins a casino that will help you ease the stress off while also providing you with great opportunities of landing amazing cash rewards. There is a casino available for every kind of entertainment you may need. You will also get the chance of spoiling yourself to great food and other loads of entertainment.

While you visit the casinos in Chicago, you will also get an opportunity of getting to see some tourist attraction sites such as John Hancock Center, Hull House, Auditorium Building, Cloud Gate and Lincoln Park Zoo. Thank you for reading our article about Chicago casinos.

We hope that this article has enlightened you more about Chicago Casinos.