Tecnología de juego Ainsworth

Tecnología de juego Ainsworth was first created more than a century ago and has its headquarters in Sydney, Australia. The gaming technology is a bit similar to Aristocrat gaming technology since their founder is the same. Len Ainsworth was the founder of Aristocrat back in the year 1953, and he managed to grow the gaming company into one of second largest slot developer. Él Ainsworth game technology is one of the main suppliers for the land-based casino slot games. The game development technology is diverse with their offices in some places around the world such as Macau, Zealand and Europe.

Ainsworth game technology

Tecnología de juego Ainsworth

The slot games offered by this gaming company have the land-based feel. The graphics and animations from the Ainsworth land-based casinos are not as sharp as those from online based slot games. The slot games are kind of interesting, and they have this charm that is appealing to players who enjoy playing in a live environment. Él Ainsworth gaming are of a more volatile nature and feature mostly the free spins bonus feature. They can give their players big multipliers all at the same time.

The slot games are growing quite fast, and shortly they might as well take over the casino industry. The slots have distinctive sounds with various playing card symbols, and the theme of the slot games are influenced by Len Ainsworth. The graphics and animations are more appealing than those from Aristocrat gaming technology. Ainsworth games technology mostly focus on live games and have been able to spread in most casinos all over the world such as the USA.

You will be able to feel as though you are taking part in these online slot games. Players will be able to recreate the live casino experience. The bonus rounds and the reel features are not as complicated.

Innovations from Ainsworth Slots

Ainsworth slot machines are more solid than innovative. The slots have a professional and polish nature and are mostly created by online slot developers. There are some behaviors of these Ainsworth slots that are novel in nature. They include reels and sticky wild features that remain as wild symbols throughout the entire bonus game.

Brief overview of Ainsworth Company

Len Ainsworth is the chairman and founder of the Ainsworth Company. He also has a long history in the slots gaming industry. Both the gaming companies that Ainsworth managed to develop are among the games listed on the Australian stock exchange. Len Ainsworth has managed to hold a large share of Aristocrat Gaming Company. The live slot games produced by Ainsworth have been spread all over the gambling world such as in the United States and Europe.

Ainsworth slots have recently got into the casino market. This is due to the increase in popularity of the in browser games. The game developer has managed to allow different casinos to host various slots from multiple producers rather from a single download. This has led to its market expanding to accommodate a great number of game producers.

Hallmarks of Ainsworth online Slots

Hallmarks of Ainsworth Slots

One thing about Ainsworth gaming is that players will often hear a buzz and a click sound when the reels come to a stop one at a time. The distinctive sound you get to hear has been present in many Aristocrat slot games for a long period. Aristocrat and Ainsworth slot machines share some other unique features such as playing card symbols that can make up various small wins on a given number of their slot games. There are also familiar winning tunes and the ability of players to gamble their wins on the flip of a playing card. This is otherwise known as the gamble feature.

The themes in the Ainsworth gaming are mostly wildlife themes. This is set to change as the company continues to grow and develop more slot games for their players.

Best Online Games

Ainsworth slot games have similar themes with various single free spins bonus rounds and in-reel play sessions. The Ainsworth game technology are considered to be among the best in the casino industry and can meet the taste and preference of every other slot player. There is the Sheer Magic slot game that mostly revolves around a stage magician who has the famous white gloves on. The magician also has a bunch of flowers and a hat with an invisible rabbit. The slot game features a free spins bonus round that has a game within a game.

Ainsworth Online Games

The slot game has wild symbols which feature the white gloves. With two wild symbols on the middle reels, you will be able to trigger the respin feature. The wild symbol will be held in place, and a new re-spin will occur when you land more wilds on the reels. The other famous Ainsworth online slot game is the 50 Dolphins that has the aquatic theme. The slot game has a polished nature, and it is quite playable. The Dolphins are stacked in the game and can fill several positions on the reels. The dolphins are wild in nature, and they will form various multiple combinations.

Él Ainsworth gaming have wins feature that is shown to have water splashing outside of the reels. There is also the Winning Wolf who has a Native American wildlife theme.