Penny slots

Penny Slots

Penny slots made a debut in the gambling industry soon after the slot machines were rendered paperless. Since then these slot games have made a significant rise in the casino industry, and they have managed to give players a good value for their money. Players’ who enjoy playing penny slot games are given various options including multi-lines. This is to mean that with slots players are allowed to place a given amount of only one penny per line.

Players’ who are low on betting money can comfortably play this slot game since it only requires them to place bets of only a penny to play. Even though this game require little investment players can very quickly reach huge bets due to the available multi-line feature. Penny slots are a known source of entertainment especially for players who are on a small budget. This was mostly common in the earlier days when players wanted to play their favorite slot game without straining.

History of penny slot machines

The first penny slot machine was developed in the year 1985. Penny slot machines were originally referred to as Liberty Bells. As time went by many of the online gamers developed an interest in penny slots, and they demanded an increase in the slots. With the growing demand gaming, developers collaborated with each other to produce these penny slot games for all their interested clients.

There were some of the manufacturers that collaborated with California-based firms to meet orders from all over the gambling world. Penny slots gained popularity across the USA, but they did not make an appearance in Las Vegas up until the mid-1990s.

Penny slots at the present

Penny Slots At The Present

In the present days, penny slots allow players to place bets ranging between 0.10 and 0.20 cents. This is to say that a player who chooses to play on a 50 payline machine will not struggle since the minimum amount they can place on the slot games is around $5 while the maximum will be $10. However, due to the constant development of slot machine games, penny slot games have also undergone considerable development.

The modern day penny slots have multiple pay lines. Thus players are allowed to place bets that can go up to €10 which is dependent on the pay lines included in their gaming sessions. This is to mean that despite the various insignificant payouts penny slot games are still an attractive feature to players and they assure them of a great gaming session. The modern day penny slot machines will also grant players more successive wins than those of past years. They also assure them of more successive wins.

This way a player are given an opportunity to enjoy various slot games at an affordable cost and also keep them entertained for a while.

How to play

Penny slots may seem quite easy to play due to their minimal betting range, but without a defined playing strategy, you will be surprised at how many pennies you can lose. One of the most important things a player should do when playing any penny slot machine is going through the stipulated terms and conditions of the slot game before playing. This will enable you to determine the kind of bets you can place on every stage.

Some penny slot machines will require you to set a maximum number of bets to win either a progressive jackpot or a bonus amount. Penny slot machines are also multi-line slot games, and therefore players are required to play all the pay lines available to them. The chances of winning are increased when a player plays on many lines. The payout value is not increased when you play on many lines.

The amount of money that a player can win during a bonus round is also increased. The other thing players are required to do keep a tab on a number of coins they are betting on each of the lines. When a player is winning their bets should be increased, and when they are losing, they should decrease their bets.

Game symbols and pay lines

Penny Slot Game Symbols

Most penny slots in the modern gaming world feature between 5 and 25 pay lines. All the winning lines in the penny slot game increase a player’s chances of winning. Players’ will have a variety of winning combinations and various special symbols provided by penny slots. These symbols or features will include, wilds and bonuses. They will all contribute to a significant payout for players.

Wild symbols in penny slot machines will help them create a winning combination by replacing one or more of the standard symbols. Free spins are offered when three or more scatter symbols land anywhere on the reels. This will activate the various bonus rounds too. Bonus features in penny slot games will be triggered by three or more of the bonus symbols. This increases a players’ chance of winning.

Jackpot prizes in a game vary from one game to another. This is because each game requires a different combination to qualify for a jackpot prize. Most cases for a jackpot prize to be won five symbols are needed.

New penny slots

Megabuck is a new penny slot game that is yet to be launched by casino developers such as IGT. There is an original Megabucks penny slot game. In this new improved version of the game, players will require three coins to hit the jackpot. The prize amount changes after every Mega win. The Megabucks slot game is a part of the Mega Jackpot slot system of IGT gaming. It can connect over 750 slot machines in various online casinos in Nevada.

The casinos all share a common jackpot amount. The game requires players to bet using just a few pennies since the slot game has a penny slot format. With these few coins, players are sure to land a jackpot prize when in luck.


Players can enjoy some penny slot games in most online casinos in the present days.