Roulette Rules and Strategy

If you are keen on learning about the Roulette rules you are in the right place. Roulette has been a favorite for many people, because it has the potential to award you as much as 35 times the original stake, the Roulette game attracts a huge pool of players. Roulette is one of the most popular casino games since it was invented. It has been widely played in both brick-and-mortar and online casinos.

Roulette is loved by newbies, and professional players, because the Roulette rules are easy to comprehend. Roulette wheels found in Europe and America are different and players are always advised to check on which wheels they are playing. Players who chose to play the European Roulette wheel have a low chance of winning; this is because it has a house advantage of 2.7%. The wheel also contains thirty-six numerals and a zero. The winning probabilities of players who play the American Roulette wheel are also tiny. American Roulette wheel has thirty-six numbers, a double zero and a single one.

American Roulette has a house edge of more than 5.25%. Therefore most casinos offer the European-style Roulette and the numbers on the wheels can be read from the inside out. American Roulette has the numbers being read from the outside inwards. However, the beginners should not get too excited about the game, and begin playing without having to consider the various Roulette rules and Roulette tips available online. Keep reading our Roulette rules guide for more important Roulette tips.

How to play Roulette

In this section of our Roulette rules article we will discuss how to play the game. It is important for players to understand the underlying difference between Roulette and other available games in the casino. The major difference is in their chips, while other table games have their chips imprinted with monetary value figures, Roulette chips have marks of the number to the table it belongs. The denomination value, however, is the same as the table minimum. The same colour chips are used as payment for players after winning. However, it is possible for the players to specify that they would love their winnings paid in standard casino chips.

There are 6 to 8 sets of chips available on a Roulette table. Different colours are painted on the chips where each set has about 300 chips. Players are always advised to check on the amount of zeros appearing on the wheel. Zeros are coloured in green while the other numbers ranging from 1 through 36 are painted in colours of red and black. Casinos that offer a single-zero wheel have simpler roulette rules that provide you with a good value for your money. Another important Roulette tip is that players should check for the minimum and maximum bets that are allowed. These bets are often displayed on the table. There are casinos with low betting limits while others have high betting limits. Keep reading our Roulette rules guide for more important Roulette tips.

Players should tread carefully when making these wagers.

Learn how to play roulette

Placing Roulette Bets

In this section of our Roulette rules article we will discuss how to place wagers. In a brick-and-mortar casino wagers are most of the times placed by the player or the croupier, who places the bets for the player. However, in neighbour bets, the croupier is the sole person who is permitted to place wagers. Roulette game has some bets that can be placed. In land-based casinos, players are allowed to place minimum wagers that are 5 times the minimum lines, 12 times and even-money bets. The split bet has two adjacent numbers covered by the player. In this bet, the chip is supposed to be put on a line between 2 numbers that you choose. The house will pay 17-1 on the stake when the player wins.

how to place your roulette bets

There is the row bet that covers three consecutive numbers that are placed in a row. The bet requires the chip to be put on the right-hand side line of the 3 numbers the player wishes to cover. The player is paid 11-1 on the stake they placed in an event of a win. There is the straight up bet which has the player’s chips being put on a number on the Roulette wheel. The positioning of the chips in this kind of bet is that they are not to touch any lines of any other existing boxes around. In the straight up bet, the player bets as many times as they would like. This includes zero and double zero and players are paid 35-1 on the bet if they win.

Column bets

The column bets give gamblers a chance of covering a line of 12 numbers. In this bet, chips are placed at the bottom with several boxes that are marked 2-1. The player gets paid 2-1 in case they win. The six number bet is a double row bet, and the player can place their chip on the line on the right side between the two rows they want to cover. The player is paid 5-1 on their bet by the house in case they win. Players can cover 4 numerals with a chip in the four number-corner bet. The single chip is placed on the section where the figures meet. In this event, the player gets a payout of 8-1 on the stake. The next bet is the dozen bet, on this bet, there are three boxes placed on the table layout. The boxes are marked “1st Dozen/12”, “2nd Dozen/12” and “3rd Dozen/12”.

Once a player places a wager on them, the player can cover numbers ranging from 1 to 12, 13 to 24 and 25 to 36. If the player wins, they are paid 2-1 by the house. Keep reading our Roulette rules guide for more important information.

Even-money bets

In this section of our Roulette rules article we will discuss the even-money bets. Next to the dozen wagers are six large boxes where players can place even-money bets. Each casino has Roulette rules that treat even-money bets differently. The even-money wagers boost the casino that offers American style Roulette on the double-zero wheels. An “en-prison” version of the European Roulette game is played on even-money bets. However, this version is rarely played. There is a variety of the even-money wagers such as red or black which is the most popular of such bets. All the red and black numbers are covered by the gambler after placing their chips in the boxes. The player will get 1-1 at even money if he or she wins. In this even-money wagers, 0 is not included in the bets.

