3-Slot gulungan

3 reel slots games are the most common slot game machines available in online casinos and also in land-based casinos. This is because slot machines originally started out as 3 reel slots. The slot games are also referred to as classic games, and they are enjoyed by some players. These 3 reel slot games are popular among players majorly due to their simple look and the various numbers of games that are combined by large jackpot wins.

Three reel slot games were particularly appealing to players who enjoy traditional casino games and those that would rather sit and spin the reels other than being taken off to a second screen bonus event and some other appealing features.

Definition of a 3-Reel Slots

3 Slot gulungan

Slot machines are mostly categorized according to the number of reels they have. A reel is the number of rolling sections on a slot machine. There are some slot games that have a different number of reels including three reels, five reels or even seven reels. This is to mean that three slot reels have three sections. Three reel slot machines just like five reel slot machines are quite popular, and it mostly appeals to players who enjoy simple games offering great jackpot prizes.

Winning combinations in a slot game mostly increase with the number of reels players have to spin. Thus, slot games with a high number of reels are more common though they are a bit complicated but preferred by many players. Three reel slots are majorly familiar to many slot lovers this is mostly due to the traditional feel offered by these slot games. They are available almost in every online casino and land-based casinos.

The Double Diamond classic slot game is the most common of the three reel slot games. It is a creation of IGT Gaming developers.

Reasons to play 3-reel slots

Reasons to play 3-reel slots

One of the main causes, why three reel slot games are mostly preferred, is due to the visual simplicity of the match. New slot players will mostly be directed to a three reel slot machine majorly because of those factors. One thing about these kinds of slot games is that they are highly detailed regarding art and high tech animations. They also offer a classic, clean and fast paced playing experience to all players. The slot games also provide various mere bonus rounds for players to earn extra cash quick.

Three reel slots also appeal to players who enjoy bars and bell type of slot games other than those that enjoy a modern type of slot machine games such as 3D games and video slot games offered by Play n’ Go and Yggdrasil. For players who are used to playing five reel slot games, this slot game might feel very essential, and they might not enjoy. The betting options in 3-reel slots are limited but offer quite an advantage for slot players who are operating on a strict budget.

Three reel slot games appeal differently to different slot players. The slot games have a beautiful simplicity regarding gameplay, and it gives players a sense of anticipation when you see the first two reels fall on the jackpot. This will give you a sense of anticipation where you want to know what the third reel will bring to the table. These kinds of slot games also feature soothing sounds in the background all the while adding appeal to the games.

These hypnotic sounds are known to release stress as the white noise style sound effects as the reels spin take all the players’ stresses away. Some slot games exist both in the 3-reel and five reel format. These games include the Wizard of Oz slots and Wheel of Fortune slots.

Reasons to play 3-reel slots over five reel slots

Three reel slot games are mostly preferred over five reel slot games for some reasons. One is that the slot game is ideal for beginners; 3-reel slots games are a good starting point for new slot players. The slot games have less busy screens and offer players simple bonuses, and it is very suitable for players wishing to improve their gaming skills. The slot game also offers players great payouts and fantastic jackpot prizes.

The games are quite easy and promise significant payouts to its players. It is also quite suitable for players who have a tight budget and those wishing to bet for less. The ease of simplicity of the game along the betting lines makes it easy to stick to a minimal budget.

3-reel slots games payouts

Three reel slot machines just like any other slot machine offer players’ great payouts. Players’ of three reel slots will attest to this although players used to playing slot games with more reels will deny this. Three reel slot games make use of Random number generators thus players will be able to receive payouts of the promised percentage over time. It does not matter how long it takes to spin the reels, but the slot game will be paid out eventually.


Players are sure to find three reel slot games at almost any online casino. 3-reel slots games will mostly have slots having 1, 3, 5 or even eight pay lines. Though three reel slot games rarely offer bonus games or free spins once in a while a player will land a progressive jackpot prize from some of the best three reel slot games. One thing players should pay close attention to is the wild symbol multiplier value this is because with wild symbols there is potential for significant wins.

Wild symbols will also seem to award high multipliers when in line with other winning symbols in the game. Three reel slots remain the most authentic casino games to choose from. Microgaming and Playtech game developers offer the biggest number of three reel slot games such as High 5 and Five times pay. Head on to these online casinos and enjoy three-reel slot games.