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MoneyGram Online Casinos

When it comes to international money transfers, MoneyGram is one of the well-known brands globally. Globally MoneyGram is the second largest company to offer international funds services. This iconic brand offers multiple financial services that can come in handy for your online casino payments. In this review, we highlight how you can easily use MoneyGram for online gaming. Our review has also compiled a list of MoneyGram online casino that will guide gamers globally on choosing a reputable gaming site.

About MoneyGram

MoneyGram is an American brand whose history goes way back in 1988. The company was founded as a merger of Integrated Payment Systems and Travelers Express. These two parent companies had at the time gained years of experience in offering financial services such as issuing money orders. In the first decade of its operations, MoneyGram International had spread its wings globally.

In 2009, MoneyGram facilitated the movement of more than $18,000,000,000 globally. By 2015, MoneyGram was operating more than a quarter million outlets accessible in over 194 countries globally. This expansion included more than 25,000 agents across Africa. Such a widespread network means online casino enthusiast in virtually every continent can access MoneyGram’s services.

MoneyGram has also increased their service portfolio and offers much more than money transfers. With MoneyGram, you can access services such as money orders, bill payment services, prepaid cards, agent reports and other special corporate services such as official checks.

Using MoneyGram in Online Casinos

MoneyGram can be alternative casino payments method. Of all the services MoneyGram offers, of most importance to a casino player is the international money transfer service. The availability of MoneyGram globally means that gamers all over the world can always opt for it for their deposits and withdrawals. Jedoch, unlike most e-wallets and credit card transactions, MoneyGram transactions do not provide money to your account instantly. Depending on your jurisdiction, the transactions might take some time to complete, usually about three days.

List of MoneyGram Online Casinos

List of MoneyGram Casinos

Being one of the most trusted brands offering money transfer services, it is quite easy to find a MoneyGram online casino. Such casinos include those powered by the most popular software providers such as Realtime Gaming, Mikrospiele, Wagerworks, Cryptologic and Playtech.

The list of individual online casinos accepting and issuing payments via MoneyGram is quite expensive. Some of the popular brands you can check out for an amazing gaming experience include Spin Palace Casino, BET365, 888Kasino and Ruby Fortune Casino. These MoneyGram online casinos can be accessed by gamers in any country, with the exception of the U.S.

MoneyGram Online Casinos for U.S Players

MoneyGram is one of the few payment options gamers in the U.S can resort to for their online casino transactions. With MoneyGram, you can initiate the payments from any location. Even though U.S players are not accepted by a majority of online casinos, there are quite some MoneyGram online casinos that will readily accept U.S players. Most of these are powered by Realtime Gaming software, whose operations have remained stable in the U.S despite the strict regulations in place. You can check out popular brands such as Bovada Casino and Casino Titan.

How to deposit in a MoneyGram online casino

How to deposit in a MoneyGram online casino

With MoneyGram, you can send money to another person worldwide. In this same manner, you can send money to your preferred online casino. The process can be completed by either visiting a MoneyGram agent or online on the official MoneyGram website. If you wish to do it manually, you will need some details about the casino you intend to deposit into. This is information you can get from the cashier section of the online casino. As such, it means you will first need to inform the casino of your intended money transfer before you initiate the process on your side.

Alternatively, online transfers can be completed by simply visiting the official MoneyGram website. On the website, click “Send to” and you will be prompted to select the country of your intended transaction. You can also change the currency you wish to use in making your deposit.

MoneyGram transactions attract some transactional fees. The amount charged is usually calculated as a percentage of the money you intend to deposit. This percentage fee and the time it takes to transfer your deposit varies depending on your jurisdiction. Usually, mostly transaction take about three days for the money to reflect in your account.

Withdrawing from a MoneyGram Online Casino

As mentioned earlier, MoneyGram can also double up as a withdrawal method. You can confirm if this functionality is available in your online casino off choice. Simply request the cashier to process your withdrawal through MoneyGram. You will be required to provide some basic information for identification purposes when claiming your money. After the casino has transacted your casino withdrawals, you will be issued with a reference number that you can then use the local MoneyGram agent to receive your money.

Can You Use MoneyGram VISA Debit and VISA Classic for Casino Deposits?

In addition to the multiple services MoneyGram offers, you can also request to have a branded MoneyGram Visa debit or credit card . These can also facilitate your transactions in a MoneyGram online casino and is relatively cheaper. The transactional fees charged for using the Visa debit and classic cards is 1%. This is quite small if compared to other online payments systems such as PayPal which charge a fee of as much as 3%.

Advantages of Using MoneyGram Online Casinos

Jedoch, one may tend to wonder if there are any advantages to using MoneyGram for online casinos with the more than a dozen instant money transfer services available. Indeed, there are quite some benefits. Zum Beispiel, with MoneyGram, you are assured your money will reach the intended destination safely with no interferences. Secondly, MoneyGram is accessible in virtually every part of the world and can be used in a variety of currencies. MoneyGram will also offer you several other services, so you might as well utilize the extra services such as bill payment.

Disadvantages of Using MoneyGram Online Casinos

The first and most obvious problem is the time it takes to transfer the money. With the many instant money transfer services, having to wait for some days might be quite uncomfortable for some gamers. There is also the issue of the fee charged for loading money into your online casino account. Lastly, the manual process of collecting withdrawals might be a problem with most gamers.