Casinos in Monte Carlo

What comes to mind when you here of Monte Carlo? I bet it is the picturesque scenery the lovely sights and the many entertainments parlors. There are also some of the most prestigious land-based casino in Monaco. Monaco casinos are often visited, and they make great profits annually. In this section, we will look at some of the most famous casinos in Monte Carlo.

History of Casinos in Monte Carlo

Princess Caroline came up with the original idea of opening casinos in Monte Carlo. She did this to generate enough revenue to save the House of Grimaldi from bankruptcy. Her family had severe financial crisis issues following the loss of tax revenues from two breakaway towns. The towns were Roquebrune and Menton. They had refused to pay taxes on olive oil after declaring independence from Monaco. In 1854 Charles found a team of Frenchmen who were supposed to devise a development plan meant to attract a large pool for the treatment of diseases.

They were also expected to create a gambling casino that was to be modelled from Bad Homburg casino. In December 1856 the first casino was opened by Aubert and Langlois. It was opened in Villa Bellevue. The casino was supposed to be there for only a short time. By the late 1850s, there was no hope for any casino to succeed in Monaco. This is because the place lacked good roads to connect the rest of Europe to Monaco. There was inadequate accommodation, and there was a poor advertisement of the new resort.

The customers decreased in large numbers, and this forced Aubert and Langlois to sell their rights to Frossard de Lisbonne who later passed the rights to Auguste Daval in 1857.

History of Casinos in Monte Carlo

Casino Café de Paris

This is among the most famous Casinos in Monte Carlo. Visitors are assured of amazing moments when they visit the casino. There are casino game options, casino special offers and features. The casino is located on the Place du Casino. The Casino has amazing décor such as those used in science fiction movies. The lighting in the casino is impressive with unique colors. The colors in the casino change depending on whether it is day or night. The colors are designed to represent a particular atmosphere or mood.

The games in this casino comprise of slot machine games such as Roller Video categories with themes and subjects. These slot machines represent the new generation of slot machine games. There are games such as poker, and slots. There are video poker games where five cards are often dealt with the player. There are WAP progressive slot machines that give players the opportunity of winning jackpot prizes.

There are Linked Progressive slot games which have slot machines connected. They include Red Hot Jackpot, Wheel of Gold, Cash Fever, Party Time and Harley Davidson. There are stand-alone progressive games that make use of autonomous machines. The slot machine game category opens every day at 10 am. There are also American Games such as Craps, American Roulette and Craps. It opens daily from 8 pm. Other games include Salon Grand Siecle that offers Video Poker and slot machines that open from 4 pm daily.

Players can also play in multiple groups by using the Organic machine. The device can hold a total of 16 players. Café de Paris has three playing modes including Coin By Pay where players get additional payment tables. This method is used on roller machines. There is the Multiplacatrices mode where jackpots are multiplied when the bet max level is reached. The Multiline mode is used to allow the players to obtain winning combinations. These combinations increase the players’ chances of winning. The casino allows player above 18 years to play. Entry to the casino is free.

Casino Café de Paris in Monte Carlo

The Casino de Monte-Carlo

This one of the most prestigious casinos in the world; the casino was designed by a French architect known as Jules Touzet. It was developed in early 1863. The games found in the casino include slot machine games such as Salle Blanche that open every day from 2 pm, Atrium that opens every day at 2 pm too. The slot machines only allow players that are over 18 years of age. There are table games such as Salons Prives, Black Jack, European Roulette and Punto Banco. Table games are open on Thursdays, Fridays, Saturday and Sunday at 2 pm.

Salon Europe offers English Roulette, Punto Banco, 30/40 and European Roulette. They are open from 2 pm every day. Another category of Table games includes Salle Des Ameriques with categories such as Black Jack, Craps and American Roulette. There is also Les Supers Prives that is available on request. The dress code in the private casino rooms does not allow sports shoes, and a jacket is needed after 8 pm. The gaming room does not allow flip flops or shorts. There are no special military clothes allowed.

Persons under 18 years are not allowed, identity cards are required, and an entry fee is paid.

Sun Casino

This one of the most popular casinos in Monte Carlo; It offers players the latest of table games. The games in the casino are comprised of slot machines such as Fort Knox, Xtreme Derby, Roulette Club and Party Time. The table game section is opened at 12 pm every day. The American games available include three card pokers, Blackjack, American Roulette and Stud Poker. Others include war game and Blackjack. The slot machine section is open on weekdays at 5 pm and on weekends from 4 pm.