1-18 and 19-36 wagers are another of the even-money bets; this bet requires the gambler to anticipate if the next number will be low either from 1 to 18 or high from 19 to 36. When the player manages to predict the correct way they win, the house pays them at even money of 1-1. Another even-money wager is the odd/even and the bets are placed to the left and right of the black and red ones. You will win when you place your chips on any of the boxes and after you manage to predict either an odd or an even number. The house pays the player even money of 1-1 if the player wins. Keep reading our Roulette rules guide for more important Roulette tips.

Neighbor bets

In this section of our Roulette rules article we will discuss the neighbor bets. These are wagers mostly placed on European Roulette rules. The secondary betting layout is set to the left of the main betting layout. The layout is in the form of a small oval racing track, and the numbers placed on the wheels are laid out in the same order they are displayed. The croupier places these kinds of bets for players. In case a player wants to cover five numbers at a go, the croupier is available to position the bet for him or her. The player is supposed to leave 5 or more times the minimum bet on the table in exchange. Keep reading our Roulette rules guide for more important information.

Roulette betting strategy

In this section of our Roulette rules article we will discuss the betting strategies. For the Roulette strategies to be effective, a player needs to make sure that the Roulette wheel is stable enough. This means making sure that the Roulette wheel cannot be interfered with. Players cannot play the Roulette game on terms of probability, and they cannot make decisions by previous spins of the wheel. Thus, every spin on the Roulette wheel is independent, and thus there are no existing strategies that can give the player any advantage over the wheel. Future spins are not determined by the last spins of the Roulette wheel. Keep reading our Roulette rules guide for more important information.

Betting systems

In this section of our Roulette rules article we will discuss the betting systems. When compared to a majority of other casino games, Roulette game has more betting systems. There are some betting systems available in the game of Roulette including the progressive system, where the amount of the player’s next bet is dependent on the previous ones. Another betting system is the betting zone where the player covers the neighbour sections of the wheel. This is mostly meant to guarantee the player wins no matter where the ball lands in the closed section. The predictive system is another of the betting systems in the game of Roulette. There are two of them, and one of the primary objectives of the first one is to make use of flaws in the equipment.

the right way to place a roulette bet

The other predictive method’s main purpose is to focus on the Roulette dealer’s flaws. The casino’s edge in the game of Roulette cannot be changed by any progressive in the game of Roulette. The Roulette betting systems include the Martingale betting method. The system is one of those methods needed to beat the wheel. The Martingale wagering method is a growing betting strategy that works on the principle of “double up after you lose”. This is to say that a gambler is expected to double up the size of the consecutive bet, even if they lost their former bet.

According to the system, doubling up your wager, after each loss, will cause you to beat the wheel and recover your losses. You might also end up with a one unit profit. The Martingale method is mostly used on numbers that did not come up after a few spins. Another system is the Grand Martingale strategy, it is meant for players who have doubts with the Martingale method. This method runs by doubling your last bet, plus the addition of one extra unit. The other Roulette betting system is Laboucher or the cancellation method. With this strategy, gamblers are required to select a sequence of numbers, which are a representative of a unit of betting. The winning goal is represented by the total sum of numbers.

In this strategy, the player is required to make his first bet which is signified by the sum of the first and the last number on their choice list. The last amount is added to the end of the 5-number sequence in case the player loses the bet. The sum of the first and a last number of the new sequence will represent the next bet. In case the player wins the initial bet, the proceeding bet will be equal to the total of the second and fourth number. Even though the cancellation system looks simple, it is not. This is because the more losses, the longer the sequence will be; it will cause the losses to increase. The D’ Alembertbetting method assumes that if bet A wins more than bet B then bet B will have a higher chance of winning again. Players who use this system decrease their bets by one unit after each win and increase the bet by one unit after a loss.

The next Roulette betting system is the Paroli method. This is most times used by players who want to make use of hot streaks. It is an aggressive type of betting strategy and works on the principle of “up as you win”. The Parole of three is the most popular of these systems and aims to make a winning of three bets on any of the even playoff wager of high or low numbers. The odd or even or red or black numbers are put into consideration. The method is also based on an aggressive betting progression. The Shotwell system covers for a given set of specific numbers. These numbers are evenly placed around the wheel. With this method, players are given an opportunity of winning no matter where the ball lands.

