iOS Slots

Mobile gaming has become an important part of the online gambling world. It has evolved into various smartphones and other mobile devices available in the present world. The mobile slots are a common thing in Asia and other parts of Northern Europe where there has been a significant advancement in mobile technology. However, in the US and Canada where mobile technology does not well feature, various mobile applications that are used for playing slots in iPhones and iPads are not as common.

Mobile gaming in the present gambling world

Slot developers and other online casino providers have realised the importance of staying up to date with the latest casino trends. This has been brought about by the advancement in technology, and with this slot, players can be kept up to date regarding slot titles and features. Slot players with iOS devices are not left behind, and their slot games come coupled with remarkable features and themes. Regarding cash deposit and withdrawals most mobile developers opt for them.

iOS devices are found in almost every gambling world, but they face one or two hurdles in the slots world.

Obstacles facing iOS Slots

iOS Slots

One of the barriers that face iPhone and iPad users is the fact that real money slots are limited in number. Slot players using these devices complain of a large number of free to play slots as compared to real money slot games. This is mainly brought about by the fact that slot developers are unable to convert some of the desktop games into iOS mobile formats. They are unable to do this due to the small screen display on iPhones and iPads.

There is also a very firm policy set up by Apple technology. The policy hopes to keep the availability of real money slot games to a minimum. This is especially so in the US market. However, this does not mean that iOS users cannot play real money slots; the truth is they are eligible to play real money slots. The small size of the screen is also another major barrier to iOS slot games. This makes translating slot games from desktops to Apple gadgets a hustle.

Players will note that depending on the mobile casino they opt to play in, they will not even be required to download or install any special software in iOS devices for them to play their slot games. The games are quite convenient, and they can access these slot games on instant lay mode when they create a casino account.

iPhones vs. iPads in the mobile gaming world

iPhones vs. iPads

One thing about Apple’s iPad is that looks similar to a laptop, video camera and a multimedia player. With an iPad, players will be able to enjoy fulfilling gaming experience in the game of slots. This is because the iPad is a portable internet browser and has an entertainment library all in a single device. The iPad’s features are undergoing improvement regarding graphic functions, video functions and also audio functions. This will have it in stiff competition with iPhones.

The online casino portal of an iPad is shown to get better due to the improvement of the iPad’s display and processor. The iPad has one significant advantage over the iPhone; this is the fact that it has a large screen display and also a much greater touch keyboard. With iPads, players will also have a larger playing area that is easily navigable. The iPad is also quite portable when compared to a traditional laptop.

Even with all these advantages, the iPad is also limited regarding flash compatibility. This limits its users to the number of online slots they can access. iPad slot developers offer their clients slots that have a different set of the software program. iPad users will, however, get to enjoy download and instant-play games in variety. There are very few people who own iPads in the modern day world. Thus the iOS slots are not so much a common thing as yet.

When we look at the iPhone, we will note that it is more portable than the iPad. However, the display screen of the iPhone is quite small, and slot players will have a hard time accessing slot games. The touchscreen interface of the iPad is also more customizable than the IPhone’s. The processor speed of the IPad is also high compared to the processor speed of the iPhone or any other smartphone. There are a whole lot of people using their iPads to play slot games due to its fast processor and its vibrant display.

iPhone users are not able to access their favourite games in real money mode. Various online casinos do not offer them real cash gambling applications. Apple has a strict policy against offering real money online slots. iPhone is quite portable when compared to the IPad, and its small nature allows you to carry it wherever you want. You can also play discretely when you use an iPhone.

Various iOS based slots

There is no flash animation platform in Apple powered products. The iOS slots can be accessed through an HTML 5 platform that is becoming quite popular in the gaming world. The latter platform can allow Apple product users to play real money slot games. There is some free to play online slots that are powered by iOS casinos and some real money slot games as well.

Real Money Slots

Tomb Raider

One of these real money powered slots by Apple is the Tomb Raider that is well-known in the gambling world. The slot game is inspired by a famous movie, and it is compatible with iOS devices. The slot game has five reels and 15 pay lines with a broad range of special symbols. These symbols help boost the player’s winnings. There are some standard symbols available in the game and various bonus features. They give players incredible wins.

Mermaid’s Millions

This is another of real money slot games powered by iOS devices. With the maximum number of coins, players can win great payouts and also get a chance of travelling to the deepest part of the oceans. The game is comprised of 5 reels and 15 pay lines and has a very exciting bonus round for its players. The various special symbols are also an attractive feature of the slot game.

Mega Moolah

The slot game is known for its incredible jackpot prizes. It is a well-known mobile slot game featuring an African theme. The slot game has five reels, and 25 pay lines and each player are provided with an opportunity of winning great amounts of money through triggering various bonus rounds and also free spins. Players can land on a progressive jackpot even in one single spin.


Various mobile devices compatible with iOS devices can access the thunderstruck slot games. It is powered by Microgaming software and features five reels. The mobile slot game version is also as impressive as the desktop version. There are various standard and special symbols that are unique to the slot game and allow you to increase your chances of winning.

Pharaoh’s Fortune is also a real money slot game that is compatible with Apple powered devices. It has an Egyptian theme and five reels and 20 pay lines. The slot game has various bonus and multiple free spins. The game offers players great payouts and the game is downloadable on the player’s phone.

NetEnt Touch NetEnt Touch

This one is a fast-paced technological game developer. The technology can offer fast speed slot games to some mobile casinos including iOS powered slots. NetEnt Touch features a variety of games provided by NetEnt casinos, and these games can be played by players at various locations. They can enjoy the variety of these games on the go.

NetEnt Touch was initially only compatible with iOS devices, but in the recent times, it is also compatible with Android and Windows devices. iOS powered slot games have become quite popular in the mobile devices.

App Store Slots

These types of slot games are available for players who mind creating accounts in various online casinos. Players can enjoy free playing slot games in App stores, and with this application, players can enjoy the games from any location, you do not need to deposit any funds to play these games, and you can opt to buy additional chips to unlock some game features.

Free to play slots act as a major source of entertainment while real money slots offer players the opportunity of cashing out great payouts.

Free to Play Slots

Alice HD Slot Machine

This is another iOS-powered slot game that is available in the free play mode. It is a 3D slot game offering players an amazing gaming experience. The graphics are amazing, and players will be transferred to wonderland. Playing this slot game will give you great cash rewards.

MyVegas Slots

This slot game is compatible with iPhone and iPad devices. This will allow players to have a wide range of credits and also have a wide option of online formats. They can choose between various slot levels and also get to adjust the game’s action in different gaming preferences.

Pharaoh’s Way

This is the best online slot games available in the mobile gaming industry. The game is compatible with various iPhone devices and offers players great payouts and players who play this slot game are passionate about mobile device slot games.


iOSpowered slot games are available in most mobile powered casinos.