Слотове с тематично шоу на играта

Television networks all over the world are known for airing some game shows ever since their introduction. Game shows are known for their constant entertainment and viewers at home are never bored. They offer instant entertainment including various gaming elements. Game show themed slots come coupled with high bets and huge amounts of cash. Slots and game shows have a certain synergy that has made some gaming developers continue creating more game show themed slots.

History of game show slots

В 1938 the first game show was aired. This was known by the title Spelling Bee. By the time the 1950s were hitting this game show had become quite popular. In the early years game shows mostly took place in the studio and most of them involved answering some trivia questions. In the recent years game shows take place anywhere; from the taxi cabs, alongside walks or even cafes. Game show slots can take in the energy and excitement of the popular games show TV programs and turn them to new slots that award players great prizes.

One will note that these game show slot games are a common thing among older players. This is because most game show programs were aired in the early 90s and these older players can be able to relate the game to the TV show. This is not to mean that young people cannot enjoy the game show slots. There are some game show based slots that are provided by онлайн казина especially for players who are trying out the slots for the very first time.

The slot games provide players with excellent payouts and great prizes.

History of game show slots

Playing various game shows

Game slots that are based on game shows are very common in the gambling world. The graphics and features of the game create an imaginary feel to players who have watched the game show and are playing the slot game. The various bonus rounds that are found in the games add to the excitement of the game. One of the most frequent game show themed slots available includes the Wheel of Fortune. The slot game is a creation of IGT gaming, and it has become a great hit in the world of game show slots.

The slot game can be played in land-based casinos and comprises of 5 reels and many amazing graphics. The game is quite simple, and players will easily enjoy playing it. One thing about this slot game is that it has a progressive jackpot prize that adds to the popularity of the slot machine. The game has a wheel found at the top of the machine that is one of the greatest visual attractions in this slot. There is a bonus round that gives players great payouts when they hit three spin symbols in a row. This bonus round will allow players to spin the wheel once thus offering them an instant prize win of 1,000 монети.

IGT gaming developers are known for their constant development of game show themed slot games. They produce various game shows that are also popular TV shows such as Jeopardy, на $24,000 Pyramid game, and the Price is Right. Thus we can comfortably crown IGT gaming as the king of game show based slots.

Other featured game shows

Another typical game show is The Price is Right. This was a game show based on Bob Parker and Comedian Drew Carey who took over from him in 2007. въпреки това, this slot game does not feature the same comedians, but players who are aware of this slot game will be able to locate a few of Bob Barker versions. This slot game features five reels and some gaming features. The slot has a community feature that is activated at random.

There is a spinning wheel that can determine if a player wins. One players’ win is shared among all other players. The game has a Plinko bonus which adds to the excitement, and the player can recreate a big peg board from the game show. The bonus round is activated by getting Plinko symbols on reels 3, 4, и 5. This bonus increases your chances of winning big.

There is the Wheel Bonus round that is activated by having wheel symbols on reels 3, 4 и 5. In this game players who go over, 100 will lose. Players can re-trigger spins, and with 100 wins players will be offered a great bonus and with wins from 55 да се 100 players will be taken to the Showcase Round. In the Showcase round players will be given two showcase options where they must pick one. They are then required to choose items that fall within the showcase, and each of them will reveal various amounts of bonus money. The showcase bonus round comes to a halt when you uncover the “Collect” item.


This is yet another game show theme slot game from IGT gaming. This slot game is a game that requires players to make use of their thinking abilities. Some titles are associated with this slot game such as Triple Diamond, Triple Double Diamond, Triple Lucky 7s, and Wild Star red and white and blue. Others include the Penny spinning wheel and the Triple Red Hot 7s.

Jeopardy - another game show slot theme

Playing game show themed slots at home

Game shows have somehow found their way into the online gaming world. Though they are not as revolutionized as other slot games, they have created quite an impact in the online world. There has been some games that have been set up based on favorite game shows, and they continue to be produced every once in a while. IGT still takes the lead in the creation of these game show themed slots. Players can therefore comfortably play these slot games from the comfort of their homes.

In future, these game show themed slot games will also advance to mobile versions.