7-Slot gulungan

A lot has taken place regarding online slot developments over the past few years. Slot games have been advancing time and again owing to the improvement of technology and innovation of various game developers. Five reel slot games made a huge advancement from the popular 3-reel slot games. This time round 5 reel slots have gone a notch higher and advanced to 7 reel slot games. 7-reel slots are not as common as the other slot games, but there are slot players who have taken to loving this slot machine game.

7-reel slots are unique, and they have a different outlook and much more to offer than their sub-genres. Namun, the transformation from a three reel slots player to five reel slots and finally to a 7 reel slots player is never easy. Slot games that have a 7 reel interface provide much more to players, but it also manages to maintain one or two features of the five reel slot game though they are few in the world of slots than the five reel slot games.

Reasons why 7-reel slots are harder to find

7 Slot gulungan

Seven reel slot games are much harder to trace in the casino world because they are unique regarding providers. They are only made available by Real Time Gaming and WGS Technology. These two game developers decided to try out something more unique in the gambling world and to use their creative ideas they came up with the 7 reel slot games. So far they are the only game developers of the 7-reel slot games. Namun, there are some game providers here and there that have tried to create 7-reel slots, but due to the rising popularity of 5 reel slots, they have not been successful yet.

WGS Technology has managed to create 7-reel slots featuring different themes such as animal themed games including Farming Fortunes. The other creation of this game developer is Lucky 7s’ which offers players some symbols depicting those of classic machine games.

Reasons to play 7-reel slots

Reasons to play 3-reel slots

In an online slot world, reels are described as the vertical spaces that move when activated by the spin button on the control panel. The number of reels in a slot game the higher the number of ways that players can land a greater payout in a game. Karena itu, 7-reel slots offer players more ways of landing higher payouts than five reel slot games.

There are some numerologists and other people who believe that the number seven brings luck. With a lucky number in play, a lot of attention is given to slot players who believe in the luck brought by the number 7 and how it will create a winning combination and create more payouts. Players will easily get at least a small number of wins on every spin in the game because of the way the games are designed. You will also notice that majority of the 7 reels slot games feature the number seven as icons in most cases.

Even though the world of online gaming is majorly dominated by the five reel slots players ‘who manage to locate a 7 reel slot game will have a lot to tell other slot players. They will be provided with a new outlook something that is not very common among other slot games. The layouts will be entirely different from what they are used to seeing and the interface will be much more improved. The change will be quite confusing at first but as they continue playing they will appreciate the 7 reel slot games as much.

Karena itu, when you manage to come across a 7-reel slot game, you should give it a try. The reason behind this is because the greater the number of reels in a game the higher the chances you have of landing longer winning combinations. With the many payouts, you have the opportunity of landing bigger payouts.

Casinos offering 7-reel slots

As mentioned before 7-reel slots are not easy to locate in the slot gaming world. This is when compared to 5 reel slot games that are found in almost every casino. One thing about 7 reel slot games is that they are not found in live casinos, but they are present in a few online casinos. Online casinos powered by Real Time Gaming and WGS Technology offer 7-reel slots. There are some game developers out there also trying to develop some 7 reel slot games, and it might not be long before some them are introduced in the casino world.

Bonus features in 7 reel slots are relatively limited, but online casino developers are trying to look into this aspect. They are also trying to introduce a fair amount of features from the 5 reel slot games but of a much-advanced level.

How to play 7-reel slots

7-reel slots are played just like any other slot game. Players need first to select their betting amount, then press the spin button and continue doing this until you are lucky enough to land a win. One thing that you will notice about seven reel slot games is that they only feature seven pay lines in an attempt to reduce complications for players. They also do not have so much detailed graphics, videos, and animations as compared to their five reel counterparts. This is also a way of reducing too much complication for players.

The good thing about these slot games is that they will offer some free spins, bonus symbols and multipliers that will help boost the credits won on various winning combinations.


Seven reel slot games are worth trying. The excitement that comes with playing slots coupled with so many reels is unmatched. You might be lucky enough to land significant payouts in the long run. Try these slot games at any Real Time Gaming or WGS online casino.