Western Union Online Casinos

Western Union Online Casinos

The Western Union is one of the oldest money transfer service provider in the world. With a history that dates back to 1851, Western Union is without a doubt a brand you can trust if you wish to transfer your money globally. This brand has developed money transfer services that could come in handy for online gaming enthusiasts. Western Union’s network that spreads across all continents can provide gamers with a convenient method to deposit and withdraw from their online casino accounts.

This review will assist you in understanding more about the Western Union money transfer services. We have also provided a guide of how you can play in Western Union online casinos and a summary of some of the best online casinos that accept Western Union deposits and withdrawals.

About the Western Union

About the Western Union

The Western Union came into being as a result of a merger between two telegraph companies. Founded by Hiram Sibley and Ezra Cornell, the telegraph companies started out as competitors. Sibley was focused on his business, the New York and Mississippi Valley Printing Telegraph Company. On the opposite end was the New York and Western Union Telegraph Company founded by Ezra Cornell. Cornell’s company went ahead to acquire a quarter of the ownership of the telegraph patent.

In 1855, Sibley and Cornell decided to merge their companies and solidify their presence in the American telegraph infrastructure. The company would later adopt the Western Union brand, which was initially associated with Cornell’s company.

Over the years, Western Union has recorded tremendous growth and even introduced some innovative features in the finance world. By 1876, Western Union had grown by more than 10,000%. As at 1900, Western Union was operating more than a million miles of telegraph lines which included two intercontinental undersea cables.

The Western Union has been accredited with inventing many modern financial and communication services. For instance, they introduced money transfer services in 1871, in 1914, they came up with the consumer charge cards, and in 1935 they gave the world intercity faxes. Fast forward to 2012; Western Union reported more than 231 million money transfer transactions. The telegraph system was eventually replaced by modern technology. The Western Union currently has more than half a million agents accessible in 200 countries.

Using Western Union

The Western Union has developed a very successful business model that facilitates global money transfers from one person to another. Ordinarily, this transfer can be initiated by visiting a Western Union agents and physically providing the money you wish to send, together with the details of the recipient. Recently the Western Union introduced a system that allows users to hold online accounts. Through this system, you can easily process money transfer from your account without having to physically visit the retail outlet. This online account can be funded using either your Visa or MasterCard.

With Western Union online casinos, you can be assured of a secure system to get money into and out of your gaming account. Additionally, Western Union is accepted in virtually all online casinos. This means gamers in any country can search for their preferred online casino then use the Western Union for payments. You can try out some popular brands such as 888Casino, Spin Palace Casino and BET365 Casino.

Can U.S Players Use Western Union?

The answer to this question is Yes! Use of Western Union is open to everyone who can access any of their more than 500, 000 agents. This included gamers in the U.S. If you are based in the U.S and wish to have an alternative to the numerous e-wallet services, then you can quickly search for Western Union online casinos.

The list of Western Union online casino for U.S players is quite expansive. This mostly consists of casinos powered by Realtime Gaming software, which has quite a presence in the U.S. Some of the popular online casinos you can check out include Win Palace Casino and Bovada Casino.

How to Deposit in Western Union Online Casino

How to Deposit in Western Union Online Casino

Making a deposit into your preferred Western Union Online Casino follows the same procedure one would follow when sending money to another process. If you prefer making the deposit through an agent, then first notify your online casino cashier. The cashier will then provide you with some details that you will then issue the Western Union agent. You will then be provided with the unique MTCN that you will issue to your online casino cashier. With most Western Union online casinos, you will find a standard form that you can fill out your details at the cashier section to make your payments easier. Alternatively, you can use your Western Union online account to transfer the money into your casino account. This is much easier since you can fund your Western Union account using your Visa or MasterCard.

Western Union transactions are usually completed within minutes. However, the time it takes to transfer the money into your Western Union online casino account will usually vary depending on your country. In some instances, the transaction might take up to 3 days to complete.

Withdrawing from Western Union Online Casino

The Western Union can also facilitate withdrawals from your online casino account. You can confirm if this option is available with the casino cashier. In this case, the transaction is initiated by the online casino. You will then receive your unique MTCN code which you can use to collect the cash from the Western Union agent. Alternatively, if you have a Western Union online account, you can have the money deposited there.

Benefits of Using Western Union

Using this iconic brand to in your online gaming activities has quite some advantages. The Western Union assures you of the full security when sending your money. You can also easily access Western Union services in thousands of online casinos globally. Another advantage of using Western Union online casinos is the new online account powered by MasterCard. With such a service, you can easily move around the money you win from your online gaming in other online payments, without having to physically handle the cash.