Ulasan Slot Berlian Ganda – Gameplay Sederhana dan Kemenangan Kuat

Introduced in 2018, Double Diamond is another slot made famous by the renowned developer IGT. Although made with modern technology, the need for this game to be made came from its innovative feature design. In today’s slot review, we will learn why this particular title has become so famous in the iGaming scene, and what makes the Double Diamond slot machine stand out among all others.

Theme and Story – Classic Double Diamond Slot Machine Action

Double Diamond has simple design

When you play Double Diamond for free, you’re bound to notice a few things right off the bat; the first one is the incredibly clean and simple design of the game itself. The HD graphics allow the game to look equally good on both mobile and computer screens. When it comes to the visual style of the game, the Double Diamond slot machine is specifically modeled to resemble the theme of the “classic Vegas slots” of the last century. This is reflected in the design of the reel movement, as well as the artwork of the different play symbols.

In Game Features – Are There Any?

Double Diamond hasn't got any additional bonus features

Ada four low paying symbols (Any Bar, Cherry, Bar, Double Bar) dan four high-paying symbols (Double Bar, Triple Bar, Seven, and Double Diamond). The game features three “rolling reels” and no additional bonus features! The slot’s charm lies in the special “Double Diamond” symbol. Not only it will act as a “wild symbol” and substitute all others in a winning combination, but will also provide a win multiplier – if the winning combination has one DD symbol, the win will be multiplied x2; Namun, if there are two DD symbols, the multiplier rate will reach x4. Three DD symbols will earn the maximum payout in the game, which is a x1,000 of a player’s bet.

Here is the real kicker – you can play Double Diamond for free! In the way of promoting the game, IGT has developed a “demo-only” version for fans of the slot genre – since the game is available only in a physical, VLT version. This unprecedented action by the developer has not only made the slot more popular but has also provided a lot of players with the incentive to seek out Double Diamond slots in a land-based environment when they decide to play for real money.

How to Play the Game – Important Things to Know

Double Diamond has one pay line

The game has only one pay line, which makes things pretty simple – if three symbols are matched, the player wins an amount based on the payout designated for that specific symbol combination. Regardless of the straightforward gameplay mechanics, this slot’s RTP rate is calculated to be 95.44%. In a true three-reel slot fashion, the reels won’t stop every time on the “center” of the symbols, as in some of the times when the reels land, they will be “offset” (meaning that the pay line will be positioned in between the symbols).

What makes Double Diamond stand out from the majority of other “classic-themed” slot machines is the lowest bet that can be placed – which is 100 currency units! A slot that is definitely not meant for the budget of an average slot player, berlian ganda, is a game where high rollers can bet as much as 10,000 unit mata uang per putaran! The way to play DD is beyond simple – adjust your bet amount and press the “spin” button.

Slot Versions – Collaboration with Other Game Brands

The “Double Diamond” symbol became popular for the fact that it is almost perfectly balanced in terms of function. Because of that, IGT produced a “fusion slot” between the brands “Wheel of Fortune” and “Double Diamond”. This successful combination provides a slot game that has only three reels and a single pay line, and still manages to provide its players with two different bonus features!

Conclusion – High Risk, High Reward

The main “selling factor” of Double Diamond is its deceptive simplicity. There are no complicated schemes or features to memorize, and operating the slot is beyond easy. Diberikan, in order to play Double Diamond for real money, a person will need to cover two specific requirements; number one, is to have access to a land-based casino that offers this particular title, and number two – have a substantial budget for it. Di samping itu, if you don’t want to risk your cash before finding out “what to expect”, you can try the free Double Diamonds slot machine – we recommend it!