Mega Joker Slot Review – a Must Have for Every Online Casino

Not to be confused with NetEnt’s “Mega Joker” from 2011, Novomatic’s game of the same name entered the iGaming industry in 2013. Quickly gaining a reputation of being fast and entertaining, the Mega Joker™ online slot by Novomatic became one of the most prolific representations of the genre as a whole. In today’s expert review, you will learn more about the game itself, and whether you can play it for free or not.

Theme and Story – What to Expect When You Play the Mega Joker Slot

Mega Joker was made after 2010

Once a player opens up Mega Joker for the first time, they won’t get the impression that this was a title made after 2010! However, after the first spin, it will be revealed that this game is incredibly responsive! Featuring clean graphics and a “classic casino” symbol theme, the Mega Joker slot will impress its players with both the quality of its gameplay and its visual effects. This particular title has been made superbly optimized for use with most mobile devices, so you can be sure that your experience on Mega Joker will be equally impressive when playing on both your phone and computer!

In Game Features and Gameplay Mechanics

Mega Joker slot delivers a 5×4 rolling reel symbol pattern

To be completely fair, there are not many extra features here; however, the ones present are truly impressive. This classic looking slot of Novomatic delivers a 5×4 rolling reel symbol pattern, which does deviate from the developer’s regular 5×3 layout. On the other hand, this isn’t “unknown territory” for the developer, which is why they manage to efficiently utilize the slot’s features and mechanics.

The Mega Joker slot sports twelve symbols. When it comes to payouts, all of them are considered to be “low paying” with the exception of two symbols – the “wild joker” and “the star scatter”. Naturally, the wild joker symbol will substitute all other symbols in a winning pay line (except for the star scatters), and that will be pretty much it! Although this game doesn’t have any special free spins or bonus rounds, people can still play Mega Joker for free!

The autoplay function of this game is much simpler and straightforward than the ones present in other online slots. Some players find the lack of “loss limit adjustment”, “number of spins”, and other “autoplay extras” to be a bit disappointing, but to those players that prefer fast slot action definitely prefer this one. Last but not least is the “slam stop” mechanic that allows players to spin the reels and stop them right away, managing to perform approximately 1.5 spins per second!

How to Play the Mega Joker Slot – Basic Instructions

The different win lines in Mega Joker Slot

Given the fact that you’re going toward the classic version of the game, there are a few things you should be aware of before you initiate your first spin. Starting off with the number of pay lines – they are 40 in total and can be adjusted (on the most widely spread online casino version of the game). The smallest bet that can be made here is going to be on 1 pay line, and it’s going to cost 0.01 coins. Coins might represent casino credit, or the currency preferred by the online casino operator. The Mega Joker online slot has an RTP of 95.05%.

Quite a Few Versions Available

Although this slot is available in an incredible number of online casinos, the game is also widely spread among the floors of numerous land-based gambling venues. Novomatic’s “NovoLine” VLT physical machine series are known to feature an innovative technology that allows guests to use a wirelessly linked tablet on the casino floor to play Mega Joker, without having to wait for a machine to free up!

Given the fact that the Mega Joker slot is so versatile when it comes to hosting it, it shows as no surprise that different online casinos will offer slightly different versions of the game. For example, in some casinos, the betting range might be different; the “gamble” mechanic might be removed (on request of the operator); the pay lines value might not be adjustable, etc. Although the Mega Joker slot is essentially the same everywhere, players should acquaint themselves with the one they are about to play for real money first.


The Mega Joker online slot is a type of game that every online casino must possess within their roster. Its exceptional gameplay speed, coupled with a wide betting range, makes it ideal for both casual players and “big spenders”. Its “classic design” definitely provides all types of players with a certain sense of “nostalgia” that makes the gameplay experience ever so enjoyable. Go on, play the Mega Joker slot for free, and you will see what we are talking about!