Slot progressivi

When you talk about progressive slots, Microgaming game developer pops up in the mind of many slot players. This is because the progressive slots tend to be linked across all Microgaming online casinos. With every progressive slot machine played by a player, more money is added to the jackpot. The progressive slot machine games are a common thing in the casino industry, and their popularity has increased over the years.

The slot machine games offer great jackpot prizes to its players. The jackpot prize is shown to increase when the machines across a casino, city or an entire state are linked together. There is no limit to the jackpot prize, and the jackpot amount gets better and bigger as days go on or until a slots player wins the jackpot prize. There is a jackpot meter across the top of the screen where players can comfortably watch the progressive jackpot increase with time.

Details on progressive slots

Players will note that the payouts on progressive slot games are not as impressive as other regular slot players. The casino adds part of every bet to the progressive jackpot amount. For one to qualify for the progressive jackpot amount, one has to bet the maximum number of credits on the progressive slot machine. Players will not benefit from placing smaller bets other than the maximum bets allowed in the progressive slot game. This is because the payout in the game is not as great.

Progressive jackpots cannot be reached through single multipliers. One thing that a player has to understand when playing progressive slot machine games is that they should monitor their gameplay and also manage their bankroll effectively. Players are also advised on playing with their money for too long; they should choose to play with their casino winnings. They should also avoid taking too much time on a progressive machine.

How to play progressive slot machines

How to Play Progressive Slots

Players should always remember that the progressive slot machine is different from other types of slot machines. The casino uses a portion of the betting amount to accumulate the progressive jackpot. Il progressive jackpot is then reset to a certain amount once a lucky slot player managed to hit the jackpot. Players should also be ready to play for the maximum bet in case they want to qualify for a win in the progressive jackpot game.

The reason behind this is that playing for a smaller bet other than the specified minimum bet will cause them to win only a small part of the progressive jackpot amount. The rewards from the progressive slot games are quite small and the only significant win in this slot game are the progressive jackpot. Tuttavia, most players’ interest when playing progressive slot games is the jackpot prize.

One thing that players need to do when playing this slot game is to avoid using their money, if possible they should play using their casino winnings. Players’ are also advised to set an absolute limit to the amount of money when they are playing the progressive slots. They should also be assertive enough to end their gaming session once the bet limit is exhausted.

In recent times casinò online are adding new progressive slot machines that feature both a minor and major jackpot amount. The only difference with these progressive machines is that the jackpots are smaller in comparison to the mega jackpot progressive games. The minor and major progressive jackpots are also won at random.

Types of progressive slots

Types of Progressive Slots

The Stand-alone Progressive Slot Machines

This is one of the progressive slots where the slot machines are not linked in a network to other slot machines. A given percentage of the coins that is bet by the players is added to the fixed award that is granted for the highest winning combination in the jackpot amount. Il progressive machine’s payback is the same as other slot machines. One thing about the payback is that it is distributed differently and this allows players to have the opportunity of winning various amounts of the top prize.

In-House and Proprietary Slot Machines

With this type of progressive slots, the machines are linked together in a certain kind of network that is owned and operated by a specific casino. These kind of progressive slots can be located in a single casino or various properties and thus the gaming company owns more than one casino.

”Crossover” Slot Machines

These kinds of slot machine games are a mixture of maxi-line video and reel slot machines. They can feature the random progressive jackpots. The winnings generated by this slot machine are smaller when compared to the original multi-line or reels slot machines. The bets need to play the maximum pay lines or the maximum reels. The payout table is provided for players, and they should always check it to determine their eventual winnings. One thing they will note is that there is a difference between the prizes provided by the traditional slots and the crossover machines.

Wide Area Progressive Slots

This kind of progressive slot machines offers great jackpot prizes to its players. The slot machines are linked together through a particular kind of special network that connects some many other unrelated casinos. The payback ratio of these slot machines is much smaller when compared to the payback ratio of other regular slot machines.

How to win the progressive jackpot

When certain symbols are displayed on a certain pay line the progressive jackpot in a progressive online slot game is won. Let’s take for example the slot game, King Cashalot the progressive jackpot is won when five King symbols are shown on the ninth pay line. When the lucky combination of five King symbols is hit, the progressive jackpot amount is won by the lucky slots player.

There are other intermediate wins too in the progressive slots game, in King Cashalot Slots game a player will win 1000 times their bet when they have five queen symbols. Three turkey dinners will award them with prizes 20 times their bet. Thus even though you do not manage to hit the mega jackpot, you will have some prizes to carry home.

Players should also make a point of learning the progressive slot game rules. They should be able to understand how to play and win the progressive slot game. Just like it had been mentioned before, for players to win the progressive jackpot they must bet on the maximum amount. With the rules and regulations of the various slot machine games on the back of your mind, you will not get disappointed or frustrated.


The primary reason why players play the progressive slot game is to hit the jackpot amount. It is also fun when you engage in the game of progressive slot games. Il progressive slot machine uses various symbols that revolve around a given theme, and you can also be able to enjoy some stories from progressive slots. Thus playing progressive slots online is a good way to pass away your free time. Slot progressivi are found at every major online casino.