Mega Moolah Slot Review

There are a lot of progressive slots to choose from. Some may say that there are too many. por supuesto, narrowing down the choice of where to play isn’t too difficult. If you want to play a progressive, then it means that you have dreams of becoming a millionaire on a single spin, and that means you need a game which has enough people playing to make the chance of becoming a millionaire a reality. Enter Mega Moolah. Él most popular progressive slot in the world.

Simple to Play

One of the reasons as to why Mega Moolah is so beloved is the fact that it doesn’t really have you jumping through hoops to do anything. There are some who may argue that the game is somewhat on the simplistic side, but this is part of the charm. It is also the reason why you are able to win millions of dollars in prizes. Simplistic slots encourage people to play. The more people that are playing a progressive slot machine, the higher the prize can claim. Although, we will discuss this more in a little while.

Cheap to Play

Interestingly, Mega Moolah is one of the cheapest of the progressive slots. In fact, unless we are very much mistaken and we have missed a big slot machine out there, Mega Moolah may just be the cheapest progressive slot to play.

Él minimum bet is 25 centavos, and the maximum is $6.25 por giro, so even if you are betting at the upper echelons of the slot, it is still going to be fairly affordable for most people. Unlike other slots, you don’t need to be spending hundreds of dollars on a top spin (the average person is never going to be able to do that).

The best part is the amount that you are betting has absolutely no influence on the chances of winning the progressive. Although, this is something which we will be discussing again in a short while. Sin embargo, rest assured, if you are betting down the lower end of the market at 25 centavos, you could still win a nice pocket of cash….and there are plenty of people who have.

Four Progressive Jackpots

There are four progressive jackpots built into the Mega Moolah slot. Two smaller ones, and two larger ones. Obviously, the smaller ones are won quite regularly. All you need to do to stand a chance of winning any of these progressive jackpots is to spin the reels. That is all there is to it. There are no special tactics or anything like that. Spin the reels. Él progressive jackpots will then be awarded randomly. As mentioned previously; the amount that you are betting does not influence the chances of winning the jackpot at all, which is always going to be a nice thing.

The only issue with having a ‘progressive jackpot’ is that some sacrifices need to be made. Este, in part, comes through the fact that the house edge is a whopping 6%. This means that it is going to take a lot of lucky spins to try and break even on the Mega Moolah slot…or, you are going to need to win the progressive jackpot and with the number of people that are playing Mega Moolah, the chances of this are going to be quite low.

Don’t need to win the progressive jackpot to have fun

This is where Mega Moolah really does shine. With the vast majority of progressive jackpot slots out there, if you do not win the progressive, or come close to winning it, there is no thrill in the rest of the game. These games are often geared so heavily towards being a progressive slot, that no effort has been put into any other aspect. For Mega Moolah, this is not true.

Let’s start with the volatility. In your traditional progressive slot, you will find that the volatility errs somewhere towards the higher range. Not Mega Moolah. With this, you are going to be getting closer to the low range. Granted, even though it is a low volatility slot, you can’t exactly expect to earn all of your cash back due to the high house edge, but you should be able to see the wins come in often enough, which means that your money will go further. This means more spins to potentially win the progressive. Even if you make a loss at the end of the day, you will still have had a lot of shots at becoming a millionaire.

There is even a free spins feature in the game. You can earn up to fifteen free spins. On those free spins, you also have the chance to win the progressive…which is not too shabby in the slightest. We don’t think we have seen another progressive slot out there which offers free spins like Mega Moolah. It is crazy the lengths that microjuegos have gone to in order to make a game that is completely beyond your standard progressive jackpot.

Multiple Versions of the Game

To cap it off, Mega Moolah is not the only progressive slot which shares the same prize pool. Well, it is, but there are various versions of the game. Each with a different skin. Sin embargo, sticking with the standard Mega Moolah (which has animals as the centrepiece), and you should be fine. It doesn’t really matter what you are looking at, does it? All that matters is that there is a huge chance that you are going to be walking away with a prize.

Could you be the next Mega Moolah millionaire?

Dozens of people around the world have managed to walk away Mega Moolah millionaires. You could be the next one, and all it takes is a single spin at 25 centavos. As they say, you really do need to be ‘in it to win it’, so why not check out the Mega Moolah slot today on one of our vegas slots online casinos? This is certainly a progressive slot which is going to be worth your time to play.