The Casino has no specific dress code, and military or moral dress code is not allowed. There is free entry to the casino and an admittance age of 18 years and above. Sun Casino has a restaurant known as Le Circus that offers a broad range of salads, pasta and daily specials. Here are other gourmet treats from the casino menu. There are French and Italian cuisines, and the food variety is renewed weekly. The restaurant is open only during the evenings and has a bar. The casino has a showroom at the gaming room. This adds to the fun and excitement of gaming.

There are live music concerts that are held on Fridays and Saturdays. Sun Casino offers exciting gambling and partying all year round.

One of the most popular casinos Sun Casino

Monte-Carlo Bay Casino

This casino is part of the casinos in Monte Carlo Bay Hotel and Resort, and it provides guests with entertainment, comfort and pleasure. The Casino offers players games such as slot machine games that are around 145 and a Ticket In/ out slot machine technology. The slot machines can be played from as low as €0.01. The slot machine section is open from 2 pm to 2 am every day. The casino has no specific dress code rules though the place is kept in such a stylish manner. No religious or military uniform is allowed.

The admittance age to the casino is 18 years and above, and there is no fee charged for entry to the casino. The Monte Carlo Bay Hotel and Resort has a couple of Jacuzzis, sun terraces, swimming pools and Cascades. There are Zumba, Yoga and plenty of other fitness workouts in the casino. There are squash games, water sports such as Jet Ski, fly fishing and parachute rides. There is children’s club at the casino and parents should not be afraid to tag their children along. The children’s club accepts children from three years to 12 years.

The children’s club is peaceful and healthy since the club is found outdoors at the Mediterranean garden of the resort. It is possible for your kids to play outside and some lounges are safe and conditioned for your children. There are children’s games such as animated films, board games, and sports such as pool games, ping-pong, badminton and light gymnastics. There are Zumba and Yoga fitness classes throughout the year. Different professional yoga instructors teach traditional yoga, dynamic yoga and power yoga.

There is a Monte Carlo Bay and Resort country club that is open all year round. There are plenty of activities that can be enjoyed from this club. There are squash and tennis courts that overlook the sea. About 21 clay courts and nine lighted courts are available. There are other two extra covered courts, two hard courts and two squash courts. There is a tennis school available for adults and children at the country club. There are summer courses, private courses and group classes. Competitions in tennis are held throughout the year.

There is a golf club that was launched in 1911. The golf club is situated between the mountains and the sea. It has 18 holes. The golf club is open on weekdays, holidays and weekends. There is a hotel at Monte Carlo Bay with 312 rooms and 22 suites. The hotel also has a longer bar, swimming pool, four restaurants, 4 hectares of gardens among other features. There are rooms at the casino categorized as private rooms, superior rooms and prestige room.

There are hotel suites classified as prestige suites, two bedroom suite and duplex suite. The Monte Carlo website page has details on all the hotel’s prices, casino game, accommodation, events and more.

This casino is part of the casinos in Monte Carlo Bay Hotel and Resort

La Rascasse Monte Carlo

This is a bar that has a gaming area that is found on the first floor of the bar. The casino floor is available every day from 4 pm to 4:45 am. The LaRascasse has some slot machines that are positioned on the terrace; others are on the inside while others on the outside. The casino was moved very many times at the time of its development. During the 1850s the casino was not at all developed, and people had lost hope in its evolution. This is because there were no roads, no accommodation places and thus no customers.

During the first few years, the personnel running the casino could not make any real profits. They were unable to attract customers. Francois Blanc took over the casino in 1863 and then formed a company to manage the casino. He was able to attract investors; he was the principal shareholder by then. The casino was expanded in 1878, and 1880 further expansion was carried out. There was an addition of new buildings and features. There was refurbishing of the place and also redesigning. The first women Olympiad was welcomed to the Casino gardens in 1921.

The casino does not allow Monaco citizens to visit and only allows foreigners. This is done by asking guests for their identity documents that are used to verify that they do not belong in Monaco. There is the Monte Carlo Grand Prix that takes place in the area of Monte Carlo Resort near La Rascasse. The Monte- Carlo method uses the method of random sampling to name the casino.

La Rascasse Monte Carlo


There is an example of the gambler’s fallacy that happened in a game of roulette in the summer of 1913 in Monte Carlo casino. The roulette ball fell black 26 times in a row. This was such a strange occurrence since it had never happened before. This caused bettors to lose millions as they tried to be black. Players thought that there was an imbalance of the wheel. These are some of the casinos in Monte Carlo that will offer you unique gambling experience.

Get into these casinos and push open their casino doors. You will be plunged into the unique settings of these casinos, and you will enjoy a couple of exclusive games. There is a great atmosphere in all of the casinos. The casinos offer their players intense gameplay and players will have a chance of playing their favorite games including slots, table games and many others.