Amaya слотове

Amaya слотове

Amaya Gaming първоначално е базиран извън Канада. The Gaming Company е най-големият публично търгуван производител на софтуер за онлайн казино. Известно е със създаването си на казино игри от висок клас, най-вече видео слот игри. Amaya слотове са сред най-играните игри на слот машини в света на хазарта. Amaya успя да се разшири на различни места като Северна и Южна Америка и цяла Европа. Възможно е играчите да играят Amaya слотове и други казино игри безплатно или за истински пари. Продължете да четете нашата статия, за да научите повече за игрите на Amaya.

Повече за Amaya Gaming

Преди няколко години Amaya Gaming Group успя да закупи марката PokerStars онлайн покер и Full Tilt Poker за по-малко от 5 милиарди долара. This move made the organization one of the world’s largest publicly traded online gambling companies in August of 2014. Amaya Gaming was established in 2004, and since then it has managed to serve to expand at great lengths. Amaya слотове are not the only games the organization specializes in there are others such as Sportsbook, online casino poker and various other lottery products.

The Gaming Company is interested in using technological advancements in creating online gaming products and various mobile and land-based casino products that compete with other giant gambling developers. They are also interested in putting their customer’s satisfaction first and also generating some of the greatest per-player returns including creating new customers. They have managed to improve their customer base and develop slot games with high-quality graphics and features. They have done all this to their other games as well. Continue reading our article to find out more about the Amaya Gaming Group.

Amaya Slot Machines

Amaya slot games are quite diverse, and they fall under different categories. Slot players often have a hard time deciding on which Amaya slot game to settle for. The slot games are similar regarding graphic quality which is quite exquisite. The themes are made to suit every player’s needs and preferences and range from superhero themes, to fictional themes and other themes that make Amaya slots quite interesting to play. Amaya Gaming developers have earned rights to produce slot games featuring DC comic characters such as Batman, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, the Flash and Justice League.

Amaya Slot Machines

The Amaya Gaming developers can offer their players slot titles such as Conan the Barbarian and Call of Duty. The Amaya slot games have 3 да се 5 reels and pay lines ranging from 1 да се 100. There are various grid slots with divisions of 5 от 4 and over 1024 ways to win. The slot games feature free spins and multiple bonus rounds that offer the players and Amaya casinos great profits. The cash prizes go up to 100,000 coins when you play Amaya slot games with five reels. There are progressive slot titles developed by Amaya and are under Cryptologic software brand. Amaya Gaming works hand in hand with some of the known giant gaming companies. They have made a point of promoting Aristocrat slot games online. Players who have played some of the free slots online will have noticed that the Amaya logo shows up in some slot games despite the slot game been a creation of another Company. Some of the games developed by Aristocrat and later developed by Amaya gaming in the online version include Pompeii, Wild Panda and Let’s fish.

Amaya slots come in plenty of varieties; there are slot games for players who do not like complicated slot games that come coupled with simple graphics. One of such slot machine games is Arthur’s Quest where players can make separate bets on every pay line. There is Caesar’s Salad that features Roman and foodie game symbols. Another of a less complicated Amaya slot game is the Penguins in Paradise. There are comic related slot titles from Amaya, and various other marine-themed slot games from Amaya such as Captain Nemo, плячката на пираря и златото на Черната брада. Продължете да четете нашата статия, за да научите повече за Amaya игри.

Характеристики и теми на играта Amaya

Слотове Amaya идват в комбинация със страхотни теми и функции на играта. Бонусните функции, предлагани от слот играта, са доста разнообразни по своята същност. Има безплатни завъртания, различни бонус игри и някои слот игри с диви символи, разпръснати символи, мултипликаторни изплащания и много други. Слотове Amaya са проектирани да отговарят на нуждите и предпочитанията на всеки играч. Играчите също ще могат да избират от слот игри с различни видове теми.

Като Amaya слот играч, ще забележите голямото разнообразие от налични теми. Ще има някои лицензирани слот игри като Superman и Batman. Има и приказни слотове като King Richer и Gulliver’s Travels. Amaya slot games will satisfy any slot game appetite that you may have. You will be confused on the kind of slot game you want, but immediately you land on a good slot game you are assured of great fun and excitement.

The slot games can be played for fun or real money. Amaya slot library is found for players all over the gambling jurisdictions for free. There are also non-slot casino games offered by Amaya Gaming such as Blackjack and Roulette; there are also live dealer games available for players.


>Amaya slots and majority of their games are found in all platforms and various operating systems. They are compatible with devices such as Mac, Linux and Windows. They are also played through mobile and tablet phones. Amaya game developers have managed to compete with some of the best gaming developers, and some of them are already finding it hard to compete with them. The high-end gaming technology has brought about significant advancements in Amaya slots and other games.