Oscar grid applies the up as you win principal. This progressive system associated with betting the same amount every time after a loss. The player can then increase the bet by one unit after a win. In this Oscar grind method, the player does not bet more than the amount they need to recover from losses and an addition of a one-unit profit. Another Roulette strategy that players can apply is betting on a biased wheel. Gamblers will most of the time, try to find a biased wheel that causes some of the numbers to win more frequently. When you use this system, it requires you to make a list of numbers that win more often over a given period.

The dealer’s signature is another betting system. With this, the dealer spins the wheel and the ball at the same speed every time due to a particular professional routine, and this is what is known as the merchant’s signature. Most Roulette players rely on this system. This strategy works for players who have made an observation of the game for a prolonged period. They then observe the release point of the ball that is related to the wheel. Find a dealer that has a steady pattern after watching the game for a period. The last betting system is the red method that is well-known. The red strategy takes advantage of the third column of the Roulette table. It has eight red numbers and four black ones.

The system needs you to make two bets one of the wagers on the third column and the second one on black numbers. The second one is mostly twice as big as the first. Keep reading our Roulette rules guide for more important information.

Various Roulette tips to apply

Variety of tips and quirks for roulette players

In this section of our Roulette rules article we will give you some Roulette tips you can apply. There are various Roulette tips that players can use to ensure they do well in the game of Roulette. The first one is that they should play a Roulette game, which is free and should place bets mostly on the outside tables. They should also place bets on the outside chances be it red/black, high/low, odd/even or columns and dozens. The returns will help you in winning the game, as well as, making predictions of what they might think will assist them in winning the game. As a player, you are required to keep looking at the previous rounds of the Roulette sessions. Ten sessions of spinning the ten red figures will make a player want to keep betting on the red number. Gamblers prefer Roulette tips since they win the game regularly.

It is important for players to set aside a small amount of money, which they win in every Roulette game. Making small bets will mean that you avoid betting on the amount you win and focus on playing with the amount you placed your stakes. You should also not place wagers on money that you cannot afford to lose. Control your temptations to keep making deposits in the future. Make sure you place bets on an amount you can afford to lose. It is important for players to practice consistently. Gamblers are advised to play for free on a Roulette table to make sure your doubts are cleared, and confidence is gained after which you can play for real money.

Another thing that a player should consider before playing is that they should check the tables. You should also concentrate on the game as this will make you win a huge sum of money. Make sure that you are aware that you are competing with the casino. Also, make sure that your only focus is winning profits. Read the Roulette rules before you indulge in the game. Players are advised to only play the European Roulette table but not the American Roulette. The double zeros on the wheel increase the casino’s profit margins and the chances of a player losing. Gamblers playing online Roulette should make sure that they are playing on with a reputable casino.

Make sure that the casino publishes their payout percentages and play with casinos that have random number generators. If you are playing Roulette in a land based casino, make sure that you check for biases on the Roulette wheel. Being keen will assist a great deal, because some wheels will generate more winning odds than others. Another important tip is to ensure that you always have a printed version of the Roulette tips and strategies. You should have them close as you play the game since they will help you as you play and even earn you high profits. Keep reading our Roulette rules guide for more important information.

Efficient betting patterns in Roulette

A straightforward and practical betting pattern is the one that is sensible. Players are always required to keep a low profile and also bet small amounts of money to decrease your losses. When you find yourself regularly winning, you should increase your wagers every time. Making higher bets will increase your profits and give you the opportunity of scoring a winning streak. You should not risk all your profits on the next bet even though you had won in most of the consecutive games. Roulette specialists advise players to stick to bets of red/ black, 1-18/19-36 wagers and odd/even that are considered to be most profitable in the game of Roulette. Keep reading our Roulette rules guide for more important information.

Where to focus your Roulette strategy

Roulette players need to concentrate on various aspects of the game to make significant winnings. When a player is focused, they will make some winnings which are dependent on the game’s structure. When a player is not focused, their chances of winning are decreased. There are some places that players can focus their Roulette strategies. One is on the outside bets; this means betting on red/ black, high/low or odds/even. There are cases where you can bet on either dozens or columns. Making such advised bets will allow you reduce your chances of loss.

You can also focus on the payout rate, which is determined by odds. Low odds will give you high payouts. Players can bet on games that have greater chances of winning and small jackpots. Doing this will make sure you do not make poor decisions. You should also consider profitability in the game of roulette. Players are advised to look for ways to cover their roulette costs. The costs include the registration fee and any losses covered. We hope that you enjoyed our Roulette rules article and that we answered all of your questions.