Multi Payline Slot Machine

These kinds of slot games are a bit different from classic slots. This is because they have more than one pay line while classic slots have one single pay line. They include five reel slot games which come with five pay lines. Multi Payline slot machines are a thing for players who enjoy action based online slots. They offer players the opportunity of landing big wins. The greater the number of pay lines the greater the coverage of various options in the slot game, this means more bonus features and more jackpots in the slot game.

In the modern gambling, world players will be able to access games that have pay lines of up to 1000. The only thing that can hinder you from playing the number of pay lines you want is your bankroll. There are some casino websites that have some Multi Payline slot machine games lined up for you leaving you with the option of only picking the slot game you desire to play. The casinos offer appealing welcome bonuses.

How Multi Payline slot machines work

As a regular and experienced online slots player, you will notice that playing Multi Payline slot machine games is more fun than playing classic slots. Unlike the traditional times where players used to play only single pay line slots, players these days can enjoy multi-pay line slots at almost every casino. Multi-pay line slot games are loved because they cover more lines and also have more symbols. However, players should be prepared to place more bets per spin.

With multi-pay line slot games, you will be given the opportunity of accessing some high paying bonus features. With several symbols on the pay line, it is possible to trigger multiple instant wins, a wheel of fortune feature and several free spins. Some special bonuses are found in multi-pay line slot games. Multi-pay line slot games also have wild elements that can replace every other symbol in the game apart from the bonus symbols.

The wild features have multipliers ranging from 2× or more. The multipliers re-applied to your wins; there are also wilds that expand to fill the reels otherwise known as expanding wilds. There are also scatter symbols that payout when they land on the online slot’s multi-pay line reels. When you land three or more of the scatter symbols anywhere on the reels you trigger the bonus feature. In other words, multi-pay line slot games give players numerous opportunities of winning that are not offered by single pay line slot games.

Multi-pay line slot games will also have progressive jackpots. These are jackpots that are made up of a certain percentage of every bet. The jackpot prize can be activated randomly. Some online casinos go the extra mile and offer slot games with big pay lines. They come with over 1000 pay lines. However, you do not have to worry about the wager placed since you will be able to pay set bets through all pay lines automatically.

How Multi Payline slot machines work

Number of pay lines that can be available

The number of winning combination is the only thing that can limit the amount of multi-pay line slots. The winning combination, on the other hand, is restricted by the number of reels. Thus, the number of pay lines in a three reel slot game is reduced or less than the number of pay lines that a five reel slot game has. The three reel slot can have pay lines ranging from 2 to 100. The three reel slot machine is mostly found in land-based and online casinos.

In general, the most type of popular multi-pay line slot games ranges from 3, 5, 9, 15, 20 and 25 pay lines. With increased pay lines the opportunity of creating winning combinations in a game is increased. You can have more than one winning combination occurring during the same spin, and this is dependent on the amount of pay lines available and the various specific rules of the slot game a player is playing. This adds excitement to the slot game.

Playing multi-pay line slot games as penny slots or a high roller slot game

There is a common button found in almost every slot machine game that allows players to adjust their coin sizes. The lowest coin size that you can place your bet on is the penny. One pay line slot games can be played with one penny or a cent for a single spin. This applies to the five pay line or 30 pay line slot game as well. Let’s take for instance your highest coin value is $10, and you are playing a slot game with 20 pay lines, it is possible for you to hit the bet maximum button and this would give you a bet of $200 a single spin.

Playing using this value allows you to play high roller slots, where most of the slot machines are either penny slots or high roller slot games. Players will have to bet using the same amount of money on every pay line whether it is in a land based or online casino.

Playing multi-pay line slot games as penny slots or a high roller slot game

How many pay lines do you have to bet on?

There are multi-pay line slot machines that have fixed number of pay lines. For example, a 50 pay line slot machine where players are only allowed to play when all the 50 pay lines are triggered. However, this is just one slot game, and so it does not mean that players have to bet on all pay lines. There are a lot of multi-pay line slot machines that have buttons that select the number of pay lines they would like to play with.

For a 20 pay line slot game, you can be able to play with any amount of pay lines that are triggered. They can range between 1 and 20. This is to mean that most multi payline slots can be played either penny slots or high roller slots.

Selecting pay lines

In every multi-pay line slot machines, players can use the buttons available to choose the number of pay lines they would like to play with. When you want to play using a single pay line, you select the bet once button. You then select bet one once more in case you want to bet using two pay lines; you do this for a couple of times in case you want to bet using several pay lines. The Bet Max button is used to select all the pay lines.

There are multi-pay line slot machines that have various bonus symbols, multiplier symbols, scatters and wild symbols that are found both in online and land-based casinos. There are also other unique features that are found in Multiline slots that have bonus games, gamble features and free spins. Various multi payline slots have some these functions. There are some slot machines that can be found with a specific number of reels such as 3-reel or 5 reel slots.


You can find a couple of recent Multi-pay line slot games in some online casinos.