Betsoft слотове

Betsoft слотове

Софтуер Betsoft е сравнително нов на пазара на казино, но успяха да си създадат име. Те могат да предоставят 3D кинематографични слот игри от висок клас. Те бяха сред първите софтуерни компании, създали 3D слот игри в колекцията си от игри, и повечето от оператори на онлайн казино предприеха това развитие. 3D слотовете от BetSoft са брандирани под името на серията Slots и се фокусират върху създаването на слот игри с кинематографични качества и различни анимационни филми.

Те са иноваторите на кинематографичните слот игри и имат наоколо 70 на слот игрите. От време на време те добавят нови заглавия на слотове в своята колекция от игри. Техните слотове са съвместими на някои устройства като мобилни телефони. Има и различни категории игри, които са под серията Mobile ToGo. Betsoft is among the top three popular gaming companies regarding payouts, game entertainment and popularity. They can be enjoyed from US friendly casinos. They are also found outside the US too.

The software developer was created for the slots games for the iOS platform. въпреки това, it has been able to expand into other platforms. The betting company can provide original gaming platforms for the various casino games that are distributed by their affiliates. Affiliates targeting the iGaming market are offered full support and customization. The organization is a gaming platform that is used by its affiliates to complete their brand’s portfolio.

The company’s slots come with a discount, free chips, promotional codes and bonuses functionality systems. They also have several marketing tools. Betsoft has a clear and defined vision of creating different slot games that are strategic to various casino operators.

Betsoft Slots Game Software and History

Betsoft was established в 1999 in England. The developer has been around for 15 години, but it became active from 2008. 2008 was the year the software started developing their 3D slot games. They make use of the proprietary technology that is the same used in animation movie studios. They use the highest quality recordings to refine their Fx graphics and their feedback sounds. This is taken care of by various professional artists and musicians and some other dedicated game developers.

After creating and developing; all these results are then presented to affiliates through the Flash media. Flash media allows various end users to play online in a web browser. There are some compression techniques used in developing these 3D games, and this allows for quicker loading time. The Betsoft can develop other casino games such as Roulette, Keno and Blackjack. They have created such impressive gaming collections that in the 2012 ICE Totally Gaming Awards they were nominated for the Best Online Product Category.

The ToGo series of mobile Betsoft slots were launched by the mobile casino market from the year 2012. The organization has a broad range of increasing slot games including some partnerships with some of the greatest casinos such as Bovada. iPad users will be able to get a treat to the casino gaming platform through Betsoft and Affiliates can be able to choose the full suite or part of the suite where the games can be customized. Players can view the demo games before deciding on which slot games to settle for.

Betsoft has been able to expand to the Betcafe platform that allows them to standardize new gaming frontiers. The platform is designed for hotel computer centers and cyber cafes. The Betcafe platform allows players to access the Betsoft slots within a minute of logging into their site. Another of the software package is the Casino Manager Software. This is used by the administrative staff of the software to streamline various casino operations. It acts as a back office system that keeps casino stuff organized and some casino features.

The casino manager is a GAAP compliant, and it makes it easy for first-time casino operators. It can accommodate future expansion. It allows game reporting and financial reporting.

Various BetSoft Games

Има над 150 Betsoft interactive games. They boast of other great 3D slot games. The different slot games have some iconic theme and Betsoft banks on creating games that are quick to learn and play. One of the most common Betsoft 3D games is the Slots suite and the Poker3 SUITE. The Poker3 suite is based on Heads up Poker, and Texas Hold em’. There are a variety of games for igamers such as Video Poker, Keno, Lottery games and Keno games.

Another addition to Betsoft suit of games is the Virtual Racebook 3D. This is an innovative idea that captures horse racing in real life through some software graphics.

Betsoft Games

Betsoft slots found on Mobile casinos

Mobile Gaming in Betsoft gaming is labelled as ToGo, and they were developed in 2012. Several Betsoft slot games have been captured in the mobile version, и те включват Три желания, Safari Sam, Бащата на слота, Под леглото, На Копа, След падането на нощта, г-н Вегас, Рулетка, Блекджек и Лъки 7. Има и мобилни версии на рулетка и блекджек. Разработващият екип може да продължи да разработва други нови игри като A Night in Paris, Епохата на викингите и илюзиите.

Мобилни Betsoft слот игри които се играят на iPhone и iPad имат ярки графики и аудио-визуални презентации. Те са допълнително подобрени чрез софтуера iGaming. Adobe flash гарантира, че не е необходимо да изтегляте тези слот игри и игрите могат да се играят на операционни системи Mac или Windows.


Betsoft е доста безопасен, и е сертифициран от Системата за техническа поддръжка. Това гарантира, че сигурността е добре интегрирана. They also make use of a Random number generator system that provides the games results are random. They do this by ensuring the affiliates are safe from users who try to predict slots combinations.

We hope that we explained everything that was concerning you about Betsoft.